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Creating Your Party

Now that the details have been hammered out, let’s have fun.

What is your menu going to look like? If you are going to hire a caterer, decide your theme or dishes that you would like to include or come up with an entire menu.

I’ve cooked parties before all by myself. You’re going to need to be very organized if you do this. Consider asking friends or family for help.

If you will be doing the cooking, check out the farmers market for what’s in season. We’re fortunate to live near the state farmer’s market that is incredible. When considering your menu, think about flavors, textures, colors, and sensations. You may also need to think about people with dietary restrictions and what you can serve them.

Party Planning Tips: Fun Stuff

Decide on what drinks will be served. Make it easy with beer, wine, and one cocktail if you don’t want to have an open bar. Do you want to come up with a signature drink? At my wedding, they created the Seibertini. It added a nice fun touch.


Pick your music, flowers and other decorations. Do you want to keep your furniture as is or do you need to rearrange anything for more guests? Have fun when doing this. It’s a party! If you want upbeat zydeco music, have it! There are no rules and regulations as to what you can create. And if someone tells you there are, uninvited them!


If you’re doing the cooking, create a list of all the ingredients you will need based on your menu. I like to categorize everything for easier shopping: dairy, produce, spices, etc. Try and visit the grocery store on off-hours so you can get in and out as quickly as possible.

Also, go through your menu and plan what can be prepared ahead of time. I like to plan 3 days out what I can make and break it down day by day. See if a friend or two can help you if you start to feel overwhelmed. The point of the party is to have fun and not be stressed.


What are you going to wear? Do you want a new outfit and need to schedule a time for shopping? Do you want to shop from your girlfriend’s closet?


If you will be having children, set up an area for them to play, a table for them to eat. Make sure to have a kid-friendly menu as well.

Simplifying Your Entertainment: More Party Planning Tips

Party planning can be stressful, especially if you are going to have something elaborate. If you are becoming stressed, consider something simpler. Remember, you have a CHOICE with what kind of party you want to have.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Invite fewer guests
  • Have a Simpler menu
  • Do a Potluck and have everyone bring a dish to share and you provide the main course
  • BE CREATIVE. Maybe people have to bring a dish that begins with the same letter as their last name. Coraccio’s will bring the cookies!


Remember to have fun. If things don’t go as planned, that’s okay. Take a deep breath and let it go. You hosted the event to celebrate and have fun with people you care about. Getting together is about relaxing, being present and enjoying the moment!


Takeaways from both blogs on organizing your entertaining and party planning tips:

  • Set a budget and commit to sticking to it; Plan for 6 to 8 weeks for a more formal party, less time
  • Plan the type of event you want to have; the level of formality; the date and time; if you want people to bring anything.
  • Entertaining is about celebrating, connecting with loved ones and having fun. Consider simplifying your event.


How will you create your party? How can you simplify your party? What’s most important to you when planning your celebration?


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