I’m excited to talk about organizing your life tips today. My last blog focused on organizing tips for rooms. Here are other things that I have found that are helpful for clients to organize.

Gifts: Create a Gift Shelf

  • No more stress over last-minute shopping.  Time and money are spread out over the year. 
  • Find a place to store.  Under a bed, linen closet, in the attic, etc. Boxes of uniform size come in handy for easy storage and stacking. 
  • Keep some type of Inventory. 
  • Re-gift but make sure you write down who gave it to you!
  • Be on the lookout for inexpensive items.  Flea markets, yard/estate sales, Craig’s list. 
  • At the beginning of the year, determine all birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Create separate lists for people & occasions.  Write gift ideas, sizes, hobbies, year, and a monetary limit.
  • Keep master gift list in purse or wallet.  Go through the list at the beginning of the month

Get out the door Quickly!

Create an area for everyday items (mail, etc.)

Create an area for each child (coats, backpacks, etc.)

Location for borrowed items (library books)

Colored tote bags store equipment: 1 bag per activity

Often-used items are within easy reach. Easier to put mail into an open cubby than in a drawer. We humans tend to be lazy.

  • Open mailbox system. Label slots permission slips, bills, files, etc.
  • Kids: name/ pictures for labels.  Storage: easy reach.  Shove stuff on the shelf better chance of keeping neat. Hooks for kids’ coats, etc. at their level.
  • Higher row hooks/cubbies adult gear, paperwork & seasonal
  • Pets: hooks leashes; waste pickup & cleanup
  • Recycling bin/trash can for junk mail, etc.

Family Calendar

  • Everyone’s activities, appointments, & meetings are on one central calendar.
  • Different colors differentiate between family members.
  • Calendar pocket store permission slips, invitations, and colored pens to write
  • Add invitations & appointments as soon as deciding yes.
  • Schedule family nights, date nights, and “you” nights.
  • Flexible from week to week, but write on the calendar. “Keep at all cost” appointment.
  • Take time for yourself
  • Use Dry erase & non-toxic markers
  • http://wiggio.com/
  • Google calendars

Family Health Records

  • Have vital records on all family and pets
  • Create a medical reference file including birth date, doctors’ names & phone numbers, & Insurance
  • Compile list current health, allergies (including food), major health problems & surgeries, and medical history.
  • Include prescription & OTC meds, dietary & herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals. For each, give the name of the doctor who prescribed, why taking, how much & any special instructions

Finally, some general organizing tips:

  • Have less “stuff” coming into the living space. Less stuff you don’t have to organize it!
  • Place for everything: bills, mail, etc. necessary to keep around.
  • Say no to hand-me-downs, reading materials, beauty samples, etc.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. Don’t need 5 serving bowls, 6 hair conditioners, and 7 sets of sheets.
  • Stop thinking “Saving for you” or “Thought you could use.” They probably can’t.

How can you organize medical records? What other ways do you need to get organized?

Take actions from today’s uncluttered living blog on organizing your life tips:

  • Figure out other ways you’d like to get organized
  • Use tips to get out the door quickly.
  • Create a family calendar
  • Have a system for medical records
  • Let stuff go you’re saving for others
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