Moving Tips: How Can I Have a Stress Free Move?

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Moving Tips for an Easy and Effortless Move

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn easy to implement moving tips.


Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.

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Take actions:

  • Be as present as possible
  • Chose a reputable moving company
  • Be prepared for unexpected stuff to happen
  • Have a system to keep all your paperwork together
  • Make a list of all you need to do
  • Create a back up plan for moving
  • Breathe


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Dang clear your clutter inside and out. We’re talking about tips for moving Are you moving are planning to move soon and it feels like chaos does the thought of moving make your blood pressure go up? What are some red flags for moving companies? Learn moving tips as we continue our month focusing on downsizing do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now we’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. This is actually take two guys i a couple days ago. I take a few days to record all the podcast episodes and I recorded this and forgot to hit record our should say, did the episode and forgot to record it. I’m almost at 300 episodes. So I think once I can remember if I did this before so once or twice forgetting to hit the record button out of almost 300 I think it’s a pretty good rate. Today’s episode was inspired because we’re moving, we’re downsizing. I am organized. We for the most part, don’t have clutter. I mean we have stuff and doing the downsizing has forced us to release even more. But boy, is it stressful. I have not moved into a house. I haven’t sold a house for over 12 years I sold a condo when I lived in Los Angeles. I had forgotten how stressful this process is. And especially if you’re not organized, it’s going to be really important to have some moving tip. Now this is based on the class obviously didn’t share everything from the class that I created, but enough good stuff to get you started. I wanted to share some statistics. I’m a stat girl. And I think it’s been a long time since I’ve shared statistics, or at least this many on a episode. So moving is one of the most stressful events, nearly one in four people rate his most stressful life event. I can think of some other things that be more stressful than moving but boys at the top, I have not felt this anxious and stressed out. And again, I’m on top of everything new really long time. And I got this information from the stress of moving, which was from February 2012. The pressure associated with moving makes people look and feel two years older and suffer age related symptoms. I tell you guys, I’d have to agree with that. 119 percent of people suffer symptoms of anxiety. I’d say it’s a lot More than that 14% of people suffer short term memory loss. gratefully, that has not been me 10% of people moving house suffer hair loss. I am very fortunate to have a nice good thick set of hair and have not experienced that. This is what I thought was the most interesting of all these statistics. The common things people forget to take or do I moving keys and valuables. The garage door remote, I can actually get that one the keys not too much. Address change notification. Now I just have to send something really or share really interesting literally today we got in the mail, a change of address notification from the post office so someone’s keeping track of us we put an offer on another house so that was slash Good, good slash creepy and turning off services such as water. The biggest thing I can tell you is to Again, focus on the present moment. Because there are things no matter how you plan, things are gonna happen. I had a handyman cancel on me now this is prior to getting the house on the market. And he’s like it’s too cold. Now he had come to the house. He’s recommended my friend came the day before and said, I’ll be here tomorrow and knew the weather forecast. You know what I mean? It’s not like it was a secret. We had a gardener here that day. Oh, he was awesome. He hustled we ended up paying him much more because you have been working like a maniac for the entire day. The gardener was out there wasn’t too cold for the gardener to work. And so I was like, thanks, we’ll find other help. And I had no control over him canceling and the thing that was great, and this is what I want you to remember. And trust. Can you trust that things are gonna work out? Because we thought he was too high I thought, huh. And just some of these things he’s quoting

like, doesn’t feel good. So We had someone come in and do one thing again. This guy really stunk and overcharged us because Tony can do a lot but we have so much going on. We had to get help. And he stood around and didn’t do anything and he didn’t have a car. He didn’t have coffee. Okay? I’m sorry is a handyman? I had the paint. We had the paint to match that’s on me unless I say hey, can you go buy it and reimburse you and charge me for your time? Didn’t have coffee and I thought, so. I cancelled luckily there’s rain again. I feel like the universe was looking out for us. So anyway, then someone reached out to me and said oh, I saw and I posted this like a week ago. husband came He’s great. He is a contractor. He was a contractor and now has a nine to five job but does handyman stuff to relax? was great. He did some stuff. And he was fixing something and he forgets that he had a water bottle with a bleach to do any touch ups to make sure I Assuming mold or something I don’t know why you’d use the bleach bottle but he had that I’ve never seen another handyman have that so because you’re the contractor think he’s gonna be really good more excited that he will be the person that we go to. I felt he did a good job at a fair price these other two just jacked up the rate and I think they knew because we were trying to get the house ready on the market and again like I’m not opposed to be able to go to the bathroom have a water break but the one guy was just incredibly slow and other guy I thought I know have rough idea. So anywho trust that you’ll be taken care that the universal have your back and no you can’t control everything. So that’s when you become president. What can you do? I became president and when I took action, all this stuff came to me Be aware you’re gonna it’s the moving can bring up a lot of feelings. So that’s something you might have to face in another episode one talking about that a little more. You’re good chance you have anxiety. Again, guys. I do that too. I’m on top of stuff, I am anxious and I stays I feel like a hot mess because there’s so much to do and selling your house is a for some people an emotional process. So one of the things that’s very important is you’re gonna want to get a good moving company. Now you need to research rules about interstate. So we are moving literally 32 miles from our current house. So it is amount of time so we ended up we got a couple quotes I thought wow, these are really high. The realtors husband ends up doing is moving with a side gig with friends of his or high school and the rate was so much more competitive. Like I was shocked we got one quote of 2000 miles or $2,000 to move 32 miles a truck that was don’t have a ton of stuff. So I just thought that was again, they said you know that’s our estimate if you take less time, but that just that made me nervous. So take the time to understand if you’re going out of state. It’s going to be Usually be based on weight and distance. Make sure you show kabam estimate I always my dad always taught me get three bids and that really I think generally gives you a good idea. He would say good job at a fair price when they come to do an estimate and if they don’t want to come to an estimate, that’s a red flag, show them everything the backyard you have thing your closet. In our office we have ease so we have a nice walk in closet for storage but ease and I have a couple boxes there. made sure we opened up and showed those because if you all of a sudden have all this extra stuff, then that can increase your estimate and they are allowed to do that. And challenge your original estimate. Check out the company’s full name and doing business as their address their phone numbers, email and website. Check out the US d o t n MC license number and insurance at safer CES dot org. So that’s s A fers y s. org, you should be able to check out all of that information. Here are some red flags, a much lower estimate than the others. They don’t do an in home survey. I mentioned that a while ago yeah, we’ll move you know in him sir. Right. No written estimate, and that’s required by law. They asked you to sign blank or incomplete documents. Now, I’m just gonna tell you right now, that’s a red flag for anything. Never, ever sign a blank document. You don’t know what someone would do with that. If they require cash up front or substantial deposit. Now I have read that a couple hundred 100 bucks. That’s okay. Like a minimal thing. And you know what I can maybe understand that between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I believe that’s the time on the bulk of people move. But otherwise,

the more organized you are, the easier the movie There’s going to be so I suggest you get a binder, you can keep all your documents in one area and I’m going to show you mine if you’re on the podcast you’d have to go to YouTube. But I have I don’t know if these technically have a name but it’s a portable file folder. So there are several different slots you can label I haven’t bothered to label I just know everything is kind of there’s a time sequence for instance the moving the storage was the first thing we had to do. That’s my Sage in the pink there my Sage that we’re going to Sage the house and start doing the Fung Shui stuff but what I love about that little gig container that I have, I can take it on the go. We had to run to the storage unit today boom, everything up front, the code a little extra key. Oh, it’s right there and you know you have to run around you have to sign paperwork, you have to get inspection of Everything I need is in one container. A binder might be a better option for you or I O would just suggest something that can contain everything. If you have a bunch of loose files then that would make me nervous about losing. So come up with some system to keep all your documents for the closing although I have to tell you so far on the house or purchasing everything has been done electronically, but I have a little folder where I’m keeping all that but I have yet to have any paperwork overwhelmed with stuff. Can’t find what you need when you need it. Tired of wasting time and energy maintaining your mess. longing for peace of mind. Let Julie Coraccio support you in decluttering your life to create a lasting change, visit reawaken your brilliance calm to learn more. Start a master inventory list of everything you have and this is really gonna be important especially if you are moving Like when I left Los Angeles I was with a bunch of other people because I didn’t have that much stuff. And so if you have an inventory then you can check it when you get there to make sure that you have all your belongings. For our little mobile one, that’s the realtors husband. So that’s someone I’m going to trust right off the bat because I joked I said if they screw up then you know if they bump something then it’ll get taken care of. But just so you know, especially on the interstate that you have gotten everything that you have. Here are some tips, prepare first aid kit for your pets. I’d have one I have a little first aid kit in my car. So if we need something, it’s right there. Update your pets tags. You’re going to want to separate your valuables, jewelry, important files you might need and transport. Make sure that you have all those aside that you are going to take with all the activity going on. You might want to refill your prescriptions have an extra month. So you don’t have that’s one less thing that you have to worry about that and remember, don’t forget your pets prescriptions. When you suggest packing a couple suitcases, you’re going to want enough clothes for a week or two. I’m hoping when we get settled that it won’t take us that much time to unpack because we have donated a lot, we’ve garage sale a lot. And please, if I ever talk about doing a garage sale again, shoot me. So I’m hoping it’d be a lot easier to unpack. Kids, you’re gonna want to make sure stuffed animals, games, personal care products, get all that together and plan for week or 10 days. Make your last grocery chip trip you’re probably gonna want to eat out. The last couple days we’re taking our fridge so I know we have to defrost that. Those are things you want to keep in mind. You’re also going to want to have stuff to prepare the new home so it might be a box cleaners toilet paper. What if they don’t leave you any toilet paper or something that you can unpack right away and you are going to want a new home box for your pet food, water meds, bad litter box or favorite toys. Because they’re going to be stressed out, too. Don’t forget them. When you are getting stuff together like we will put all the stuff we’re taking in the master bedroom, you don’t have that in our claws, anything that we’re hauling so keep that in a little area so that accidentally don’t take that especially if it is you have your valuables their infirm electricity, water, gas, garbage, all that stuff phone shut off internet. Consider a full day in between for surprise. Now I’m moving that tabeling to get what we need in April. We haven’t closed on our house yet. So it’s a non issue.

I’m hoping it’s an issue very soon. very stressful be president when all your stuffs being loaded I’m checking stuff off I’d be making sure we on the same page here you want a written copy of the movers inventory list again that can you have your list and you have the movers list before they leave make sure you sign a bill of lading and inventory lists and that you get that coffee. Now one of my other suggestions is have a backup plan. When I get married I choose my father about this but we got married in my parents backyard and my dad said okay, if it rains we’ll either get married on the screen and porch where most of family should be able to be and everyone else can be in the living room and or we’ll get married under the tent because we had dinner at my wedding and we can fit anyone everyone under there obviously. And my dad said okay, if there is a he didn’t call it a sandstorm or if there’s a wind or tornado. Mr. squib are awesome next door neighbor. Who is my seventh grade English teacher said I’ve reserved. She works at a private school and wheeling and she said I’ve reserved the auditorium. So winter, winter, not snow, if there’s wind, and there’s hail and we can’t do it under the tent, we have country days back up. So I, of course, was teasing my father about this when I’m having a great gorgeous day very grateful for that. And so my dad said to me, I believe if I prepare, then it’s more likely not to happen. I think that’s good advice. So what happens if you have something happened the last minute, I talked to the beginning of this episode, handyman cancels data doesn’t text me until 1030 that he’s not coming. I have zero control over that. So first Bri, just take a moment, center yourself, take a deep breath. Now’s the time to let the little stuff go. The neighbors have trashed in the yard. There’s the new person’s problem. Let that stuff go. I would have a list of friends who you can call, especially ones with college aged kids who might be looking to make some extra cash. You could rent a truck if the movers don’t show up. And it’s kind of crazy some of the stories I’ve heard. So as a backup plan, see if there’s someone you can hire that date. Now, again, I see these ads on Craigslist that made me go Hmm, I don’t know if I would trust someone from Craigslist. Rent a truck. Again, if you’ve put the time and energy into making sure you have legit movers and you get on the calendar, it’s going to be a non issue. If you can’t secure a truck, I mean, it’s interesting to you all the size trucks you can get. How can you think outside the box, you could rent a van, a smaller truck or have multiple pickups, keep your options open, don’t freeze and say oh, I couldn’t get the 17 or the 24 foot truck What am I going to do? You can come up with solutions. So I suggest in your little case of information I have a list of rental companies for vans or smaller trucks storage unit, have an on call of college kids that may be able to help you out and you know, ask in my mom told me something interesting that sometimes people ask to store things early in a garage, which I was like, Oh, and I never thought of that. See if that is a possibility. Here’s some fun tips that I thought I’d share. cut down on boxes and guys, I have been preparing I knew we’re gonna move it not what I expected, right? not expected to stay in North Carolina, but that’s where we are at this moment. So I’ve been collecting boxes for a while. So I’m pretty good with that. I’ve had to buy a couple things but probably spent maybe 100 bucks, which I’m telling you if you’re moving and buying boxes, you know that’s nothing. So use baskets, clothes, baskets, campers, suitcases, use some of the things you already have, so you don’t have to buy a box. Pick a color for each room. and label the rooms boxes accordingly. And so what I do say at purple for the master bath or my new master or new master bathrooms, and Tony’s okay with it and think purple and I’ll tell you I’d be like purple and I love purple. It’s a cool purple. Other things I want to paint eventually but the bathroom is good to go. So then you put a little purple, whatever if you have, you can just take a purple marker and make a square. And again if you don’t have the colored labels, then you can do that and put a piece of tape you know bathroom with purple so they know you can fill nail holes with the bar so never guessed that.

If you are moving like we are within the same city or same area, somewhat consider hiring a sitter for your kids and pets. You know how we have we just finally decided worked everything out. We close on a Friday and we are going to move all the stuff in the storage unit that day and then Saturday and we’ll come back Turn asleep and we’ll probably make a couple trips. There’s some things like it is worth it to me, there were a 40 minute drive from where we are worth it to me to take a couple of trips and Minerva, so I don’t want to pack lamps. But I can take off the top of the lamp, the lamp shade, put that all together and carry all the lamps in one trip that is worth it to me. So that might be something for you to consider. But with the pets, what we’re going to do then is make a couple trips and then I will take the pets. First thing why the movers are loading and get them in the master bath. That’s where they’re going to why we get everything happening and I’ll get them set up with litter boxes and everything. It just was easier to do this and have a pet sitter, they were dogs, I would definitely hire pets. Don’t forget to repurpose plastic containers like that your bedding come in. We have a couple of those pillows, whatever and you can put bed linens and label it you know okay I’ve got mom and dad’s got Susie’s, I’ve got John’s, and then you get their dust free. Take them out and put sheets on the bed that night. take actions from today’s podcast. Be as present as possible. Research and choose a reputable moving company. Be prepared for unexpected stuff to happen. Have a system to keep all your paperwork together. Make a list of everything that needs to get done. Create a backup plan for your move. breed. On next month’s episode, we’re talking about what you need to downsize in life. Go out clear your clutter to create the life you choose. deserve and Desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. If you’ve enjoyed clear your clutter inside now, please rate review and share us.



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