You often hear about space clearing but not always personal clearing. Today I’m going to talk about clearing your personal space as well as your physical space.

Take actions from today’s podcast on personal clearing:

  • Check out Chris Mcdonalds podcast the Holistic Counseling Podcast
  • Have fun deciding how you want to clear the energy
  • Clear the energy of your space
  • Make sure you clean all the spaces in your area
  • Think about what you want to release when clearing energy
  • Fill your space with intentions
  • Clear your aura
  • Send back people’s energy with love
  • Set the intention in your day
  • Protect your aura
  • Ground each day
  • Choose wisely in every moment

Chris’ podcast:  

Nothing Left to Give:    

Creating Rituals to Clear Clutter From Your Life
Personal Clearing: Make Your Space Feel Great
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