No Spend Days: How Can I Clear Physical Clutter Easily & Effortlessly?

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No Spend Days: Are You Ready?

Learn tips for no spend days and how to achieve not spending money. Even if you’ve never done it before, you can do it!  Create less physical clutter in because you’re not bringing in more stuff each day. Are you aware of how much you bring into your home each day, each week, each month or each year?

Can you do no spend days?

Are you tired of all your stuff? Have you found yourself spending more than you’d like each month? Do you really know where your money is going? Learn how to reign in spending with spend free days.

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.


Transcription for No Spend Days

Julie Coraccio 0:01
Today on clear your clutter inside and out. We’re talking about no spending day.

Are you tired of all your stuff?

Have you found yourself spending more than you’d like each month?

Do you really know where your money is going?

Learn how to rein in spending with spend free days as we continue our month focusing on clarity.

Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started.

Today’s episode was inspired because of downsizing last year when we downsize We put a big chunk on our house to basically took the proceeds from the house in North Raleigh and put it all on the house and Andrea and I we did that fence for the cats because that was the whole reason like one offense for the cats can enjoy being outside be safe. I did a little calculator. They have a cool little thing if you it tells you how much you can save so we saved $40,000 in interest and you know for us $40,000 is a chunk of change and cut nine and a half years off our mortgage, get a 15 year mortgage at nine and a half years. And and so we are now putting they It was funny so they use something called a recast and still stretch it out 15 years we’re like That’s ridiculous. We are going to get this paid off. Our goal is in five years or less to get the mortgage paid off because our mortgage is our biggest expense. And then we can really end Putting a little bit in savings but really paying down the mortgage. The other thing we decided to do 2019 ended a 30% solar credit. When we crunch the numbers, our current power company does a one on one match, which most people don’t think so that was probably the best deal you could get across United States. Anyway, we looked at this as a long term investment based on tax benefits, and everything and what we would have to pay out and we got a HELOC. And we’re putting socking away savings for that. It’s going to be paid off within a couple months. And so the reason we did that is one increases home value. The majority of months out the year. You need to do research usually don’t want 100% match on solar, but do your research on that. And so, meaning that a couple months out of the year we’ll have a small bill but our second biggest expense monthly expense after our mortgage, our utility bills now we’re down to just two Having an electric bill that I track because I work from home, I tracked everything and there was a dip going down of all things but for the last couple years and Raleigh, our electric bill increased 10%. And we are a saving house like they would give you a month copy every month. We’re like you’re one of the most efficient homes in your area based on your size based on the age of your house. And even though we’re in a more rural county, the rates are higher. They do differ rates by county. So Electric Company there while the solar company we work with said we estimate a 4% increase in like, why the numbers I’ve crunched them. So the 10% increase and with a believe in general in this country, where if not the world, we have power issues as as we continue to grow. So anyway, looking at that as a long term investment. And I share that because that’s our motivation. That’s our motivation not to spend Also, you can have like a slowly going to tire. You can be losing money and not realize it. How much are you paying attention to your budget? Are you really follow it? Do you even have a budget? also inspired because, as you know, I’m 60 and I’m not going to tell you how to turn 51 maybe when I’m 60 if the podcast is still going on, I’m not counting on Social Security. I’m not counting for the government or anything at all. I don’t expect that health care costs are going to be solved in my lifetime. If I God forbid, if one of us gets sick, I want to be able to save our lives. And so these are kind of the things as we age we think about things that are shaping our finances and and what we’d like to accomplish and getting that mortgage paid off. And this is why I want to do that. The episode today

because if you’re like man knows Some days I don’t think I can do that.

So why would you want to do no spend days? Well, peace of mind. Now money doesn’t make you happy necessarily, because I see a lot of people that have a lot of money, that it’s never going to be enough. They’re not truly happy. But it does give you, most people a certain sense of peace. You’re not going to go bankrupt if you have to pay for surgery, which for someone else that might happen. You’re not going to have to choose between keeping the lights on or having food that month. And so money on one hand, gives you peace of mind that allows you to want to take a vacation, you can do that to certain aspects of peace of mind that money allows you have maybe you’re in debt right now. Maybe your motivation Man, I hate seeing that every month I’m paying a 10% interest rate. my credit card just said it’s gonna jack it up to 18%. And Congress isn’t doing anything. So I’m having months where I’m just paying the interest to get my credit card paid off. Being debt is not fun. being in debt affects everything. If we didn’t have excellent credit, we wouldn’t have gotten a great mortgage great deal without having to pay for points. We wouldn’t have gotten a great huge block interest rate. If we were in debt, all that affects everything it affects your credit affects all but maybe you haven’t put anything towards retirement. Again, I’m not counting on the government. Maybe one of my nieces and nephew will hit the jackpot and be a billionaire. Who knows maybe we will maybe not. So I want to have money for retirement. I do not want to have to work if I don’t choose to when I’m 70 because a lot of seniors working there If I’m guessing correctly, don’t want to say I want to live. I don’t need to live high off the high I want to be comfortable. I want to still be able to have cats and have money to take them to the vet have money to take myself to the doctor and have money for retirement so that I don’t have to be working for the man every day until I die. savings you know they say I think you’d have six months a year of emergency savings. Never next up now we got busted up. What do we have now? I think we have a heat pump and they just replaced it two years ago and included invoice I think the heat pump was like six grand or something might remove 10 grands and like that’s a chunk of change. Do you have that in the savings we had last year had to replace the water heater? That was like I think 1500 dollars which wasn’t too bad. But we hadn’t been expecting or maybe it was two years ago we had to do that anyway. This is what we haven’t savings. We’re okay then you have no savings. Maybe your motivation to get some cash is to put into saving. You might want to invest money, you know, there are smart people that make their money work for them. Again, you know, I have a whole theory on that if you have not watched The Big Short please watch The Big Short every American needs to watch that film you need to be aware of what’s going on and watch it till the end when they say the last line that’s your and be like, what you might want to invest your money. And maybe don’t take the traditional route of stocks and bonds but maybe you’re want to be a venture capitalist. If you save money, you can invest it. Paying off student loans. The best thing my parents gave me when I graduated college, no student loans. I am eternally grateful for that. You know, Warren Buffett, who is one of the most brilliant investors of our time, gave each child and grandchild a home paid for their education. And most people like why he’s a billionaire. That’s not much I’m telling you to have a house paid for and have no student debt gives you a big leg up. And what we’ve done with the student debt, and student loans is I’m embarrassed by it, because it’s just predatory lending and I hope will stop someday. But anyway, you’ve got a lot of student loans, do those no spend days, they’re going to help pay that off. reduces your stress. You’re not worrying about where your next paycheck is gonna come if you have savings. If something happens, just all across the board, having money reduces your stress. And then stop wasting money on stuff you really don’t like.

Maybe you get something and it goes back to Europe and you buy the 10 for 10 at Kroger’s, or that you never really use, like oh, you know, I really like this and then you never were How many of you have Clothes hanging in your closet that still have a tag on them? How many of you have never opened up a game? You’re like, Oh, it’s interesting, the story got home, I don’t want to use it. So those are just a few of the reasons why you might want to implement some of those spending days and might be your motivation. And I’d love to hear what your motivation is. Implementing no spend days you’re like, all right, that motivation.

What am I gonna do?

I’m going to encourage you to tailor it to your lifestyle. Quite frankly, maybe you do too much. And you start out by not buying coffee or tea in the morning and you go from there. And that’s okay. Remember, I want you to celebrate where you are no matter where that is. Because each of those little steps adds up and makes a difference. Those steps are the building blocks to making and creating big changes.

Maybe you can do one day a week.

Maybe you can stretch it to a weekend. Or maybe you’re already rock and roll and going to commit an entire month, 30 days, no spend days one of the things you’re going to want to decide is what’s okay to spend. If you choose to have a no Sunday on the first of the month, and that’s when your mortgage is due. You’re not going to not pay your mortgage, of course, you’re going to pay your mortgage. So make a list of what things are okay? mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, phone or internet, gas, groceries, kind of the basics right? You want to make sure you don’t starve if you need medicine, of course you’re going to want to pay for that. So list out and again, really challenge yourself here. Everything that I’ve mentioned are kind of basics in the sense of I did an episode a while back of want versus need encourage you to check that out because a lot of times we think our wants or needs but they really aren’t. Some of the things that probably wouldn’t or shouldn’t make the cut on no spend days our beauty services entertainment center, Tony and me that’d be no escape rooms, eating out coffee drinks with friends. Again, be really aware Is it a need or want? And you might say to me, Julie, I’m on the CBS national news as a national anchor. I have to have my hair looking good. Okay. Perhaps for you that is a need to really challenge yourself here don’t just automatically say of course it’s a need. I want you to challenge yourself.

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getting organized and clearing clutter, as well as learning to be more mindful and aware, is a skill that you can learn and will support you your entire life. Julie Coraccio is on online classes and workshops are broken down into smaller chapters, each with manageable steps and action items for you to implement

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What’s your motivation to do? I gave a bunch of them beginning if you have motivation, it’s really going to support you, when it’s a challenge that Oh man, I really, really want that. Okay, but could that be money going to pay off the mortgage so my goal of getting a mortgage payment in five years or less How long decide, you know, again morning’s a month, three days, set up your parameters, okay? This is going to be the length. This is going to be what we can buy, this is what we can’t buy. Make sure that everyone knows I’m encourage you to go with your family. You’re single, you’re good to go. If you have, I’ve talked to the cats. I talked to the cats all the time, and that’s okay. You might think I’m not that you go with your family. If you have kids involved. I am a huge fan of teaching kids to clear their clutter early on. I think this would be a great thing to do as a family, you know, and do it at least once a year. give kids a good sense of understanding the value of money I have a friend and then they have always, you know, he’s graduated college, but they had A child that would overspend or overdraft or whatever it is banks, I’ve never done it so I just one thing I was always really never wanted to happen is anyway, always bail not always bail them out and he’s going to come into a lot of money someday. And I thought but if you haven’t instill in him, he doesn’t get it and maybe he doesn’t I don’t know mutton not in touch with her anymore but I thought he’s gonna be in trouble because he has no sense he knows he has this large Trust Fund coming and you know, you haven’t set any parameters about it. So you move there are people that you look at Michael Jackson who drop millions of spending spree I can’t even get my head around that but there are people that are able to do that Sony do no spend days and other things like clearing clutter regulates your kids. You’re instilling good skills in them. You’re setting them up for success in life. Eat what’s in the freezer pantry. I was reorganizing things today And I’m like, Oh my gosh, okay, smoothies, a little cooler smoothie. I’m having a warm day today as I record this and have a short sleeve top on, but after this is done, I’m getting a smoothie. I’m like, Oh my gosh, because I hadn’t looked at the freezer and I’m like, Oh, do I browse berries? I can’t remember and I try to always worry less than so anyway. long winded story on your no spend days. Check out your freezer pantry and see what you can make from there. Google what you have and Google will come up with a recipe for you. There’s someone that created a book based on what you have in your pantry freezer of recipes. What can you do for free? You can do family game night when I was growing up before the baby was born. We had family game night, every Friday night we would play games with my parents and have popcorn. That’s a really fun memory for me. You can do family game night. You can do puzzles. You can read a book. You might discover a new talent or skill. You might bake, you might cook, you might volunteer, there are lots of things that you can do to for free that are going to enrich your life. Now it’d be a great time because you’re not spending money to declutter and make some money. You know, with things like offer up and let go and all these apps they make it much easier. Take a picture posted, describe it, get it sold. So now’s a good time you have all this free time go through everything you own. I encourage everyone, all my clients to go through stuff in Italy. I walk the talk on that one. We did a sold a little couple little things in the fall. Once this month, we are getting things but inside because I want some cash. And I want to declutter more. The downsizing thing was really great. And the more I get rid of the more free I feel

and have fun and dream a little higher. Can you spend money would you save it? For something really important, like an amazing trip? We went to Spain and Portugal in the fall of my parents amazing. And I was reminded This is how I want to live life. I want to go and travel. Tony and I are very much homebody, but I really love traveling. I love talking to people. Tell me about your life. Tell me about your culture. Let me eat your food because it’s yummy. And experiencing that that’s what gets me excited. That’s where I want to spend time and effort and money. So if you save all this money, you know, maybe it’s not installing solar, or you are really good and out of debt and have some money for retirement. Treat yourself today at the spa. What would be really important to you?

keeping track,

come up with a way to track what you’re saving again because this can be a big motivator and it can also show you If you have a slow leak in your budget, I have my dear friend Vince and he buys coffee. He also likes to write at Starbucks so he gets probably a coffee a day at Starbucks now I’m gonna estimate it’s $2 He’s only personally interested he gets a drink a ton of coffee now and and buys a black I’m gonna estimate he spends $2 a day. So at and I think that’s probably fair, so 365 I did the math beforehand, guys, cuz I got the calculator. My math is not good. But 365 days times $2 is $730 a year. And so now you know, I don’t know that for us is beyond the mortgage. That’s almost double, whatever mortgages so that’s something that could be used. So I also looked at, if I would buy coffee, I’d buy pumpkin spice. Although now everything I read about buying anymore crappy or some kind of fancy pants coffee but if I do I would do it weekly, which I don’t. But I thought 525, one on Starbucks site at 52 weeks would be $273. Again, that’s our mortgage payment right there. That while the principal, it’s a little more with interest, but that I can get a killer day at the spa, I could hire the illustrator to do some work there a ton of other ways that that I could do that. I can also give Vince a hard time about this because he’s a good friend and Vince is really good with his money. If Vince was spending this every day on coffee and blowing mother money on a bunch of other things, I’d say Hey, man, is your friend. I want to say this, but he’s good and doesn’t do that. And so I’m like, have at it like he loves coffee. He loves the social Starbucks, like it’s worth the money that he spent. But that’s because I know enough about him. If you are doing the coffee daily, and buying the latest and greatest and the most fashionable and you’re spending all this money. That’s where we need to have discernment. That is where you need to be aware that this person can be a great exercise for you. track where you would have spent the money. And then the amounts are like I normally shop at five bucks and Starbucks I’d spend $5. Use an app, a notebook. I did some research, but haven’t used any of these and I know my other episodes on apps there have been that’s been around the holiday time. But here are some apps that might be able to help you the lift lft app minding tracker, budget. Show me the money on you show me the money just based on time. If I could do all my podcast titles on 80 songs, I would read your references maybe I stretch in the 90s a little bit but then I would consider my life complete and have done an amazing feat. But if you’re shopping on the storage oh that’s pretty badass, but you don’t buy it because no Sunday put that $50 down really become aware. Oh man, I didn’t know how easily I brought boba man I like, wow, dang out about 12 bottles of bubble bath this month, let me do some research, I have some essential oils, maybe I can make a bubble bath on my own. And so when you figure out okay, this is where I would have spent this. Figure out I say this in a day, or I say this in the weekend, and then I’m gonna encourage you well, like if they’re, I say this in a week and they’re 52 weeks a year. Wow, this is just a small snapshot I saved a couple thousand bucks over a year by simply not buying coffee, or buying a new shirt each week or buying a bubble bath, whatever it is. Figure out what that amount would be in a year. And then you become aware as you’re tracking this of what you spend your money on, because their habits. And I want to be clear here it’s not about having any pleasure in life. I talked about vintage In this coffee, the social you like Starbucks, he drinks I don’t know how he’s still alive when you think I guess coffee does make you function or keeps you alive or he’ll be tickled and coffee when he goes on to the next adventure, but because he’s good with other things and he’s, he actually owns less than a person I know. And so then you know what’s in that coffee is pleasure for him to should absolutely do that. But it’s about spending money on things or quality or giving you a temporary lift in the moment, or not being aware and then waking up in debt. That’s what I’m trying to keep you away from that as my goal for the no spend days and again, like the motivation, get out of debt, save money for retirement, pay off the mortgage, understanding that and what habits have to change to make that a reality.

And then you’re tracking and you’re keeping doing all this and you’re having those fun days. Have fun with It, what are you gonna do with your savings? You know, Tony is was injured in the army and we’re, he gets a disability check. And the reality is he’s probably in trouble. As he ages he’s having challenges walking broke his back and some other things. And so we’re trying to get, we just want what’s fair. And I told anyway, so we’re like 75,000 on this list and it’s been years. And this this just bothers me we need to if we’re going to send people to possibly die and take care of our country, then we need to take care of them and come back and so anyways and years to get reconfigured to this having more challenges. And so when I sent him, he said, I want to get back with more and I said, You know what, take something and spend it on yourself. You’ve earned this. You deserve it. It’s been years. Yes, we want to pay off the mortgage and yes, we’ve got solar but do something for yourself. So that’s what I want to say to you. If you pay off some debt Also take some money and do something nice for yourself that helps keep you going. That helps keep you motivated. reward yourself life is about joy and pleasure as well. Every time you know so think about how would you want to do that every time I see the mortgage principal, it goes down that makes me happy. So it’d be for you savings paying something off investment use that to motivate yourself and do something fun for yourself do something, get a facial do something good because again, I think if you’re like wow, I really enjoyed that facial. This is a motivation for me to not go to Starbucks every week because then I can get a facial every quarter. Treat yourself with some of that. I think that’s just as important again, like we talked about the cluttering everything wants you to have joy in life, too. That’s equally as important not about spending every day, clearing your clutter. It’s about experiencing and living life and living in joy.

take actions from today’s podcasts.

Figure out your motivation for no spend days.

Choose the parameters for your notes Monday’s time, rules. Title spend time.

Make a list of all the things you can do for free.

The clutter and make some money.

Keep track of your savings.

Decide what you’ll do with the money you saved.

On our next episode, we’re talking about the hell you want to die on. Go out, clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

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