Everything is energy and our minds can be powerful. Think of the placebo effect. So many times we focus on what we don’t want, not on what we desire. Test yourself and see how often you focus on what you already have and don’t like. How much energy and effort are you spending on what you don’t desire. Today will focus on clearing clutter from your personal energy space.

Take Actions from today’s podcast on clearing your personal energy space:

  • Ground and get in your body
  • Clear your energy in your space
  • Set your intentions for what you desire
  • Clear your energetic clutter in your aura!

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Releasing Energetic Clutter

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Julie Coraccio 0:01
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now, we’re talking about clearing energetic clutter. Do you feel overwhelmed or spacey a lot? Are you aware of what’s gunking up your aura? How can what’s in your personal space be affecting you in your life? Learn to clear some energetic clutter in your personal space. As we wrap up our month focus on three actionable steps to clutter your life. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started. I have talked about space clearing before done a couple episodes on that I believe. But what about the energy in your aura and the field that surrounds you? Everything’s energy. Just like functions way to clear your space to attract what you desire. You’re going to clear the energy in your aura. Louise Hays would say we have dis ease and that everything begins with a thought might be too woowoo for some, but I thought it’s worth sharing. She has a great little book that if you have an ailment, she relates what’s going on and gives you an affirmation. We clear our personal energetic space, we feel better, it can change our life just like in Fung Shui when you move around everything. I was inspired to do today’s episode, because at the beginning of the year, I did a meditation series with my dear friend Judy, I’ve had Judy, if you haven’t listened, definitely listen and check out her podcast episodes, I think we have two or three. And it was great because she did a series of 10. And it just reminded me I really had to clear out some gunk in my energetic field. And it was Monday nights and every time that I did the meditation with her in those 10 weeks, I felt a lot better. And that was. And I’ve been on stress this last June. And having that remind me you know what you’ve got to do your daily practice, you’ve got a clear energetic field. And so that really was impetus for wanting to do this episode and share a couple things for you to think about. Again, it’s just to jumpstart you, I hope that you will research and have fun and learn more and figure out what things work for you. But I have found when I do that makes a big difference. Quick, actionable tip number one ground, get into your body. It’s kind of a good first step. Like I talked a lot when you’re overwhelmed, just breathe. Grounding would be another thing to do. If you remember in the moment, when we’re grounded, we can make changes. It keeps us from getting overwhelmed. There are different ways that you can do this, I think earthing is another term that I’ve heard use, which to me means the same thing I was once told and it makes sense to me that when you’re in a panic, like a panic attack, and you’re even really overwhelmed, you leave your body. And so I’m going to share this tip with you right now that someone told when you just are so overwhelmed. I’ve had panic, panic attacks before and you can can’t think and so if I haven’t had one for years, but at the time what someone said to so I just would say to Tony hugged me, hold me and what that would do was help get me into my body. Now if you’re by yourself and you know of someone grabbing a blanket kind of does the same thing. Wrap yourself. Like you’re giving yourself a hug with a blanket. That is one way that can help calm you down and get you into your body. Now different things will people will tell you different ways to do this one thing some people just go outside barefoot, and connect to the earth that’s some time something that’s a really quick, easy way to do it. And that people can do now I what I do is I imagine a tree trunk or if I want to be playful, a cat tail. I know you were surprised by that one but kind of coming from my first chakra going right down to the center of the earth and connecting like that I am in the center of the earth and that tree trunk coming from me is tied into the earth and boy am I grounded. I am completely in my body. When doing that.

There are lots of great videos out there on YouTube. You can check I just looked at a few to send to a client. There might be other podcasts that can help you can I’m sure read a book to support you, but grounding something again to do for free, I encourage you when you wake up every morning to start your day by grounding or if you’re feeling overwhelmed kind of like to remember to breathe, remember the ground. What one action can you take right now to ground. Quick, actionable Tip number two, clear your energy. You can go chakra by chakra, you can do your aura, your auric field, remember that it’s just everything’s energy but it our or isn’t just right up next to us, you have different layers. And so like for instance, if you’re presenting, you would want your art to be kind of out there and wide and big. But when you kind of want to be in your space, one thing that I learned all the way years ago is we’ll say we’ll call our or into 18 inches in front of us. So we’re kind of like in this little egg shape. That’s how I describe it of 18 inches to keep close to us. Because remember, for always before always have this big energy all the time, then we’re going to have a lot of people in our space and in our era. And so it kind of like 18 inches, you can have your own little space. You can do things you can still interact with people but not be overwhelmed. Hopefully that makes sense. When I did the 10 week series with Judy, we did a bunch of different techniques to clear different things. So we cleared all our chakras, we cleared physical, mental, emotional, spiritual layers, we did our consideration channels, we did our analyzer a bunch of different things that just helped energetically because remember all made energy and just like you can get dust. If something sits for a while your energy field is gonna get junked up.

Today, do you wonder about your chakras? Does the energy around you feel stuck? stagnant or negative? How well are you aware of your intuition and follow its guidance? Have you found yourself taking on other people’s feelings, emotions and more. Ready to clear energetic clutter and have your space home mine and heart feel good. Got clutter 365 Journal prompt energetic support you and clearing your energy clutter free gift with purchase available at reawaken your brilliance.com Amazon, Google Books and More. So one technique I use it all share is in to remove stuck energy from me. So all envision pull my RN and our vision a big beautiful white rose or do whatever color something like I want orange, I want a little bit color. So what I’ll do is I’ll put this rose outside of my aura. And then I will think of I’ll say turn turn anyone’s energy. Here’s one example turn anyone’s energy that is in my space, bright red. And so then what I’ll do is I’ll ask this big rose outside my arms up. And then I’ll just suck sucks, kicks up it up. Actually, I’ll bring it closer I misspoke. I’ll bring it in there and just suck SEC SEC SEC within my orange all the energy. And I’ll visualize all this red energy being sucked up by the rows and then I move the rows outside of my or outside of those 18 inches. And I’ll put it in a nother row. So I’ll visualize another rows and then I put the rows that was used to suck up all the Renner red energy and other people’s in a big rose. And then I move it five feet away and I blow it up and I visualize fireworks. It’s kind of like and then I push it away and it’s really sad go reusable energy, go become energy for something else. And I know that that might sound totally nuts, but it works. It works for me. Again, if it doesn’t work for you find something that does but I wanted to give you an example maybe like oh, okay, maybe I’ll try that. The other thing I do is I visualize my higher self sovereign self and I was saying the other day her hair always looks awesome. Give these beautiful curls and she’s always in kind of discreet. Goddess gowns. Absolutely. She’s just amazing and so all visualize her holding a big magnet above my head and calling all my energy back. Have I left my energy with someone have I left energy at the supermarket when I went shopping? Do I have my energy with the cats? Do I have my energy with Tony, where’s it gone? You listen to my whole how much energy do you think that I spent with this whole HOA crap and those people, I’m guessing you’re gonna go with way too much, right? And I did. And so that I remember that I’ve got to call it I don’t want my energy with them I want all 100% My energy, I want my energy, I want people in my space, let that go call my energy back because then that makes me whole uncompleted. Have fun with this, go to YouTube, there are lots of different things or create your own. What makes sense to you what feels good. The reason why I use roses is I was taught that that is a universal symbol of love. And maybe a rose doesn’t ring true to you. But maybe you start up. Maybe you feel like you know the stars in the universe, and it’s connected to universal love. And you do the same thing. There is no right or wrong to this. This is something again, have fun with it, make it creative, especially if it’s going to get you to do it every day. You know, one thing I do is I clear my energy between clients. I want to make sure I’m done. I’ve worked with someone now I’ve got to get all my energy back and become clear and reset to support the next person. What one action can you take right now to clear your energy. Quick, actionable tip number three, set your intention.

Visualize what you desire to create in life. As I mentioned a moment ago, everything’s energy and our minds are incredibly powerful. Think the placebo effect. So many times we focus on I want you to start to pay attention throughout the day. Are you focusing on what you desire or what you don’t have? You know, one of the reasons it was important to take that step to say hey, we’re moving is I kept focusing on the fact we don’t have a house we don’t have a house we can’t find a house. Well duh, I’m just creating more of what I don’t want. So I encourage you What are you focusing on throughout the day? Test yourself and if you don’t like what you’re focusing on switch that how much energy and effort are you spending on what you don’t desire? Set your intention we’re going to find a house that’s perfect for us I want something like that flexible because it might not look like it you know we have a fairly new construction in the area that I and what is new construction in my hometown is what’s kind of par for the course here like the house or and they have a couple new just is a small town and a lot of construction. And so one of the things we’re open to talking is maybe we get an older home and if they’re way we can upgrade it and modernize it. So I keep the intention for me for something like that is broad you might need to make it a little more focused. But after it then feel it in your body. Get those emotions feeling his energy go Oh, it’d be so great to be in my home on the Fourth of July maybe we sit out on a deck and we see fireworks probably staying in because the cats get scared. What it feel like to finally be mood I feel oh, a relief. I feel excitement. I get to explore my hometown again. Oh, I get to unpack and get settled up. That’ll just wow fact of having everything I have in one place. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be great if you got a romantic partner how to feel to hug and kiss them to hold hands. If you’re like me and you want a new place to live, how would it feel to be in that space? If you want to paint a painting How would it feel when it was done? Can you feel how awesome it would be and your friends and your family admiring your painting and congratulating you on a job well done. Feel it set the intention to attract the energy after you’ve cleared yourself and cleared your aura and your chakras and all the good stuff. What one action can you take right now to set an intention? Take actions from today’s podcast ground and get in your body clear the energy in your personal space that your intention for what you desire. Clear the energetic clutter in your personal space. Next month, we’re talking about some things I find useful. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. Even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now, please rate, review and share us

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