Moving In: How Can I Settle Into My New Home? Tips for an Easy Transition.

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Moving In: Tips for Settling in Your New Home

Moving in can be fun and easy. Learn tips for settling into your new home and making moving in easy!

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.

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Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and prevents you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. We discuss clutter in all its forms: energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental & physical, relationships, health, finances and more. We share tips and take action steps for clutter free living and how to organize your life. We’re thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them. When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world.




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Today on clear your clutter inside and out. We’re talking about settling into your new home. Are you ready to settle into your new home with these? What are some of the to do’s that must be done? Do you know what’s most essential for when you’re starting your new life at your new home? Learn tips for easy peasy moving in as we wrap up our month focusing on downsizing do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside and out will teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started. Today’s episode was inspired by my experience. I have moved a couple of times although it has been 12 years as I’m about to move again. And these are Just some tips to help I know there’s a lot going on in class I share more detail. But here are some things to ensure that you have an easy transition into your new home. And I would encourage you if you’re in this process like we’ve already started to say goodbye and thank the current house we’re we’re in and welcoming and putting the energy into our new home. have tools ready for assembling furniture. Now I know one of the things you can do is we are going to disassemble the beds but have the movers probably set the beds up like that for me is worth peace of mind with everything going on but you might have bookcases and everything. Have a little toolkit and keep that in your car. Change the lock. Yes everyone’s nice and all changed a lot. We know we are setting up a now nest will have a nest camera up front and we will be setting in setting up a security system create an unpacking strategy. Most people choose to unpack the bedroom, kitchen in the bathroom first that I’m telling you right now that’s what our strategy is going to be. And pets I would add that too We need to get will have an essential box and get the pets situated as well. Unpack your essentials box and your pets essentials boxes first so that for us is going to include suitcases my computer because I’m going to want to get my computer up and running as soon as possible. And everything we have for the pet so that’s going to include some bedding that’s going to include toys, food litter. Now is a time to get organized. If you are not organized, you can start from the get go. Organize your closet as you put it away. Take the few extra minutes and do this you You your future self will thank you. Take the time to organize everything in the kitchen organized as you unpack. Once you have the main essentials on unpacking completed, take the time to enjoy your new space. You know we’re setting inside an entire weekend. Thank goodness My mother is driving down either the day of or the day after we move which is going to be huge because she will be able to help us. But we have a great backyard. We’re woods and we have a little deck. I’m going to be enjoying some iced tea on the deck. Not sweet tea because I can’t handle that. But I’m super excited for that. I will take breaks in between working meet neighbors and explore the neighborhood. I’m super excited. We just had the inspection this morning and found a cat sitter I had posted for cat sitter moon and deer and this woman’s like oh isn’t that the blah blah? And I said oh you know, I don’t know. Sorry. I’m sorry. kind of out of it. Anyway, she’s our neighbor. She could walk to her house and literally she said, Oh, I have bad knees enough drive and I’m super excited. She’s really nice. She’s like really excited to welcome the neighborhood. So take the time to meet your neighbors and explore. Now make sure with pets that you keep all windows and doors close when they’re unsupervised. Now, I’m not a dog, parent, I know the dogs and maybe walk. Antonio and Athena and Joey likes to wander outside to for like five or 10 minutes a day but no windows because I’m telling you to jailbirds, Antonio and Athena will try to make a break for it and don’t want that until they have gotten accustomed to home. And we’re building pride. Be cautious about narrow gap behind or between appliances because when pets get nervous, they might try to hide.

So you might think Oh no, and they could get stuck. So be aware of that. If your old home is nearby, the pets might try to go back. I’ve heard about that happening on is hard and someone great ended up adopting him they dumped this older cat at the shelter and he traveled some ridiculous amount to the family again and luckily some beautiful person adopted him but just be aware of that. So I will give a heads up to our neighbors across the street. I doubt that but I’m covering all my bases. Give the new homeowners your former neighbors their your phone number and your pets photo just in case that happened again. Go on with my father’s philosophy of preparing so it won’t happen. overwhelmed with stop. Can’t find what you need when you need it. Tired of wasting time and energy maintaining your mess. longing for peace of mind. Let Julie Coraccio support you in decluttering your life to create a lasting change, visit reawaken your brilliance calm to learn more Now you’re gonna with the pets definitely want to unpack their essential box right away and you might want to consider something like feel away for cats and I believe adoptable is what’s used for dogs but something put in to help them soothe help the pets adjust. Take the time to meet your home. I can’t wait to talk to the new home. I’m so excited but listening to the sounds like we’ll probably hear some rustling of the trees and honor your adjustment from your old home. Like this is a big thing. You’re moving in a new space. Meet and Greet and talk to your home. I’m saying thank you to the home as we leave it but do the same thing for your new home. Thank you for welcoming new beautiful home. Consider taking pictures of your new home. All right before I know how pretty it looks. Also take the time to as you’re crazily and settling in to establish a session Word, it’s one room or one area that maybe you decorated immediately. Or it’s one area when you feel like you need a break, and you need to retreat and feel at home, maybe it’s a special chair that you always sit in, or that makes you just Ah, relax as soon as you there or one of the things I want to set up for my paint. So I’m finally once I’m completely settled, I want to devote more time to painting and that’s going to be part of my sanctuary. Assign weekly family project tasks for maintenance, upkeep into quality time, like especially if you’re moving. I’m going to make sure that Tony and I have a good cook meal that first week where I’m in the kitchen and cook everything I’m gonna make sure okay, check in how are we doing? What do we need to do? Let’s do a nice walk around the neighborhood. routines are really important now because especially with kids, or if you have difficulty changing, you have an animal that does If you establish a somewhat normal routine, it helps them feel more at home now, a couple years ago, I did a podcast on routines. So check that out. I talk about morning evening and we can routine to the start to establish that and if you haven’t had routines and you’re moving now’s a good time to start exploring your new community. Where’s the nearest post office, the bank, the grocery store, the police, fire and hospital. That was one of the things we talked about our new neighbors. Oh, where do you shop? Where can we hike? Have fun with that? update your driver’s license and car registrations with the DMV? I think in North Carolina, even though we’re moving counties, we’re one county South but I think you have to get a new license. I want to say within 90 days, Tony looked that up and I thought go on vacation then I can get a new license after that. Don’t forget to register to vote. I cracked up I got something from Los Angeles, saying oh is this your address? And you know, you’re not registered to vote now Lake County and I wrote back and I said, Yes, this is the new address. I’ve been gone for 12 years. So make sure you register all the sanitation department if you have curbside pickup trash and recycling, I can own Raleigh, there are days and most people that’s established our days and it’s interesting one of that’s one of the things we have to sign up for is a trash and recycling pickup. But you know, we’re having all our bills, so meaning everything is gonna be half of what we’re paying now. So I am happy to pay and she told us our neighbor told us a well we pay $100 a year to take the trash and recycling. Mon half down the world. It is worth it to me to pay I think 35 a quarter.

For someone I can just move the stuff out into the street. Learn rules and regulations of your apartment or if you have an HOA Don’t forget to email or send announcements have friends and family with your new address and phone number. These are just a couple tips to help you move in and get settled again with more in the class, as this is the last episode of the month to have till the end of May special on the moving or downsizing class. Take action from today’s podcast. Packing essentials box to be unpacked right away. change the locks. Explore your new neighborhood and city. Have a plan for pets. Get to know your home. Create routines. establish yourself and your new town driver’s license, etc. Next month, we’re focusing on summertime. Go out clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. If you’ve enjoyed clear your clutter inside now, please rate review and share us

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