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Inside Home Cleaning

Now that you have gathered your supplies, let’s get cleaning! Here are some inside cleaning tips:


Do any yearly jobs, such as sealing granite countertops. Don’t forget to read directions as this needs to dry and oyu don’t want water to spoil what you’ve done.

In the bedroom: flip and rotate mattresses; Wash blankets, comforters, flannel sheets or dry clean. Let pillows air outside, dry clean or put in the dryer with no heat.

Wash or dry-clean rugs. Wash & wax floors. Wipe down baseboards. Vacuum upholstery & draperies. Clean leather furniture. Dust and wax wood furniture. Flip sofa & chair cushions.

Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans & mirrors. Dust or wash blinds. Clean curtains.

In the Kitchen: wash walls and doors. Declutter expired products from the pantry. Give Tupperwear the once over and declutter what you don’t use; and let go of any orphaned lids or containers. Empty out and Clean the fridge & freezer. Don’t forget to Vacuum the coils behind the fridge.

Clean dryer vent and household air vents.

In the Bathroom wash walls and doors. clean caulking, Disinfect toilets with bleach. Discard outdated medicine (make sure you dispose of properly. Replace worn bath mats, shower curtains & liners or wash and dry.

Change furnace filters as well as vent filters. Clean heating & cooling vents & change air filters.

Check batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Get fire extinguisher for kitchen if you don’t have one. Clean and store humidifiers.

      Outside Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are some suggestions for spring cleaning for the outside of your home. For some of these chores (gutter cleaning for example), you might need to hire someone. When we downsized in 2019, our ranch house had gutter guards. They were really worth it! There was only one small area we had to check twice a year. As you age, it might be worth it consider investing in something like gutter guards or better windows.

Clean gutters.

Change AC & Heating furnace filters as well as vent filters inside home.

Clean windows & dust windowsills. Touch up any peeling paint.

Replace storm windows with screens.

Check roof for any damage.

Get chimney cleaned.

More Outside Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Scrub or power wash fences, decks, and patios. Do any painting, repairs, touch ups.

Bring patio furniture out and check condition and do any necessary repairs.

Clean drainpipes. Baking soda & vinegar is an easy green solution.

Remove everything, sweep out, & declutter the shed.

Service your snow blower and pack away. If you didn’t service your lawn mower in the fall, do it now. Sharpen your gardening tools.

What spring cleaning tips will you use? What’s your favorite thing to clean? What do you absolutely hate to clean?

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