You often hear about space clearing but not always personal clearing. Today I’m going to talk about clearing your personal space as well as your physical space.

Take actions from today’s podcast on personal clearing:

  • Check out Chris Mcdonalds podcast the Holistic Counseling Podcast
  • Have fun deciding how you want to clear the energy
  • Clear the energy of your space
  • Make sure you clean all the spaces in your area
  • Think about what you want to release when clearing energy
  • Fill your space with intentions
  • Clear your aura
  • Send back people’s energy with love
  • Set the intention in your day
  • Protect your aura
  • Ground each day
  • Choose wisely in every moment

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Creating Rituals to Clear Clutter From Your Life
Personal Clearing: Make Your Space Feel Great
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Julie Coraccio 0:02
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now, we’re talking about releasing energetic clutter. How does your personal space feel most of the time? What are some of the ways you can clear your space? How does not removing your energy affect you? Learn about space and personal clearing as we wrap up our month focusing on interviews. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now will teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. I’m going to end the month with another episode from the nothing left to give podcast, one of my favorite because we’re talking about clearing not only physical space, but also your energetic space. I don’t think I’ve talked a lot about clearing your personal space. So often we don’t think about the energetic component of something. When we moved out of our home, I did kind of a blessing. I thank the house for everything. As we’re getting ready to move in our home. The one thing we didn’t have a lot we can take in the car, but I’ve got my sage to smoke and clear out the energy after it’s been clean. And that is to remove other people’s energy and there’s nothing wrong people really nice and actually he’s leaving one of his paintings, which we’re super excited about. But just to clear that energy, and it’s part of making our new home ours. It’s just as important to clear out our aura and personal space. You don’t have to be an empath to notice if your energy’s off or if you’re feeling someone else in your space. Chris McDonald has now started a new podcast, the nothing left to give. They’re about 40 episodes and you can find those always put for all these episodes, put links in the show notes. And her new podcast is the holistic counseling podcast and just go to holistic counseling Everything’s energy. So let’s get started.

Chris McDonald 2:17
Welcome back to the nothing left to give podcast. This is episode 24. And I’m your host Chris McDonald. I’m so happy to bring back a past guest who someone I learned so much from in her past interview on clearing and organize your home office workspace. Her name is Julie Coraccio. And she’s an award winning professional organizer, end of life organizer and certified life coach. She hosts the popular self help podcast Clear Your Clutter inside and out and is author of 10 books including the gut clutter 365 Journal prompts series. If you haven’t heard her past interview in Episode 12, I highly recommend it. I listened to it again. And I still learned things because you can’t even take it all in and on one listen. Remember, this episode is so full of amazing tips. And I know that it’s worth your time to listen to a fun fact about her she traveled to 49 or 50 States and Alaska is on her bucket list. She’s here today to talk more about space clearing and talk to us about energetic clutter. Welcome back to the show, Julie.

Julie Coraccio 3:20
Hey, Chris. Thanks for having me. I’m thrilled to be here.

Chris McDonald 3:22
I appreciate your patience. So we had a little bit difficulties connecting for the show. You’re very patient I appreciate it is I am now podcasting in my new home. So it took a few tries. But we did.

Julie Coraccio 3:38
Well, I’m happy to be the first person in your new home.

Chris McDonald 3:41
You’re breaking it in. So my new podcast. I actually the interesting part is I have my own office. Now I was in my living room when I started with a pandemic, doing telehealth and podcasting, but now I have

Julie Coraccio 3:54
a actual office. Nice.

Chris McDonald 3:57
So I got privacy and keep the cast out. So they helped me out too much. And it’s all good.

Julie Coraccio 4:04
And it’s great. And you have and you have all you can listen to read listen to episode 12 for the tips to get it in tip top shape. Yeah,

Chris McDonald 4:11
that’s it, too. I was thinking about that. When I was listening today. I was like, wow, I gotta really think about this for my space as you start, especially when you start fresh with a space right, I want to start the right way. So before we get started with the interview, can you talk more about your work and anything else you want to share that you have going on?

Julie Coraccio 4:28
Sure. So I’m really passionate about supporting people and clearing clutter in all areas of their lives. And what makes me a little different than most people who do this for a living is I believe the inside effects outside so if you have spiritual clutter, for instance, or mental emotional clutter, it’s going to affect your physical space and vice versa. And to me my definition of clutter is this clutters anything that prevents you from creating the life you choose deserve and desire. And as I’ve aged and gotten older, another Area become passionate about is supporting people in end of life organization. Now I’m not an attorney. But I see my role as helping you get all that important paperwork together, having a conversation if you thought about your legacy and what like that would be and you like me have kept Chris and I too often see so many animals being thrown out on the street, because no one’s done anything about and they haven’t planned for it. So that’s something that I help people with. And what gets me excited is when you prepare for death, you can live life fully. And when you Clear Your Clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. And that’s the world I’d like to create. We need it now more than ever.

Chris McDonald 5:37
Exactly. I like that when you prepare for death, you can live life fully. I just think about that for a second. Yeah, that’s really some words to live by. Most people don’t like to talk about it, do they? Or think about?

Julie Coraccio 5:49
No, you know, it’s interesting. I just was asked to be on a panel. And I thought, I probably didn’t say it a new thing. It’s one of those free webinars, and it tells you who got the most votes. And I wasn’t at the bottom, but I was definitely below average. And I thought and she said, when she started the interview, she said, probably people don’t want to hear and think about it. And I said, Yeah, that’s true. And I understand that, but we have to, because if we don’t, we’re gonna leave a mess from someone else behind and people need time to agree when you’re gone. They don’t need to be thinking, what’s my password? What’s their password for Facebook? What do they want to do? Do they want their social media account up? Or do they want it? Delete it, then? Come on, you need to spend time grieving? Not on that stuff?

Chris McDonald 6:28
Yeah, so true. And I think for those that have a business to to have some kind of hmm, and that’s what I’ve created as well. Because, you know, you just never know. And I remember I rented office space when I first started out, and this one person was an academic advisor, and she had no plan and they didn’t know what to do. And she died all of a sudden, quickly. She was young. And but yeah, so it’s a contingency plan.

Julie Coraccio 6:53
1,000%? And what about sensitive information? Like you’re a therapist, you don’t want someone confidential notes you’ve taken getting into the wrong hands. I mean, those are things that you have to consider.

Chris McDonald 7:04
You do really, and having that access to that is so important. That’s a whole other episode.

Julie Coraccio 7:12
To come back as long I know,

Chris McDonald 7:14
we might have to do that. I was just thinking that that would probably be helpful. Because it again, it’s people, you know, just get stuck in their day to day and where they are. And you know, it’s something to think about for sure. And I think organizing that for your loved ones like you said is is really loving ism is being loving for them

Julie Coraccio 7:32
a gift. It is a gift that gives them peace of mind.

Chris McDonald 7:36
Yeah, for sure. I remember you mentioned to you we’re taking a this is off topic, plant course. So plant an herb course. How are you doing with that?

Julie Coraccio 7:47
I love it. And we’re gonna bring it in today, because it’s going to be one of my things I learned I learned a lot of stuff to share with you. I absolutely love it. The teacher is amazing. And I’m going to retake it after the year because there’s so much information I thought I’m going to do at one year, and then retake it because I have so much to learn I just made it’s on this month is on making things. So I made Daisy oil. So you take press daisies, you do this process. And I’ve already messed up a couple things. And she’s like, it’s part of the because I went ahead and tried to make stuff without waiting for her teaching. So I made Daisy oil, and I also made a daisy flower essence. Yep, a daisy flower essence. And I’m gonna make a sunflower essence as well. And yeah, no, it’s been, it’s been amazing. And so I’m really excited because I’m going to be sharing some things for space clearance with your audience today. When that I didn’t know about it’s going to be another tool that they have if they want to clear space and clear their own energetic clutter.

Chris McDonald 8:49
Excellent. I feel like everybody’s got to start taking notes today. But well, we’ll leave it in the show notes too. Because I couldn’t even put it on the show notes. Can you talk first what is space clearing? Because a lot of people might be scratching their head on what that is.

Julie Coraccio 9:05
Great question. So I talk about energetic clutter, and everything’s energy, whether you believe it from a physics perspective, or you believe it from a spiritual perspective. So I’m going to share two examples that might help people understand a little better. Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone or maybe you walked into a room after argument and that old saying the tension was so thick? You could cut it with a knife? That’s energetic clutter? Yes, most. Most of the women listening I know you’re raising your hands when you’ve met someone, a slimy old guy and you want to go home and take a shower. Maybe you’re out at an event. I think politicians have a really high energetic high slime factor. And many times when I meet up, I’m like, oh, I need to go have a shower. So that’s some of the things or you might if you’re super sensitive, someone might not be physically close to you, but boy have they got In your energetic space, and you’re just like you need a backup. And one thing I had to do this not too long ago, someone started approached me. And I’m like, safe six feet distance, and I put up my hands. And you know, just the act of like, palm spreads stop. And they stopped. Because not only is it seeing me do that, but boy, did I have the energy like Backup Buddy, don’t even come anywhere in my space,

Chris McDonald 10:26
and your space, and energy. Hmm.

Julie Coraccio 10:30
Yeah. So that’s kind of the thing. And you can have energetic clutter in your house and your space, and then also in your aura, also in your energy. And so that’s what I want to talk about today, how we can clear that.

Chris McDonald 10:43
So you mentioned you had some space clearing exercises. So what are some of those? And what can we do?

Julie Coraccio 10:49
Well, one of the things I want to I’m going to call it smoking, and people might have heard this term as smudging. But this is one of the things I’m excited about to share from class Smudging is not a term we want to use, if you use a sage stick, because it’s not a proper term, it’s offensive. And it so person who is a Native American who might be doing this on a regular basis, it’s my understanding, it’s not okay to say that. So I’ve started to call it what I used to call smudge, call that smoking. So you can simply get a bundle of sage and I just want to have an extra note here. This is really important than that I love about the classes, you want to make sure if you’re buying a resin which I’ll talk about later or sage stick that it’s sustainably harvest. Because a lot of these things like white sage is currently threatened threatened species and Palo Santo because Americans got on a kick down here. Yeah, and so it’s hard. Someone might say they’re reputable and sale, I gathered it from fallen trees, but you don’t know that. So I’d encourage you to rethink that. So you can get something like Art Media, which is, is like sage, but it looks more grassy. And use that as something that you can smoke yourself with. And you can smoke the space. And remember when you’re going around your home, underneath the bed and the corners, because energy can get stuck in the corners, you can do that, and whatever method you choose, but you want to make sure you get every area. And when I’m doing this, I also like what do I want to release, I want to release all my stress, I want to release my anger at that ding dong from the other day. So think about what you want to release when you’re going around your home, you can use sound, I have a brass bowl, I also have a crystal ball sounds a great way to break up energy and disrupt patterns. So you can go around, if you like chanting, chant. Remember, if there’s something that feeds your soul, and you hear like the monks chanting, play that music to disrupt the sound, you can use blessed water, I love the ocean, you can use water from the ocean. And what I do is I’m a big shell. And I’ll put some water in there. And then I’ll take a fresh flower and go around the house. And as I’m saying what I want to release from it, you can dip and do that. Other thing that I like to do is to drain energy and what I encourage people have fun with this, play around with that what speaks to you. I always like to bring in nature when possible, because I just think that that is really great for the indoors and is just really wonderful. But whatever you connect with, if it’s like I mentioned the chanting monks and use that, so I will visually at the end of the day, especially, for instance, my office where I spend a lot of time visualize my hands and moving my hands up and down just draining the energy from the room, right? Oh, that’s stress from the day, oh, that cranky person, I had to deal with a drain that I’m going to just send it back down to the earth. And then after I do that, and after I’ve cleared some, I like to what’s my intention? What do I want to bring into this space? While it’s my office, I want to bring abundance, because I’d like to make some money to support my cats in the life that they’re accustomed to. I want to bring in creativity. Right joy. So after you’ve cleared a space, what is it that you’d like to bring in? Does that make sense?

Chris McDonald 14:12
Oh, yeah, I’m ready. I already taken notes.

Julie Coraccio 14:16
Oh, good for you. And the other thing that I learned from class is residents. So you can have resins such as pine Juniper, dragon’s blood and these little things you put on a little tablet of charcoal and you light. And then again, you can go around, learn what the different resins mean and have fun with it. And one of the things I’d encourage people to do is do this whenever your space feels gross. Like if you have a big old party, you’re definitely going to want to clear the energetic clutter after that. If you have like when I first moved here, Chris and I are in the same town I had didn’t know people and I did meet up and I hosted an event. I was like, Ooh, I gotta clear my space. There were some people in here feeling around Energy. So you want to make sure you do that. In addition to clearing your space, I’m going to encourage you to clear your own energetic clutter your aura. Now, that might be a weird concept to some people, but especially if you’re sensitive. And even if you aren’t sensitive, like I talked about, you can just feel when someone’s in your space. And if you have someone like a car salesman who’s trying to get you buy something, they’re thrown energy at you. And what they’re trying to do is connect into your energy and think about it like as a little hook, like, Oh, she doesn’t feel really confident in that area, I’m going to try to hook into her energy and pull her towards me. So you want to make sure that you are clearing that energy on a daily basis, you can do different things like shield yourself with white light, gold, like, I personally, when I go out, I pull my aura. And if I say it, it happened, okay, or I want you to come in just 18 inches from me, I want my energy really close. And then I visualize surrounding myself with roses, because roses are the like universal, or the universal symbol of love, right? So I just want love. And so if you throw some stuff at me, Chris, the rose is going to catch it. And it’s not going to get in my space and I’m not harming you, I’m not harming you, because it’s just have surrounded by love that you want to put up shields put up shield, it’s just gonna bounce right off. I mean, whatever speaks to you. But one thing I’d encourage people to do is, you know, like you take a shower, clean your energy daily, like I did with the room, visualize all the draining off of all the energy. And then what I like to visualize, is it just going to the center of the earth to be reused, it’s going to renew

Chris McDonald 16:42
the Earth is the gray recycler.

Julie Coraccio 16:45
Exactly. So and again, it’s not about putting out harm for anyone else. It’s just like getting everyone else’s energy out of your space. And another thing you can do is like the resins that I talked about, or the smoking, like if you have a bundle of sage and burn that you can do that to yourself, clear your energy with that, or the resin and get that out. Okay, you know what, I just want anyone’s energy, who’s not my space, go, go back to the earth get recycled, send it back to them with love. And then if you do that daily, you’ll feel a difference. And I encourage you try it for a week or two, and then see how you feel.

Chris McDonald 17:24
That’s the important thing, isn’t it just to see how you’re feeling in that space?

Julie Coraccio 17:29
Yes, and you know, like, for you example, you now I know you’re doing telehealth, but I would be doing a clearing in between each client, if I was in an office, I’d be clear in the space in between each client so that you are fresh again, and that whatever is left over, because I’m sure you have some really intense heavy conversations and stuff clear that move that energy out and bring a whole new space for the next person.

Chris McDonald 17:53
That makes sense. And I know you mentioned the shielding, too, I like the images of roses. So is it that people can bring in something to kind of surround themselves with like roses or other flowers or,

Julie Coraccio 18:06
you know what I some other people who are quote unquote experts might disagree with me. But I have found in my life, that intent is powerful. So if white roses are your thing, or if lilies are your thing, I’m going to say Have at it, because you connect with that that has a symbol that has a meaning to you. And if it’s easy for you to remember, if it makes you feel good, then use what makes you feel good. And you set the intention, okay, I’ve got lilies all around me, I’m going to trust that the lilies protect me. Or if you want to bring your angels and say, I’ll do this for something. Oh, and the other thing I want to mention, besides angels is grounding each day. And that’s about so important. So important, and connecting yourself to the earth. And I know when I get stressed out, I always describe it as being on a bungee cord. If I’m stressed out, it’s like I am out of my body. I am not grounded. I’m like, ooh, and can’t think can’t. I’m just I’m out there. So that’s why grounding, so important. And do you have any ways that you ground? Well, what I like to visualize is, I visualize as a woman kind of a beginning in my first chakra, kind of the ovary areas, which would be I guess, second chakra, but kind of visualizing from there and then anchoring, so I people sometimes like to use a tail if they are close to animals or a tree so or a big anchor or something and then I visualize that going to the center of the earth. I also visualize roots coming out of my feet going down the center of the earth. Yeah, and then that way I am anchored to the center of the earth. I imagine I’m just hanging out when that molten core of the earth and that I am one with the earth and that that keeps me really centered and grounded. And you know, YouTube, lots of just Google grounding. You will find I have sure a ton of different things and again, find what picks to you, you know, speaks to you, if you are someone, and you are really musically inclined, and there is something I’m not very musical that makes you feel completely grounded completely in your body play that it’s gonna have the same effect and it gets back to the, I’m going to set the intention that I’m going to ground today. And then obviously get nature if you can walk barefoot each day, that’s really going to help you connect as well.

Chris McDonald 20:30
Yeah, for sure. Because I teach grounding to clients as well. And, and I think I you just part of grounding can be just noticing where you are in your body. I’m gonna make me feel what is under my feet? Are they warm or cool? Just noticing. They’re supporting you. And I also say to imagine the earth holding you up supporting you as another way to kind of ground of where you are in space and time.

Julie Coraccio 20:53
Yeah, absolutely. Again, and when I’ve encouraged people to make this fun, don’t make it go to ground. Well, let’s have fun with it. How can we make it into a game? Right? Try what Chris says, Try what I say go to YouTube and find something and see what resonates with you.

Chris McDonald 21:09
Yeah, that’s true. Because not, it’s not one thing isn’t going to fit. All right,

Julie Coraccio 21:13
exactly. And then you know, the other thing I’d say, if you’re listening, you’re like, Well, I do a little bit of this, we’ll switch it up. Maybe your teens gotten a little old and stale. And what can you do to freshen that out?

Chris McDonald 21:23
Try something new.

Julie Coraccio 21:24
Do you wonder about your chakras? Does the energy around you feel stuck? stagnant or negative? How well are you aware of your intuition? And follow its guidance? Have you found yourself taking on other people’s feelings, emotions and more? Ready to clear energetic clutter and have your space home mind and heart feel good. Got clutter 365 Journal prompt, energetic support you and clearing your energy clutter, free gift with purchase. Available at reawaken your Amazon, Google Books and More.

Chris McDonald 22:21
Because what’s going to happen if you don’t ground and you don’t clear space? What do you think the impact could be on healthcare professionals?

Julie Coraccio 22:29
Oh, that’s a wonderful question. I think it affects you at every level, Chris, even if people can’t articulate it, because I think it adds to your stress. It adds to it’s kind of like that thing. If you’re seeing all these clients and you’re talking heavy duty stuff that’s going to create tension that’s going to create sickness that creates, I think you have less clarity, because you can’t think as well when you’re in a in a space that’s kind of junked up with energy. I think it definitely adds to your stress and it can add to your emotions. Have you ever just felt something and be like, Wow, I’m feeling really sad right now. But I don’t know why I didn’t start out the day feeling sad and nothing’s happened. But all that energy can be influencing you. And if you’re an empath, you’re definitely gonna pick up on it, you know, at a much bigger way.

Chris McDonald 23:17
Do you have that experience to or some people’s energy attaches more? I know you mentioned that a little bit.

Julie Coraccio 23:22
Yes, I have learned to be well, first of all, I’d say trust your instincts for everyone. And you know, I’d say this is a health care practitioner. If you don’t like the energy of someone, you don’t have to have every client you don’t have to take on every client and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. You shouldn’t feel that that’s wrong. If your energy doesn’t jive, then that’s okay to say no. And so I know that there are certain type of people how they act and I have to immediately Okay, got the roses up, I might, you know, need to call on some angels as well. And so it’s about paying attention to being aware and oh, you know what, I’m just not feeling this person. There’s just something that doesn’t sit well with me. You don’t need to analyze it, it doesn’t matter what it is. To me. That’s your intuition saying you know, danger. Well, Roger, stop. Okay, you know what, I don’t probably not gonna take this person on as a client or I probably someone I shouldn’t date or it’s probably someone I shouldn’t do a joint business venture with. Pay attention because that’s your intuition signaling you.

Chris McDonald 24:22
I think a lot of people don’t listen to that. That’s not really going to lead them the right way. But I found when I really am connected and grounded and really listened to my intuition is never steered me wrong.

Julie Coraccio 24:33
Absolutely. And the other thing Chris, is it supports you in helping your clients because you’re the more clear you are, the more you can pick up on cues and pay attention to what people are thinking and and you know, as clear as you can get your clients and you know, they’re giving all those cues and intuitive hits then signaling you how you can help support them even more. So it’s you know, definitely helps you in business as well.

Chris McDonald 25:00
For sure, because I find to then I’m sure this is for all healthcare providers that some people carry a lot of heavy energy. I find people that are more depressed, severely depressed usually. And you got to be aware of yourself, your body, your energy. And I notice sometimes with some people, I’ll be like, What is wrong with me? Like, I’m not really a depressed person, have my moments but not. And then I’m like, Okay, what happened today? And I always got to say to myself, Okay, is this mine or someone else’s? Mm hmm. And then I release whatever is not mine, I just in my mind, I make that intention and say it firmly in my mind to release what’s not mine. And I think about releasing it into the earth, like you said, through my feet, letting it go. And then I do like, 30 minutes later, I would say I’ve started to feel better.

Julie Coraccio 25:47
And you can send back and you know, one thing that I Okay, everyone’s another thing I do, if I’m feeling like really heavy, you’re off. I’ll imagine like a big vacuum rose. And it is just like, the most powerful vacuum in the universe. And I’m like, okay, suck out whatever energy is not mine. And it’s like, you know, when I literally feel this vacuuming, and then I get it away from me, and I blow it up and to reusable energy. And then I’ll also say, you know, sometimes you might have felt someone in your space. And just like, oh, man, I’m sitting here and they’re 1000 miles away, but I’m there in my energy and I’m, I’m not like this you know what I send back your energy with love. I’m going to return return to sender. And you know, you can I like as much as humanly possible to send it back with love. I can’t always do that. But a tribe is like a return to sender with love. If I can just do return to sender, then that’s something but to take that moment, and to visualize the energy that’s not mine, and someone else, thanks, returning to sender, and then moving forward.

Chris McDonald 26:48
That’s so helpful to think of that return to sender. Yeah. Because I can’t take on other people’s energy I raised it. That’s what I always tell people too, you can’t take on you got enough of your own.

Julie Coraccio 26:58
Absolutely, I would think especially for health care workers, more so than a lot of people that would be a lot easier to do. Because you’re in a role of being empathetic, you’re being in a role of caregiving, and to like, Oh, I just want to heal and I want to make you better, and that you could easily slip into that.

Chris McDonald 27:16
And I because I was just thinking too, that could lead to to burnout. 1,000% way down, I guess mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Julie Coraccio 27:25
And you can feel that energetic thing. And you know, I mean, think about it, if you had a day full of clients when, man I had a really great week, here’s what happened. Okay, then let’s plan how we can take this even further. If that’s the type of client you had for day, you wouldn’t feel heaviness, you’d feel probably really energized. But if you are continually it’s, you know, I think about people who are working with Coronavirus patients, for every shift. I can’t even imagine the heaviness that they’re feeling right now.

Chris McDonald 27:56
Right, experiencing so much death and things out of their control. And that was another guest I had on here too, that talked about a lot of their burnout, those working with COVID patients is they’re used to healing right and having things they can use medications treatment. Mm hmm. But what do you do with this? Right, and you’re not seeing those successes, you’re not getting those boosts of Wow, I feel great. It’s just like, a lot of loss. Right? Yeah. Oh, my gosh,

Julie Coraccio 28:25
yeah. Right. So they especially bringing up that rose vacuum after every shift, then maybe on their 15 minute breaks, or their lunch breaks or whatever. I mean, that’s something like I would be heavy duty doing this. I’d be smoking myself. You know, I would be doing stuff all throughout the day. And at the end of the day,

Chris McDonald 28:45
yeah, for sure. That’s got to be like a big part of self care.

Julie Coraccio 28:49
Mm hmm.

Chris McDonald 28:51
And I think to yoga can play a part in this to get yourself back into your body because I have a lot of people that tell me how they’re stuck in their heads and overthink overthinking?

Julie Coraccio 28:59
Yeah, no, absolutely, absolutely can. And I’m sure they’re you, you’re the expert, but you have no poses that can help people ground and do that. That’s another way. And you know what I like about that? suggestion is, as I’ve talked earlier, okay, once you clear the energetic clutter, what is the intent that you want to bring in? So you know, once you ground like doing a yoga pose, either to help you ground or maybe there’s a yoga pose to open up your heart or something, or whatever you discover as you’re clearing the energy. Oh, this is what I want to release. Well, what do I want to bring back in? And then follow that up with something? Yeah.

Chris McDonald 29:35
Yeah, like that. What do you want to release? And then what do you want to bring back in because I know tree pose, of course, is the ultimate grounding pose.

Julie Coraccio 29:43
I cannot do that I need to get back into yoga. I carry like, Julie we coordinate. Well, we should do a session but I’d probably be the most uncoordinated that you have ever, ever seen.

Chris McDonald 29:56
It’s okay. We have lots of accommodations, but Tripos is deaf One were rooting into the earth. And, you know, using some of that visualization can be great and finding your balance, which could be could be holding on to a chair or a wall if you need to. And so it’s okay. Good, you know, meeting yourself where you are? Absolutely. And how is this going to work for me, you know, using that mindset?

Julie Coraccio 30:18
It is. And remember, your mind can’t differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. So if you are picturing yourself grounding to the earth, that’s what your body thinks is going on.

Chris McDonald 30:29
True. And getting out of sight outside of each day, too, I think is a really good idea.

Julie Coraccio 30:35
Unfortunately, though, Chris and I are here in the south and I know we are under. We’ve been under heat advisory practically all of last week. And it started again today, and I’m hoping I keep telling myself, you know, May was pretty cool. June was pretty cool. July started off, you know, we haven’t had any 100 days yet. Now we’ve had the hundreds because the humidity, but I’m like, Okay, look at the right side, this is where I’m challenged and looking at the bright side. I’m like, okay, at least it hasn’t technically hit 100 yet on the thermometer has with humidity. But yeah, it’s I’m, I’m chatting. We go walking like nine o’clock at night, because it’s just too hot right now.

Chris McDonald 31:11
So I was going to say cuz I do keep hearing people in my family and friends, clients, everybody, oh, I’m stuck inside. No, you’re not. You can choose to work around the if it is too hot, or too cold. You can go early in the morning or later at night. Because I went for a walk this morning at like 7am. It wasn’t bad. It was totally fine. And no, it was doable. Yeah. But yeah, working around. And I think changing that stuck mindset as well. Because I know a lot of people with COVID too, or not wanting to get out as much but still connecting outside is important.

Julie Coraccio 31:44
Absolutely. I think more than ever, you know, my husband and I consider ourselves pretty much homebodies. But we’re challenged now. And I can only imagine what it’s like for extroverts. Yes.

Chris McDonald 31:55
I think at this point was how long this has been going on. And we’re recording in July now. But it’s wearing on people I think,

Julie Coraccio 32:03
I think so too. And so self care, like giving yourself care if you’re listening to Chris’s podcasts, because there’s going to be something you can take away from each episode salutely Give yourself and now more than ever, you need it. And I’m sure they’re on demand. So if you need to listen again, but even the action of listening to this podcast is self care and then doing something once it’s over, like saying, okay, there are a bunch of suggestions. What one thing can I do right now? Or today or tonight?

Chris McDonald 32:31
Exactly. It doesn’t have to take a long time. Mm hmm. Just closing your eyes and breathing. I think that’s what you said in the last podcast, right?

Julie Coraccio 32:39
Yeah, I mean, that doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s something you can do. I don’t care. If you’re stuck in an office, you can close your eyes for 30 seconds, someone’s not going to be on your shoulder every moment, then you can just take that moment to center and just get with one with your breath and take this deep breath. And just bring yourself back to the present moment.

Chris McDonald 32:59
Absolutely. So Julie, was there anything else you wanted to share about space clearing and energy?

Julie Coraccio 33:06
Now just remember that in every moment, you have a choice. So to choose wisely,

Chris McDonald 33:12
for sure. Who inspired you to be where you are today?

Julie Coraccio 33:15
Oh my gosh, I don’t know if we have enough time for everyone that’s inspire me know today. I’ve been thinking about her a lot. So I’m going to share my grandmother. And hopefully I didn’t share her last time. I don’t think though I’m repeating myself. She was a really strong woman. And I just want to share this again, like it’s Mike. And we’re talking because you know what I’m going to share it because we’re talking about energy, energetic clutter to think it’s important. So my grandmother was an amazing woman. She was the first attorney in my hometown. And we are we just filed a lawsuit against our Hoa, a week ago, a week ago today. So prior to so I put all this stuff together and I felt my dad is looked at it. But then I did this whole long thing on acting in bad faith. And we’re sitting on the couch on a Friday night. And I heard and I want to share this because this is this is energetic because my grandmother is now in another form. She’s not in a physical form anymore. And I heard you need to go look at this. And I was like, okay, so I just did it. I’ve known when I hear something or have that intuitive feeling to act on instead of being down there or having an argument or saying I’m here, I’m crazy or whatever. So I sit down at the computer, go to the CCN Rs, and I’m like, Okay, so I’m trying to think because it’s like a 90 page document doing a word search so I find I’m like okay, this is what I need to know but Okay, anyway, so then I hear keep reading. So the same page the next page I see which is a huge thing. It basically says if there’s a conflict, North Carolina law wins and then it lists the order of importance well our whole there what they told us they lied to us the meeting, or willfully ignorant however you want to decide said we’re above North Carolina law. Well, I found right here where it says that there’s a client Conflict North Carolina law wins, which is a large part of our case. Now I you cannot will never convince me otherwise that it was my grandmother, who was an attorney who directed me to that, to find that and she’s been, has been continuing to direct me to find stuff. So I would say to you as part of your self care, your highest wisdom, you know what’s best for you. And so when your wisdom is trying to get through, or if you view that wisdom as someone you were close to, like my grandmother listened to it, honor it, and then take action. It’s there to support you. How many times have you said, Oh, no, no, that’s not right. And you didn’t follow that and it got you in trouble, or you lost something or something? You missed an opportunity. honor that. I think that’s, to me, that’s a huge part of self care.

Chris McDonald 35:47
Absolutely. honor yourself, right. And honor your needs and what comes up for you with intuition. Life lessons. Yes. So what’s the best way for listeners to find you and learn more about you?

Julie Coraccio 36:02
They can go to my recently transferred and updated site. Oh, sweet reawaken? Yes, it’s been oh my gosh, it’s been a process that I’m that I’m on a new host and got it updated and looking a lot better. So it’s reawaken your brilliance calm you can find a link to the podcast, my books and a follow me on social media and I offer a free 15 minute consultation if anyone’s interested in exploring clearing clutter further.

Chris McDonald 36:29
Absolutely. And I wonder too Do you have any resources of where people can find sustainably harvest you mentioned the the sage and the resin because I don’t think a lot of people know even know where to start to find that.

Julie Coraccio 36:44
You know what, I will look for that. I will

Chris McDonald 36:47
put it in the shownotes so you guys can see that. I will

Julie Coraccio 36:50
go through my class materials to see I don’t know if she offered a place like I know some example. Well, but I will share this rose mountain herbs which I believe is out of Colorado’s where I get a lot of my teas, but I would also say look locally, like talk to your farmers they’re going to tell you information but and then ask around but rose mountain herbs I know does sell some resins as well and are certain things like I think Franken Frankincense is is also endangered, and so are threatened. And so they if they have it, then it’s going to be from from a reliable source and it’s going to be ethically harvested. So that’s one resource I can offer. And I’ll see if I can find some more to send to

Chris McDonald 37:35
you. Oh, cool. That would be great. Well, thanks for coming back. Julie. This has been great.

Julie Coraccio 37:41
Thanks for having me, Chris. And thank you for all you’re doing to share your gifts with the world and offering this podcast to support people.

Chris McDonald 37:49
And thank everybody else for listening and tuning in again to Julie and again she has offered so much for you guys. I hope you can listen to this twice because I feel like I have to listen to get everything out of it more than once and I hope you got a lot of helpful information on space clearing and energetic clutter again this topic could be a whole course couldn’t it Julie? It’s really so I could learn from that. But if you liked today’s episode and want to support the podcast Remember to subscribe rate and review. Wherever you get your podcast. This helps us reach more people. And again please share this episode with friends, family colleagues, anyone you think could benefit you remember to take care of yourself and stay safe

Julie Coraccio 38:30
take action from today’s podcast. Check out Chris MacDonald’s, the holistic counseling podcast. Have fun deciding how you want to clear energy. Clear your space. Make sure you get all the areas in your space when clearing and cleaning. Think about what you’d like to release when clarity energy failure space with intentions. Cleanse your aura send back other people’s energy with love. set an intention daily. Protect your aura ground daily. Choose wisely in every moment. Next month, we’re talking about hodgepodge go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. Even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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