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Travel right travel light the old saying goes. With just a little bit of prep and planning, you can pack only what you truly need and save yourself some headache when traveling as well as not have to worry about being charged extra for heavy luggage.

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Packing Tips

Check that your tags have all the updated information and that your luggage is not on its last legs. If you travel a lot, it is worth it to invest in quality luggage.

Tip: If you’ve got some money to burn and time is limited, check out: DUFL will send you a large suitcase to fill with the clothes you typically wear on the road. When finished, schedule a pick-up and the bag will be sent to the DUFL warehouse. They will inventory, photograph, clean and store your clothes so that they are ready for your next trip. Schedule a Trip and enter your destination and arrival date, then pack by tapping on the photos of the clothes you’d like to take from your DUFL virtual closet.

I suggest creating a checklist that you can use every time you travel. You can easily keep on your smartphone or computer.

Here are some categories you might choose to use:

Clothing: socks, underwear, belts, ties, jackets, swimsuits, scarves, shorts. Try and have clothes that coordinate and work well together so you don’t have to take everything! Paying for each checked bag should serve as an incentive.

Beauty & Grooming: feminine needs, makeup, shaving kit, suntan lotion, tweezers, toothbrush, etc.

Meds: prescriptions, aspirin, vitamins, insect repellant. I have a healing solution I made with essential oils that I use.

Some additional items you might want to take: address book, camera, umbrella, jewelry, travelers’ checks,

Put heavier, more wrinkle-resistant items on the bottom (robe, shoes) Layer L to R then Front to back to maximize space. Stuff socks in your shoes. Fill odd spaces with scarves, belts, etc. I also pack a tote bag for shopping.

More Packing Tips

Also, put a copy of your travel itinerary in your checked luggage, so if it gets lost they will know where to send.

Be sure to make a photocopy of your passport in case yours is lost or stolen. I place in my carry on luggage. Most airlines allow you to download tickets straight to your phone so that can save you a headache if you worry about losing your paper tickets. If not, I suggest keeping here. Designate an outside pocket for easy access.

Other items I bring in my carry on are things that are of value: money, jewelry, meds, passport, moisturizer since air travel dries you out, tissues, and a jacket.

Since delays are pretty much the norm these days, I always take a book with me when I travel. Add an interesting app to your tablet or phone. Have a daily mindfulness practice that you do. Don’t waste energy getting steamed if you are stuck, put it to good use.

What packing tips that I shared will you implement? What are your favorite packing tips?

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