Got Clutter? Health Journal Prompts for Healthy Living


Reclaim time, money, sanity & resources with 365 Health Journal Prompts by Julie Coraccio.

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Health Journal Prompts to Clear Your Health Clutter!

Have you not been able to do what you love because of your health? Are you constantly stressed out? Would you like to age well? Do you long to feel healthy and vibrant? Ready to release poor habits and embrace good health?

Say goodbye to the things in your life that are unhealthy and hello to vibrant living! Get control of your clutter so your clutter doesn’t control you. Reclaim time, money, sanity, and resources. Got Clutter? 365 Journal Prompts support you in clearing your health clutter and moving towards a minimalist of unhealthy habits!

Julie Coraccio’s definition of clutter is this: Clutter is anything that prevents you from creating the life you choose, deserve, and desire. When health clutter is preventing you from sharing your gifts with the world? How can good health improve and enrich your life?

Awareness + Action = Change. Say goodbye to the things in life that aren’t working and welcome what can work!

When you become aware of your clutter then you can take action to release it. You may not even be aware of the health clutter you have in your life.

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Control your clutter instead of your clutter controlling you. How much of your health does clutter control? Journaling helps you access your deepest knowledge. Receive step-by-step guidance along with examples of how to move forward and take action to make real changes in your life. Begin the minimalization of bad habits and start good routines.

Stop Being Afraid. How has your fear prevented you from enjoying vitality? Learn how to clear your health clutter, which will support you in clearing clutter in other areas of your life. Say goodbye to the things in your life like the fear that is keeping you stuck.




What Will You Discover When You Clear Your Health Clutter?

Gain Clarity. Do you find yourself being unable to do things you love because you’re not well? Clearing your health clutter allows you to focus on being healthy.

Honor your pace. The prompts aren’t dated or numbered so you can do the workbook to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

You’ve Got This. Are you worried you can’t do it alone? Know that you can declutter your health. Even if you have never done this work before, it’s within your abilities. Don’t sell yourself short and underestimate what you can accomplish.

Start today! Isn’t it time you took the first step to release health clutter and reclaim your life? The present moment is your point of power to change. Say goodbye to the things in life that aren’t working and welcome what can work!


Clear Clutter for a Joyful Life

Health Journal Prompts to Create a Plan for Better Health!

Julie Coraccio is a professional life organizer, author, certified life coach and the host of the popular podcast and YouTube series Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out.

Check out all of Julie’s Got Clutter? 365 Journal Prompts books to clear the clutter in your life and her Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out book.


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