Organize Makeup: Part of Good Self Care

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Once you’ve purged the expired makeup, go through what you have again. Do you have makeup you tried once but it wasn’t your color? Did your friend buy you nail polish what you won’t wear? If unused, donate or give to a friend. If you haven’t worn it in a while, maybe you don’t really like it. Let it go or get it to a good home if it is still good.

Is your makeup organized?

Free samples of makeup

if you are a make up junkie and this is your clutter kryptonite be wary~ We can collect way too many of these and I speak from experience! Make sure you purge these as well.

Making Your Own

Coconut oil is a great product.   The oil has lots of uses hair and skin. I saw a recipe where it was used to make eyeliner. I use on my hair and my hairdresser wanted to know what I was using because she could tell a difference. Coconut oil is cheaper than most products and last longer. Plus, you already most likely have ingredients in your pantry. I have begun making products with essential oils.

There are lots of great tools like Pinterest and YouTube where you can find DIY recipes.

Ways to organize and store

Don’t keep in high traffic area or it is likely to morph into clutter.

Keep it contained. If everything is left out on a counter it’s more likely to spill over. Remember to put back after you use!

Mason jars are one way to organize makeup.

I have a bag that hangs on the back of our bathroom door. Like a plastic shoe organizer, simply stashed. But with smaller pockets that are more convient that big shoe pockets

I also have a jar on the sink counter where I keep my brushes

Additional ways to Organize Makeup

My daily make up and most frequently used is kept in a cosmetic bag that I keep stashed on my side for easy grab and put away

I have seen cool magnetic makeup boards that might work for you.

Towel rods with baskets. You can add some real panache and a unique aspect to your bathroom with these.

Also, lots of containers if you want to go that route and mason jars.

After You Find Your Containers

You can organize by: day/night/glam; by item: lipstick, blush, etc.; by color: blues, purples; by frequency. Whatever works best for you is the best way to choose. It must make sense to you and the easier it is the more likely you are to use it!

How will you organize your make up? What way will you store your make up? Will you try using natural products or make your own make up? What’s your best tip to organize your make up?

Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!

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