Read my previous blog from December 4th where I talked about decluttering your decorations. The blog from December 7th focuses on mentally and emotionally preparing for the holidays.  The final blog in this series focuses on preparing spiritually and energetically for the holidays.



How can you get rid of spiritual clutter this season? Some examples I have seen around the season include complaining about what you didn’t get, or spending time worrying about how much you will get. Maybe you compare your self to someone who you think has a prettier dress or all the men are chatting to.

I am going to suggest clearing your clutter by being in gratitude. Spend the next 100 days by declaring your gratitude.  In addition, take the focus away from yourself. Think of others.

Giving Adopt a family. My mother’s real estate business adopts a family from the nearby Jr high each year.  The school knows what families are in need and they get a list of ages, sizes, wish lists etc. The thank you notes they receive each year always make me cry.  You could contact your local school or church and find people in need.

Volunteer at a non-profit.  Many non-profits need not only money, but also man-hours. I have started volunteering at our local animal shelter and I love it.  What are you passionate about? Find a way to give back during the season and hopefully you will enjoy it so much you want to continue.



I am a huge fan of ceremonies. Why not fill your home with love and intention?  What intention do you want to bring with the holidays? Peace? Joy? Love?  Remember, everything is energy, so you will feel what you do.

You could use sage, if you feel energy is stuck and stagnant or needs to change and you need to clear first.

Once you have cleared, maybe you make a delicious smelling popourri on the stove. Breathe in the great smell and breathe out your intention.  One of the best compliments I receive is that people love how our home feels. I try to clear my energetic clutter on a regular basis and be clear in my intent for our home. Two black cats running around certainly help as well.

You could also use aromatherapy and essential oils. If you don’t like smells, use salt water and flick it around.  Don’t limit yourself. If it feels right and good and makes you happy and full of joy do it!


Take Aways from the blog series on preparing for the holidays:

  • Take the time now to go through all your decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think if you want to sell, donate or have a garage sale;
  • If you are feeling, sad, angry, stuck, get outside of yourself.  Do something for someone else. Volunteer, donate to a cause—do something! When we do acts of kindness for others, we tend to benefit the most.
  • Set the intention for the holidays—after you have cleared the clutter, don’t forget about what you choose to create.  Sprinkle in some joy, fun, love and laughter when you feel stuck. 

What spiritual preparation do you need to do for the holidays? How can you create an inviting space for the holidays? How can you prepare for all your holiday needs?

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