It’s important to declutter your medicine cabinet. This is an important safety tip. I had to take some meds for a while now and I’m grateful I’m organized. I Want you to be safe, too.

Are you worried you could mix up your pills?  Do you know how to organize your meds?  Would you like to know apps to keep you on track for managing your medicine? Learn how to be in control of your medicine.

Today’s clutter free living blog post was also inspired September 2017 consumer reports article. I encourage you that if you’re going to invest in a magazine, check them out as they’re not nbeholden to anyone.

According to the CR article 55% of Americans regularly take prescription meds, four on average. 75% also take at least one OTC regularly

About 1.3 million people went to ER due to adverse drug reactions in 2014 and 124,000 died from those events.  Estimates are based on data from the CDC and FDA.  Other research suggests this is preventable.  Also, it costs an estimated $200 billion annually with unnecessary and improper use of meds. 


How to take more control of your meds

Keep a thorough log. You can use something like Evernote, an excel spreadsheet, or write in a notebook. I encourage you to do this for kids or if you have an elderly friend or parent. And always, if you can, have an advocate with you when talking to the doctor.

Include everything prescriptions, OTC, supplements, vitamins, whatever you are taking. My list would include turmeric and match green tea powder.

    Note the brand and generic names, dosage and schedule, reasons for taking, prescribing physician, and advice such as take with food.  Describe the med’s shape and color.  Write down the pharmacy phone number, allergies, and ER contact.

    Do this for all members of household, including pets.

    I also encourage you to have one pharmacy. That way they can get to know you. At the end of the year, for taxes, they can print out a list.


    Make copies of your list. Wallet, home, preferably fridge (I was told that is one of the first places EMTs look); a copy for a friend family or caregiver. Review regularly so it is up to date. Bring this to your annual check-up, or any doctor’s appointment to see if you can eliminate.

    Consider a pill tracking app. CR recommended the following three:

    CareZone makes it simpler to take care of yourself and your family. Keep everything organized and easily coordinate with the people that matter to you. Lots of features, but this allows you to easily create a complete med list, and take pictures and details automatically imported. Get reminders when to take and track adherence/

    Document symptoms for easy reference during medical appointments and share updates privately with family members.

    Keep track of appointments, get reminders for prescription refills, and share access with family members and caregivers.

    Organize and share important numbers and emails—including doctors, pharmacies, and insurance providers.

    Medisafe is a complete continuum-of-care solution providing peace of mind to millions of users while helping to solve the $300 billion medication non-adherence problem.

    Round Health is designed for people, not patients. Schedule your medicine to fit your life, not the other way around.

    Never forget a pill again because you’ve snoozed an alarm. Round sends you small, persistent, reminders throughout the reminder window to make sure you remember to take your medicine when it’s most convenient for you.

    These two apps are HIPPA compliant.

    If you don’t want to use an app, I encourage you use a SMTWTFS pill container or AM & PM and have some way to track when you take one. I write down every day what I need to take and cross it off a list because it helps me.

    You could also use Google docs or something like Evernote. Whatever works for you now, use that or something similar?

    Have your prescriptions reviewed regularly, especially if you have multiple doctors, take OTC stuff or alternative supplements, if you take multiple drugs to solve the same problem, using a drug to control side effect of another, taking meds more than three months and if you are struggling to pay for meds.

    Stop it before it starts. See if there are things you can do BEFORE it starts. If you are open consult with a naturopath or alternative practioner. I did a program that worked with diet, habits, and exercise.  You can consider:

    Exercise and lose weight. Enough said!

    Mindfulness practice, therapy or coaching to reduce stress.

    Stretching or yoga for pain.

    Diet, if you get frequent heartburn cut out spicy foods.

    Cut back on drinking.

    Take actions from today’s blog on decluttering life and managing meds:

    • Create a thorough log of all your meds as well as for those in your household, including pets.
    • Make copies of your list and decide who to give to and where to place.
    • Consider a pill tracking app and who you would like to have access to it.
    • Explore other methods for better health for potentially getting of meds.
    • Have a professional review all of your meds.

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