Does your garage, basement or attic make you want to scream? Do you keep telling yourself that you will declutter and/or organize these areas someday, but so far someday hasn’t come? Are you tired of feeling drained every time you walk into your garage, basement or attic?

My husband is one of those guys that can fix anything as well as lay tile, put up drywall and do basic electrical and plumbing jobs. Needless to say, he has a lot of tools! He had to get frustrated when he couldn’t find something before he would let me help him declutter and organize the garage. I know first hand the work it needs to organize and declutter a garage, basement and/or attic.

Most people have spent years accumulating stuff in these areas. I liked to call these areas “the land of delayed decisions.” Clutter can easily accumulate in these areas and become a big junk drawer. Not sure where to put that antique you were willed and don’t want? The attic! Afraid of letting go of baby clothes and you are running out of room? The basement looks like a good place. Really don’t want to part with those trophies from junior high? The garage has some room, so let’s put it there and we no longer have to think about it.

There are also safety concerns having these areas jam packed. For instance, having too much stuff near a furnace that could easily ignite and start a fire. If your basement were to flood, has everything been store properly so that it will be safe?

While decluttering and organizing these areas can be the most time consuming it can also be the most rewarding. If you are ready to not have to turn away every time you walk into the room, learn how I can support you in clearing the clutter and getting these areas organized.

Don’t be embarrassed! If you are ready to tackle your garage, basement or attic and declutter these areas and get organized, call 919.559.3925 to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation. I am available to consult with you via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts on Air.

Garage Organization 

I’ve listened to Julie as a speaker and I’ve seen her in action. She has a knack for simplifying chaos, restructuring and recycling. If you need any thing organized in your home or your office (or garage, cellar, attic, etc.) Julie is the person to consult.

Phran Gacher, Raleigh



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