See the first part of this blog on Organized Hack from March 17th.

Now, the basic steps to getting organized!


  • Start with what’s out and that you can see.  What do I mean by this? Organize the top of your dresser before jumping into the drawers.  
  • Group items how YOU associate. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to do what the latest book or podcast says to do.  Organizing is unique and should fit your lifestyle.  Take into account how you learn best, what life is like and how things make sense to you.
  • Create broad categories so that you aren’t so micro organized that you forget what you created and how to maintain it. For example, I have three broad filing cabinet shelves. Professional, Personal and Financial and any file fits into one of those areas. I don’t make it complicated. I have about 10 files in each. I can quickly find what I need when I need it.
  • Stay focused on one area and don’t move to the next until you’ve completed an area or space.

Are you going to start small or big? What categories do you need to organize? What makes the most sense to you when organizing? How do you need to bring YOU into organizing?

Editing. I suggest having containers labeled with the following. You might think you’ll remember your piles when decluttering and getting organized, but you may not:

  • Return






         Another location



After you have decluttered and created your piles, figure out what needs to get organized. You’ll want to find a Home.

  • Each item has ONE CONSISTENT home. If you put things back in different places you might not be able to find.
  • Match size to drawers. You wouldn’t put belts in a huge drawer and you wouldn’t try to stuff sweaters into a narrow drawer.
  • ONE category.  Keep one category each. You can put similar items near each other:  hose, tights & socks might be near each other.
  • Don’t jam too many or stack too high to reach and have it all come tumbling out.  Be safe when organizing.
Get ready to declutter your life
Get organized and clear clutter to feel good.


  • Chose containers that fit lifestyle/style. Keep organized by making your organization look and feel good to you.
  • Make sure they are sturdy and don’t need to be thrown away after a few uses.
  • Don’t overwhelm and stuff your containers.  Have space to grow.
  • Measure, measure, measure. Did I mention measuring? Here’s what you’ll want to measure. Don’t forget to take your tape measure to the store.

               Height, width, depth, and # of items to be stored; and

               Height, width, depth space container will go.

  • White labels bold black letters are said to look “best”. I prefer to color coordinate and have lots of color.

I have other blog posts on how to be green and do sustainable organizing and repurpose what you have around the home.

What are all your ideas to get organized?

MAINTAIN.  Once set up system need to maintain!! If you don’t, you’ll most likely go back to being disorganized and have clutter.

  • Set aside 10 minutes daily, 30 minutes a week. Or commit to every other weekend or monthly.
  • Schedule on calendar so that you make sure you do it!
  • Get family involved. Don’t try to go it alone.

Some days you will miss, that’s okay! Just make sure you schedule a time and commit to working on decluttering and organizing regularly.

Finally, I always encourage my clients to do what I do myself: an annual purge. Once you’ve done an annual purge, it’s easy each year to go through everything you own.

Take actions from the blog on getting organized and organized hack:

  • Take the time to plan and block off time for your project. A little planning before getting started will save you time down the road.
  • Consider doing an inventory of your home or space that you are organizing. Pick one room or area to begin. Do not move onto another project, room or area until you have completed what you started!
  • Create a maintenance plan and commit to following it!

What containers will you need? Can you reuse or repurpose containers around the home? How will you maintain what you’ve organized?

What has being disorganized cost you?

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