Happy Earth Day! A special today with a Meori products review.

Meori are reusable grocery bags and foldable boxes to help you get organized! I’m not an affiliate (so I don’t make any money when you buy) but you can get 15% off with the code organize2021 good throughout 2021.

Some of the things I love about Meori and why I wanted to do a Meori products review is because every little thing you do in sustainable organizing makes a difference.

The Meori products review and bags I share are, in order:

Reusable Pocket Shopper

Foldable Box Mini

Foldable Box Mini Double

Foldable Whiteboard Small Box

Office Box

Foldable Tool Hobby Box

Foldable Essentials Tote

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Julie Coraccio 0:02
Hey everyone Happy Earth Day special little episode I haven’t done Show and Tell in a while I haven’t done any products. And so I was introduced to this brand Murie. And I’m not an affiliate, meaning I don’t get paid for anything you buy, I do have a discount code that will save you 15% That I will share with you put in the notes in the podcast and on YouTube, about how you can save 15%. But a little bit about this business they’re family owned, which I really liked. They started in Germany, their products are tear proof and dirt resistance, I’m going to share they sent me some stuff to test drive, I’ve been having some fun. Also, what I love about it is they’ll include things like the maximum weight. So like here, and for those of us who don’t are metric, so this will hold up to 65 pounds, and 30 kilograms, I did remember that correctly. So that’s one of the cool things they do. That’s how you the max weight, but they’re very strong. And so I have seven products today that I’m going to talk about what I love about this, first of all, you can be eco friendly, and make a difference. And people sometimes say oh, if I’m eco friendly, that not stylish, I love everything they sent me it’s a lot of fun and it will be put to use. Using reusable bags can have a huge impact. They say that each year for each bag, you’re saving between 100 to 700 plastic bags a year, depending on how you shop. Plastic bags have impacted marine life, I’ve read that up to 100,000 marine life can be saved, cutting down the use of plastic bags as well as bird. So there are a lot of things you can do a lot of little steps that you can make to become eco friendly. And what’s important is buying products that hold up and are sturdy, like I’m kind of shocked that that I’ll show you that that’s near the end, that can hold up to 65 pounds. So you want something that’s gonna let they’re dirt resistant, and they’re sturdy, then they’re going to last longer than something that’s going to fall apart in five minutes. So if you’re looking to get organized, here are some suggestions, I’m going to start off with the Midori pocket shop, or I’m keeping it in this little bag because this is once I open it, that’s it, what I really like about first of all, these would make great stocking stuffers. So this holds up to 30 pounds. But what I really like about that, that’s why I want to show you this little picture. Look how wide that is, this bag is wider than any bag that I currently own. So I think that’s really wonderful, great spring color. As I mentioned a moment ago, one of these you’re going to cut down between 107 100 plastic bags, some places in the US have started outlaw plastic bags, and you have to bring your own. I know when I’ve traveled overseas there, you know if you want a bag that you’re going to have to pay for, which is personally how I think that you should do thing. Also love about these is I’m a huge fan of color coordinating. And if you have a family, I’ll show you an example of some things and you have kids, I would get different colors, know that Emma’s are all going to be purples, Max is going to be blue player is going to be pink, because it gives us that visual clue. 80% of us are visual learners. And so that little thing that Oh, that’s my bookbag that’s my sports bag. And I don’t pick up the wrong one because I know that all my stuff is blue. So this is I want to make sure that I say this one correctly. This is the foldable box mini now I love these hearts is that really great or what and it’s, it’s sturdy. And I love they have a little fold down to make sure that it’s not going to fall apart. And I have two little pockets here for you to store things. And highs you know, this is why I don’t Well, if I put my Zen background you can’t see the products but the challenge also is that I’m moving and so that’s why we don’t have my other background everything’s packed up. What I would use this for is to keep pens

my lipsticks on camera ready and highlighters because I use that so this will when I’m settled that’s most likely what I’m going to be using this for the other thing I would consider is things like glasses. I think this would be I have because I can’t see at night I now have clip ons for sunglasses for extra protection and clip ons for night. And computer glasses that have extra. So I’m not straining my eyes. So I first of all, I love hearts. I mean, we all need more love in the world. So how can you go wrong with that? The only thing I would say really quickly is my suggestion is I’d love and I might be wrong, I didn’t think that I saw, I’d love to have animals, right, we need some bags with cats on them or be octopuses or sloths or something. So anyway, the next I have is, this is the foldable box, Mini Double. Look at that, again, we’ve got little pockets, we’ve got the fold down, says cert, I love these colors. When we move, I want to paint my office Aqua. I really love this little feature is I’ll show you in a minute. Why I like it, what I’m using this for. So this is something I would use to maybe put in a guest bathroom, if I had some toiletries that I wanted to keep stuff in. And this would be great. In my opinion, they said you can wash it off, I think and wipe it off. And then it’s sturdy, and we’re not gonna have any problems. If there’s moisture in the bathroom. I do a little tea meditation every day. And I’m trying to do my little ritual, which might involve lighting some resin and things like that. So when I get settled, that’s probably when I’m going to use this for but if I was going on a picnic, you know, I could take some condiments, I could take the I’d wrap up the forks and knives so I don’t have to buy plastic, I think that would be really great. And so again, these are really fun and stylish. And I also want to add, no we drive an electric car, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And then people say that electric cars are evil or bad. First of all, I think we have we can figure out the solutions. We as a society don’t want to do that. But that’s a story for another day. Don’t just share that because do what you can do every little thing you do makes a difference and you want to get organized and you want to be stylish, have some fun bags and do it I would rather you buy something that’s gonna last a long time than fall apart in five minutes because you were being sustainable when you do this and though for the naysayers who will find criticism of this you know, just stop people are making a difference and I think it’s really important one of my frustrations is people are willing to make change and then try something and then someone comes along says that’s not enough. It’s just happening everywhere. So every little thing does make a difference. So on to the next products. Okay, so the next thing I’m going to talk about I wrote all the product names down so this is the phone, the bowl, white board, small bucks. Now I’m completely thrilled with this. Look on the other side I packed all my pack my reusable white boards that I live by are now pack. I don’t have any pens I would have written and shown you absolutely love this. So this has again a mesh pocket on the inside. It has two little things to put across the whole file. I absolutely think it’s brilliant to have whiteboard, this contains all my paperwork for the house for selling when we buy a house it’s all going to be in here and what I love about this, I can throw this in the car and our car is gonna be really crowded because we are transporting all the cats and they will take up the majority of space and I have to have my laptop and a purse. This is the only other thing that I get to include because we’re going to do shipping containers and I have to allow time for that. So anyway I love I can easily carry whiteboard and reuse it so I can write because I know there’s going to be something I will probably write the name of the moving company on here so I can easily access I loved ideas of whiteboards and then that way you can reuse it again and again it can help you get organized. Number five is the foldable office box or I’m sorry maybe just called the Office book. I love this color. Won’t this make a nice color we painted here and it was a really awful piece but this is the kind of color I want. So I am using this and what I love about this. You have to do presentations. This is something you can put on if you have a little wheelie cart that you need to take things but to keep it contained I am using it my go to cola for brain power.

I am not using this office I’m using this because my teas for plant medicine are just everywhere. And again this is something that I can pack I love again here reusable whiteboard can mark I would probably also use this when I make some like tinctures. Right all the information here days because I would do a batch at once. But I love the handles. It’s well made and I don’t remember how much this holds. But all of them I showed you earlier, show you the amount of wait so aren’t these colors great and fun. And again, I think that whiteboard is genius. One thing that I would also do as a tip, if I was going to use this for Office files which I might like this I could potentially see when I’m settled paperwork that I have to grab frequently. I would put in here and leave on a desk, but I would color coordinate so blue might be for work red might be for Office. Purple might be personal or finances. I’m just such a huge fan of color coordinating. And if you don’t have a filing cabinet, I think these are great and I love that you can just pick them up and go. Now I’d showed this holds up to 65 pounds. This is the foldable tool or hobby box. I’m going to be giving this to my mother because I’m a good daughter. I love this for her painting. My mom is an accomplished painter. And be able to look at those pockets. She can put her brushes in there she can I want this as little travel for her. And this has conceived bam, magnetic closure. You have a little pocket in the back you’ve got this that folds down, you’ve got the pockets to hold things. And when you push this again so they have that to help reinforcement. That’s why it’s going to hold 65 pounds. The big mesh pocket I absolutely love this and can’t and I love this magnetic closer I can’t wait to get that for her. I think it would be for painter if you’re traveling or maybe if you are a knitter what I would use it if I wasn’t giving it away to my mom, I would use it to keep my essential oils are probably some of my plant materials. I’m always trying out different things. I’m making more of my own and so this would be great. Because I go out and get the plants and I look to my backyard what can I use in my backyard to make flower essences so I think that’s pretty groovy. And the last one for today.

They call this

the foldable essential tote. And this is a size large and I have to laugh because I’m not going to use this for grocery. I would use this as a tote and that’s one thing that I want to say. Have you washed your reusable bags when’s the last time you did that because you don’t want those getting all gunked up and all gross and these tote this is you can easily use a damp cloth I believe to clean, but they have reinforced handles which makes sense. And then inside it has you can see a little zippered little zippered tote there. And I absolutely love that. So I would use this too. If I was maybe going overnight somewhere or I was gonna go to the beach and had my magazines and things that I wanted to take out. Probably use that for that. But I also want to say in addition to washing your bags, I always have my grocery bags are separate, like this little one will be used for grocery, the tote will be used for this thing I would take that if I was running to get something at Target, something that I keep them separately, because in case with food, you might get spilled or something. And so those are the products that they gave me two tests, I absolutely love them, I think they’re really high quality, you can reuse them. And again, all these fold up to do is ah, I just figured something out, can’t put one over me. So this little Midori tag, brilliant, then I can pull it easily. Bam, and it folds down. So these are going to be perfect. And again, you can reuse it say for going to a conference or something instead of taking things or whatever you’re like, Oh, I’ve got to have a thing in my book, they all fold. And then you can pack them and they’re easy. So I think that those are really great. And now the code, I wrote it down. So I wouldn’t forget. If you want to say 15% It’s organized 2021 And it’s good throughout the entire year. They were kind enough to do that. So that’s organized 2021. Again, I’m not an affiliate, I just tried to be green where I can and to save you money and to show you can be green and can get organized and have fun and still be stylish. Now I’m hoping that the listen and maybe get a bag with a cat on it a baby octopus sloth just because I love animals, but go and check them out. I will Murie and I hope I’m saying that correctly. Because if you’ve listened a long time, you know I mispronounce many things. So I’ll include the link below. I’ve named everything if you type it in, I will list them as well you should be able to find them. So Happy Earth Day. I hope that you get to spend some time in nature today and remember, every step you take makes a difference. Even if you aren’t a fan of saving the polar bears being green saves time and money and resources. So again for like, oh I’ll save money if I’m green. And I don’t have to buy things over and over again. So I encourage you, every little bit makes a difference. Have a brilliant Earth Day to day and get out and enjoy nature and remember, organize 2021 will last you through the entire year. And take my little tip and get those reusable grocery bags and put them in a stocking stuffers. Never too late to start your holiday shopping so you’re not stressed out. You can use a 15% and go green and save some green. And if you’re listening to this on the podcast, go to YouTube check it out. Because Show and Tell is fun. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

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