Don’t forget to check out the first part of this blog on decluttering and organizing your cookbooks and recipes from May 27th.

Organizing Recipes

With social media places like Pinterest, it is easy to accumulate hundreds, if not thousands of recipes, but you need to keep this clutter-free and organized as well.


The first thing you will want to do is go through all of your recipes and see which ones you can eliminate. Are there some you haven’t tried in a while? Some a friend gave you but you weren’t interested when you first received them? Are you now a vegetarian but still have recipes for meat? Let them go.


Once you have decluttered your recipes, you will want to organize them.


If the recipe is in a cookbook, Mark the recipe. Check out Book Darts. They are thin, remain secured and won’t mark the page. If you only have a few marked, consider keeping your favorites and letting the rest go.


If you have loose recipes, first, create a system. Maybe you have labeled recipes in files that you keep in your office, or you use a 3 ring binder with page protectors and dividers. Choose something that you will maintain. If you tend to collect a lot of recipes, consider letting go of one when you add a new one, especially if you have had it a while and haven’t tried it yet.


I have a lot of recipes on Pinterest. A system that works for me is that I pin and then look through and see what I want to make. IF I make it and we both like it, I save it into Evernote, that way I don’t have to try and go searching for it again in Pinterest because I have so many pins. Pinterest has a decent search capability, but why spend all that time trying to find a recipe you liked? Come up with some way to sort through all of your electronic recipes.

Other ways to organize your recipes include:

Color-code by category: appetizers, dessert, main dishes
Index write the recipe title/name (think about how you would be looking for it if you were to go searching for it), or you could index by book/magazine & page number. Think about what will be easiest for you to find.


File cards alphabetically in a box, dividing into sections. This is old school and what my mother uses.


Note: if you cut a lot of recipes from the newspaper or magazine, consider photocopying or scanning into your smartphone. These can easily become torn or damaged.

Takeaways from the two blogs on organizing and decluttering cookbooks and recipes:

  • If you use only a few recipes, keep those and release the cookbooks.
  • Dedicate an area in your kitchen for cookbooks—a shelf, a cabinet, and a sitting area.
  • Create a system for organizing your recipes: a 3 ring binder, indexed notecards, an online recipe book.


How will you organize your recipes? Can you keep your favorite recipes and let the cookbook go?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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