So many times the holidays are about us, or our immediate circle of family and friends. We spend a lot of time buying gifts and giving to those who are closest to us.  For many people, the holidays are a rough time and aren’t happy. You can make all the difference by paying it forward.

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If you don’t already, I’m going to encourage you to spread some holiday and Christmas cheer by giving to others. There are so many options and ways you can do this. It’s not about the money; it’s about the act. What you put out in life, you always get back in some way, shape or form.

Here are some of my suggestions to pay it forward and spread random acts of kindness.

Paying it Forward/ Random Acts of Kindness

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How can you pay it forward to someone? Whenever I do something nice for someone, I only ask that someday they pay it forward and do something nice for someone.  How can you pay it forward? Buy someone’s groceries? Pay for someone’s coffee? Share a meal with a stranger? Give away smiles all day. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about spreading joy and kindness and doing for another.

When we are giving we tend to be in gratitude and it is hard to accumulate emotional and mental clutter—you cannot hold two opposing thoughts at once. More gratitude means less anxiety, stress, negativity, etc.  When we are grateful for how much we have, it lessens our need to accumulate stuff that often creates physical clutter.

Every time I have done something like this, I feel I gain much more than the recipient.

If you’re shy, you can easily do things anonymously. Or enlist a friend and have lots of fun with it.

You Get Benefits!

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You feel great, someone else feels wonderful and a whole lot of good will and positive energy is put out into the world. How does it get any better than that?

When you give to others, you clear clutter!  You can’t be a holiday grump when you are in the act of service for others.  By giving back, you often gain a perspective of how much you really do have. This can lead to not wanting or needing so much physical stuff and reducing your physical clutter.

Giving to others also boosts are serotonin and gives one a sense of calm and peace and can clear our emotional clutter.  If you’re stressed out, paying it forward can bring you peace of mind because you do realize how much you truly have.

And if you don’t have any money? As I mentioned above, you can do many things that don’t cost a dime.  Smiles, holding open the door, saying a kind word to others are all free.

How will you spread some holiday cheer? How do you like paying it forward? What random acts of kindness can you do?

Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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