Positive Affirmations for Decluttering

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Positive Affirmations for Decluttering Your Life

We hear a lot about how to declutter your home, but what about decluttering on a deeper level? How do you declutter your life on an unconscious or energetic level? Sometimes we retain clutter because we are holding onto negative beliefs and thought patterns at an unconscious level.

Our Positive Thoughts / Declutter Your Life MP3s support you in releasing clutter at a deeper level. Choose from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic.

The meditation begins with focused statements on releasing clutter, followed by powerful positive affirmations / affirmations for healing and end with completion statements. The MP3 concludes with a reaffirming meditation exercise to fill the space where clutter was released.

When you declutter, you open up to receive as well as create the life you choose, deserve & desire.


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