Most of us have to deal with negative people; it’s part of life. As I have mentioned before on my podcast, Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out,  we tend to become who we hang out with. If you notice that a lot of the people you are spending the majority of time with are unhappy and complaining, you might want to examine how this is affecting your life and creating emotional clutter for you.

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Negative People in Your Life

I have seen many people, including myself, struggle with dealing with people who bring them down. They don’t want to be mean or hurt someone’s feelings, but at the same time they are suffering. It is okay to have healthy boundaries and make a change when it comes to people in your life.


Here are some things to consider when dealing with negative people.

Releasing Negative People from Your Life

In your professional life, it might be more of a challenge. If you have an extremely negative co-worker, you probably don’t have the option to fire them, so you need to have a strategy of dealing with them. In your personal life, you have more leeway. If you choose, you can end a friendship. Here are some things to think about:


How long have you known the person and what is the level of friendship? Are they a relative or someone you must have interactions with, an ex spouse for an example?


Strategies for Releasing Negative People


  1. Ignore them. Not always easy, and not always possible, but an option.   You can tune someone out and walk away.
  2. At work, talk to your boss or talk to other friends of family. Say you have noticed they are really negative all the time and see if others have any suggestions on how to handle. Perhaps someone else would be willing to have a conversation.
  3. Talk to the person. At work, this can be risky, they could end up resenting you or end up having an aha moment. Jennifer told me I was standoffish. Never saw this about myself because I was shy. It was hard to hear, but I appreciated it because when I knew about it, I could work on it. If they are a friend, Have an honest conversation and tell your friend what you have noticed and how it makes you feel. They might not be aware of how negative they are.
  4. If they start talking negatively, ask them to share something positive about the situation. Do this often enough and they might start to take notice.
  5. Quickly end the conversation when they start to talk negatively. They may or may not notice.


Who are the negative people in your life? What are your strategies to release the negative people clutter from your life? What’s the first step you need to take?

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