Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries

We talk a lot about creating healthy boundaries in our relationships, but how often do we talk about energetic boundaries and clearing energetic clutter?


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Julie Coraccio 0:02
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now, we’re talking about creating strong, energetic boundaries. What are energetic archetypes? How easily? Can your spiritual body get permeated? Are you aware of other people’s energy that might be in your space? Learn tips for creating healthy and strong energetic boundaries as we continue our month focusing on growing into who you’re meant to be. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now, we’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today’s episode was inspired by a few things. Boundaries are so incredibly important. If you’re sensitive, big hearted, can easily get your boundaries crossed. And it might be something that you can’t easily navigate. I used to be a doormat. Before I started a lot of my studying, I wouldn’t have thought of the energetic component of setting boundaries. And it’s interesting how life works out, we have a guest today I’m super excited. And I had my annual reading that I do with Judy. And we were talking about boundaries. And I’m like, You know what I feel like my boundaries are pretty good. But it was energetic boundaries that were kind of warrant or had a neighbor sent us a email said just as we are being harassed in our neighborhood, I feel like I’m losing my mind because I can’t believe that adults do this incredibly passive aggressive stuff. Be hopefully, out, it’s close to two years as passed. On Christmas Eve last Christmas Day, like 1210. In the morning on Christmas Day, they come doing the low roll. Now if this was an episode of The closer any criminal like Law and Order done done, they would be spraying the house with gunfire. And so they keep doing this to harass what I thought, Wow, if I set my energetic boundaries a little better, the situation should improve. So talk to Judy. And then meanwhile, I’m on Mara’s newsletter list. And I was like, Oh, I have to have you on for this talk. And it’s a class that she had. Coming up, I wasn’t able to attend. I’m like, let’s get you on the podcast. If you don’t have boundaries, you can create physical clutter, because you hold on to other people’s stuff. And that’s more common than you may think. I tell the story often because I think it’s such a great illustration that when I was first starting my business, I had a client who did furniture, restoration, and he had these huge arm bars, three of them. And I said, Well, what are these? Oh, I’m holding on to those from someone that his whole area is set up for him to make his income to make a living and these three huge arm wars. And it was more than just a physical clutter was a boundaries not being able to know. Emotional clutter can occur when you get upset or angry when you do something you don’t want to do. You can have unhealthy relationships, if you can’t draw that line on the sand. And don’t worry, I’m not going to be talking a lot about Married at First Sight. We’re still watching that. And again, just constantly fascinated by it and how people work. And it’s been a great tool for us because we talk about things and I ever done that. But we need to be better. But if you don’t have healthy boundaries, and you’re not going to be in healthy relationships, and we all know someone who has not been in a healthy relationship I know I have in the past and I’m grateful for all the work I did. Because it allowed me to be a better version of myself and to continue to grow and to attract my awesome husband.

If you don’t have strong boundaries, they can cause health issues. Because if people are constantly crossing your boundaries that can stress you out. And if you’re holding those emotions in again, that just create stress. I believe I shared the stat before and it’s probably gone up and I should look something like 80 or 85% of all physical ailments and why people are going to the hospital or related dress. You know, I had to have half my thyroid taken out at the end of last year. And I got immediately okay, I know what’s going on here from a spiritual and energetic perspective. And I need to speak up more I need to stand up for myself. I have to have stronger boundaries and this start I first became aware of it 12 years ago. And at that time and thyroid medicine, they’re like, Hey, if you don’t have to worry about it until you’re 80, I found that it was pre cancerous. So I’m really grateful that we got removed. I’m like, Okay, I know what the lessons are here. And I don’t want to ever have to have surgery again. So I’m practicing standing up for myself more, as much as a court case stunk. And doing all that that was a huge deal to stand up for myself. Financial clutter, when you buy things you know the money for, you go to just look at a car, and then you’ve got the upgraded 60k version instead of your budgets to 30k. Because you couldn’t say no, that’s not what I want, or what I need. And it creates spiritual clutter when you’re living your life out of integrity. It allows you to get influenced too much by someone. That’s what my personal book I’ve two personal books I want to write. And that’s going to be the focus on one currently, tentatively entitled surviving Rosemarie I allowed someone to have way too much influence on me. Today, what’s really cool is we’re going to be looking at all of that, all of this, setting strong boundaries from an energetic perspective. No, saying no. Because what if you say no. But you’re really unsure, people are going to push back on that, right? They’re gonna come back at you. But if you have that energetic know, and you are firm, they’re gonna catch on to that they’re going to recognize that. How do you think you’ve created clutter from not having strong energetic boundaries. As always, I’m super excited when we have a guest. I really want to bring you awesome people, and that you’re going to get a lot of benefit. I have known Mara, since I first moved to North Carolina. She’s a shaman. I’ve done some work with her. And I still it’s currently packed away when I get unpacked in the new space in the office. And just put good energy out for us as it’s getting into the really crazy period. It will be hung back up in the office. We reconnected probably a couple years ago, right before we were getting to move. And I was planning on having her and just things was crazy and moving. And that’s why I believe in just trusting the process. And I get this newsletter from her. And I’m like, Oh, Mark, can we can I have you on the podcast now? No, it was great timing for her. I’m really excited. She’s I have her first book, she’s coming out with another book. And it’s really great to have her on the podcast, it felt very synchronistic. And as I’ve been doing the plant medicine class, which I’m going to be tying up in the next few weeks or next month or so, connecting with her again, because of her shamanism and working with the plants not in A a IU SHA or whatever the that kind of thing is about trying to have hallucinations or other worldly stuff. It’s just about a deeper connection with the plants. And so I was excited like, Oh, you just have to trust in timing for everything. It’s now time for me to reconnect with the move probably hopefully have another class with her at the end of the year. But that’s just another bigger thing like trust. And I have Judy saying energetic boundaries, and I get Mara’s email. And I thought it said I really want to have her on the show because I know I’m not alone. And, and struggling still to create boundaries. I believe the more you do it, the easier it becomes. But as I mentioned a moment ago, when saying no, when you say no, I’m sorry, I can’t do that or whatever it is. You want to have the energetic backing behind it. I think that that is so so important. I know you’re gonna love Mara, and her energy, and I’m excited to introduce you to her.

Mara Bishop is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive consultant, teacher, author and artist. She has worked in the fields of intuition and shamanism since 1995. Her training includes psychology, Columbia University Teachers College, spiritually, Mind Body Institute, shamanism, Sandra angermann, Michael Horner, Betsy burger strum and all. energy medicine and theology programs created by Dr. Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association. Mark presents regularly at institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical Center, Duke University, and the Rhine Research Center, among other groups. She teaches workshops on shamanic journeying, intuition and spiritual healing. Mara has also been authorized by Sandra angermann To teach soul retrieval, extraction, Death and Dying medicine for the earth and healing with spiritual light. Welcome, Mara.

Mara Bishop 10:19
Hi there. How are you, Julie?

Julie Coraccio 10:23
Fantastic. I’m so excited to have you on the podcast because this is such a timely topic for me. And as we record the, you know, we’ve had all the craziness happen in the capital, we’re gonna be talking about energetic boundaries today. But I first had a question for you, I’m on your newsletter. And so as soon as I got a, I’ve got to have her on, you use the term energy ecosystem? And I think that that’s the first time that I’ve heard that. So what do you mean by that?

Mara Bishop 10:53
Yeah, and the ecosystem. So we are familiar with the idea of ecosystems in the natural world, using that in different contexts. So when I say energy ecosystem, in referring to an individual, we’re also familiar with thinking about our physical bodies, kind of the ecosystem of our physical bodies, our physical systems, our circulatory system, right, our, our, our muscles, our skeletal system, but we have my kidneys here.

Julie Coraccio 11:26
Okay, you know what, we have cats, this is a laid back interview, they won’t see it on the podcast. And when I’ve had a cat jump in my interview, people enjoy that. So okay,

Mara Bishop 11:36
so yeah, that will happen occasionally. I think we also, and probably many of your, or maybe most of your viewers are familiar with thinking about the concept that we have an energetic or spiritual body, as well as our physical body. A lot of the work that I do, or maybe most of the work that I do is based on shamanism, and some of the principles of shamanic healing, which talks about our our spirit, and that when we’re looking at health, and the broad definition of health, we’re looking to our, our spirits, in conjunction with our, with our physical bodies, and our mental beings, as the source of whether we are in balance or out of balance. So we also have this kind of energetic ecosystem. I’m using that specifically to think about our emotions, our thoughts, our boundaries, right. And that’s where we get into this energetic boundary work. Some people, particularly in these intense times, as you mentioned, who are natively compassionate, naturally, empathic, sensitive beings, who feel a lot tend to have kind of porous boundaries, right, we know that we have kind of our individual temperaments, right. But we also perceive a lot of other people’s ecosystems, right. So we have our own individual energetic ecosystem, the way we feel interacting with our, with our bodies, with our minds all the time. But then when we are with another person, say, the two of us create a different ecosystem, right? Just like in the natural world, you know, a tree is kind of is its own ecosystem, but it also creates the, the shared ecosystem of the forest, or of the birds and the insects that are engaging and relating with it. And we see in, in research in the natural sciences, how those different beings are interacting and relating and supporting each other in different ways, all the time. So we create an experience different dynamics, depending on where we are, right? You have the ecosystem, your your home, you have the ecosystem of your work, that’s made up by all the different individuals that are taking part in those systems. So it can get kind of complex, but we always want to start with that idea of we have our own ecosystem, that it’s our in some ways, it’s our responsibility to maintain. Right, so the more we know about it, the more we understand, the more we can steward it.

Julie Coraccio 14:39
And tastic Yeah, that’s a great description. I really want to talk about energetic boundaries. I’ve had some stuff happened. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. So first, if you have a definition of energetic boundaries, I’d love to have that and then are our energetic boundaries, different from physical mental, emotional boundary. Are they all interrelated? How does that connect?

Mara Bishop 15:00
Yeah, I think they’re all interrelated. So I think one of the ways that I can illustrate the idea of boundaries and you know, I think I’m still looking for a better word for boundaries, boundaries sounds so clinical, it sounds a little clinical, it sounds a little harsh. And I think that there are a lot of people that come into the work of kind of spiritual self defense, where it’s, it’s about how am I always putting up a shield from something else? Right, it’s always about protection. And delineating a boundary is really more nuanced than that. Right? Where is responsible for protecting other people from our own energy as we are for managing what energy comes into our space, right, so boundaries can be clear and hard and firm. boundaries can be permeable and porous. What’s important about this work is to be intentional about it. And be aware of it because I think what happens with a lot of people, again, particularly a lot of people who are sensitive or empathic is that you kind of are a little bit oblivious, you come into the world with these, I call them are energetic, like personality archetypes, you just are that way, so you don’t really think about it. And it involves being very porous, kind of spongy, in absorbing and feeling everything. And you don’t necessarily realize that you have a choice that you can adjust whether you want to be feeling and perceiving everything around you. Or that maybe there are times where you want to set a firmer, less permeable boundary, energetically, physically just the way we do physically. So one of the analogies that I use is thinking about our boundaries, the way we think about our home, when we’re in your home space, we close our doors, we close our windows, we have a choice. If we’re going to leave our home, if we lock the door, we leave the door open, right? We don’t just leave everything wide open all the time for people to come in and out at will. But a lot of us are actually doing that. With our energetic bodies, right? We we spend a lot of time teaching children about physical safety and, and giving permission. What kind of touches Okay, right? But the same holds for energetic space and emotional boundaries.

Julie Coraccio 17:45
Does it start in the energetic field, and I’ll give you an example. So we had to call the police regarding our neighbors were being harassed. And as I’ve been in this happened, after we’ve talked and about setting up the interview, and so when I was thinking about this, I thought, well, because I feel like in some ways, we have physical things that we’ve done. And then I thought, but if maybe I Are we are not setting strong. And this has to be a clear, I love that you talk about choice because things change, people change, we don’t always want that hard line in the sand because that’s not a good thing. But like in this particular instance, because they keep pushing up against my boundaries. So then are my for lack of a better term weak, are permeable, as you say. So what I want to strengthen the energetic and and for other people listening, if they feel they’ve created maybe a strong mental or emotional physical boundary, but if they’re not doing it energetically is then it could be like, yeah, all that work, it’s kind of pointless. Is that making sense? Absolutely.

Mara Bishop 18:46
And they all work together. Right? So this is not kind of a magical thinking concept where you know, what, if I just believe that I have this, you know, built around myself, then nothing can harm me. But I’m not going to take any practical steps. Right? Right, that I don’t, that’s not how I work. I’m practical. But I also think that there’s tremendous power in our intention, and are even in our imagination and in visualizing. I mean, there’s all sorts of research out there that shows when we use our mind our intention and our imagination to visualize things about our body. You look at sports athletes, who run through their, whatever their routine is, before they do it, are able to perform better. There are some exercises that I do in my energy ecosystem class, where people are sitting there and they’re purely using their imagination, but they get a fizzy physiological response in their bodies. And so it’s kind of a layering of when you need to set a boundary such as your example with your neighbor You want to take practical steps, you want to take energetic, cognitive, emotional steps, right? All of those things layer up together. And, you know, for many people, the first step is thinking about their own energetic personality, their kind of native way of engaging themselves in the world and other people, and understanding what their typical reactions and reflexes are. Because we’re very different. You know, some people walk into a room, and they are just like, like the classic introvert extrovert dichotomy. Energetically people who are extroverted, or have a certain personality type, they come in their energy’s big, and it takes up space, you know, they walk into a party, and they’re the center of the room and they place themselves there, other people are going to have a different temperament energetically and personality wise, where they are, they hold their energy in a more contained way. And there are all sorts of misunderstandings that happen between people of those two types, because the energy is received differently, right? To a person who is, is reserved, or who is holding their energy close, that big energy can feel very overwhelming, very dominant, very kind of oppressive and off putting the inverse, you know, people who are introverted always get these labels like they’re, you’re you’re being aloof or shy or cold. And it we get into these kind of, again, misunderstandings in relationships, where it’s just, we’re different. But if we start to understand how each person is just in their natural state, we don’t take it personally. Right? Right. So we can, we can be better and in, in managing our relationships, when we understand ourselves, what we bring,

Julie Coraccio 22:12
one of the things I’m doing is I visualize a big magnet above my head, and I asked to call my energy back from where it shouldn’t be, it’s like, I don’t want to, you know, engage with these people, I’m just I’m mentally checked out or physically getting checked out, hopefully sooner rather than later and severed. Okay, like, visualize all your energy coming back to me. And so I don’t know if that’s something that you recommend is that keeping your energy closer setting a better boundary? And then if you open it up, that makes you a little more permeable? So maybe, like, if you’re checking out a situation, you’re like, I don’t know. But I want to open up a little?

Mara Bishop 22:48
Well, there are a couple of things about that are really important. That idea of going kind of going outside your body is I mean, this may be a little too extreme. So I’m not saying this is in your case, right. But that can be kind of a trauma response. Right? It’s an overwhelm. So it is, it’s a little bit of a survival. This is an it can be a spectrum from just a oh, this is too much, I don’t want to deal with this, I’m going to, to a serious trauma response. And in the shamanic world, this is one of the areas where we can become really imbalanced. And we want to do a certain kind of remedy for that, to help bring somebody spirit back into their body. But it does two things, right? On the one hand, it helps us kind of, we think it’s helping us survive that situation. Right? Again, survive, meaning just like, oh, I can’t handle this dinner, I don’t want to pay attention to like, survive something very serious. Um, but it’s a bit of a double whammy, which is you’re not present to really perceive what’s going on and react accordingly. So one of the things that we want to do when we’re paying attention to getting a better sense of our own energetic boundaries, and how we want to adjust them, you know, a lot of people, as I said, feel like they just they’re wide open, and that’s how they’ve got to stay. We don’t want to do the flip side either. We don’t want to have this kind of snap back response, which is impermeable on the oblivious, right, I’m shut down and I’m disconnected, which is what happens when people get burned out. So I’ve got a course coming up. About to record for sounds true, which is really about this whole idea of burnout, how do we stay present and use all of the receptors that we have, and all of our sensitivities but not get so overwhelmed that we burn out because what happens when we burn out is we we kind of go to the opposite extreme. So when we check out in the way that you’re describing, is we lose or ability to know, how do we react appropriately in this situation? Is this an instance where we really need to leave that our best recourse is to get out, or best recourse is to react, or our best recourse is to just say, I’m going to kind of create a more protective screen, I’m going to make my, my, my energetic perimeter, less permeable. And those are those are some of the tools that we have in the energy ecosystem classes. When you want to be less permeable, but still present. What do you do?

Julie Coraccio 25:43
Do you wonder about your chakras? Does the energy around you feel stuck, stagnant or negative? How well are you aware of your intuition and follow its guidance? Have you found yourself taking on other people’s feelings, emotions and more. Ready to clear energetic clutter and have your space home mine and heart feel good. Got clutter 365 Journal prompt, energetic support you and clearing your energy clutter, free gift with purchase, available at reawaken your, Amazon, Google Books and More. I think that’s a great point and being overwhelmed. Because this whole podcast if you have clutter in your life, most of the time, you’re overwhelmed. And just as a side note, I’ve worked with Mara, we’ve done a soul retrieval and worked on some trauma. And that was a thank you for mentioning that because I’ve been able to be present to say to my husband, this is what this is bringing up for me. When the neighbors do that it brings up times in my life where I’ve felt unsafe, and felt like I haven’t been able to protect myself. Now there are about 5000 other things going on, this is the thing that’s making us move. But no, I also believe that the energy of this place feels like a concrete block. Like there’s no room for openness, growth. And we’re vibing out of it. And I can step back in the short time and say you are meant to be here for bla bla bla bla bla. And it’s going to be easier when you move out of state. So I’m really aware of that. But I think I appreciate you bringing that up because about being present, and not having that knee jerk reaction. But for me, it’s been really important to have boundaries, because it’s because I know what it’s bringing up. But that’s thank you for pointing that out. Because that’s really important.

Mara Bishop 27:42
And, you know, what you describe as having this discernment of do I stay in a situation do I leave the situation is, is really important. Because another thing that we want to really be able to determine is how do we strengthen our ability to withstand situations that are difficult. There’s another kind of trend out there, which is all about persons toxic, I’m going to cut them out of my life, oh, that situation is toxic, I’m going to get out of it. And sometimes that’s true. And that is the best recourse. But just like with our physical immune system, so I talked about the energetic immune system, with our physical immune system. And again, there’s there’s research that shows this, the best recourse is not to make your environment so pristine, that your immune system isn’t challenged, the best recourse is to strengthen your body’s ability to handle substances that are triggering, right? So you don’t want to make your make everything sterile. You know, when there’s a virus or a bacteria, or something that’s a little bit dirty, we want to be able to, we want to be able to respond to it appropriately and not have an allergic response or an auto immune response or out boom.

Julie Coraccio 29:10
When one of my niece’s was in grade school, she was bullied. And the principal was a rock star because she said we also have to deal with your knees, getting confidence and being able to stamp and deal with the bullying. But we have to look at this from every angle. And I thought oh my gosh, yeah, right. How to think that. And as you’re talking, I’m always amazed that everything in life is a balance. But when I see these same content, warning trigger warnings, yes, I get that. And I worry about when I hear about the safe spaces and college. What’s going to happen when you get out into the real world because I can tell you, my guess would be 90% And that might be too low or be like What are you talking about? Go do your job or you’re fired. You know, I mean that people just aren’t and I’m all about healing and all about moving forward. But I love this. This is an aha moment. For me, because I think that’s so important, because you have to deal with it. I mean, you don’t have to do anything, you always are going to choose what you’re going to do. But that’s what this podcast is about clearing your clutter. And part of that’s healing. And this whole month is about growing into more of who you’re meant to be. And the next episode is about how do we deal with the bad and the ugly, right? Because we have to, we hope to but I love that that analogy with the immune system. That’s very powerful. Yeah,

Mara Bishop 30:25
it’s a balance, right? We want to be resilient. That’s ultimately what we want to do. So we want to figure out how do we differentiate ourselves and our own reactions and our own energetic beings and our own native temperaments and ways of responding to the world, from what is external to us, right? As much as we can, because everything is always interrelated, right? We’re part of the web. So on the one hand, that’s kind of artificial, but that is where we start in the energy ecosystem class is as much as possible understanding where are you in your baseline space, so that when you introduce another person or a different environment, or some kind of interaction, you can understand the difference. And then you can use some tools to bring yourself back to that baseline. Because yeah, the goal is, is to be resilient, the goal is to be able to deal with whatever situation comes up in your life. Again, whether the decision is the is to leave completely work on a relationship.

Julie Coraccio 31:39
Right? Yeah, I mean, in well, everything, you know, my mother getting sick and everything that’s a large part of us. Moving back to West Virginia, I had hoped momentary glimmers of hope, when enough people were going to join together in the neighborhood. And then that didn’t happen. It’s like, I can’t write the Titanic. Right? Oh, and that’s not my karma. I’m really clear on why we were here and why we’re leaving all that? Is there a short, maybe exercise or an example, you know, I used with the big magnet ahead, maybe that you could share with people that maybe something that would be a useful tool? No worries, if you can’t, I know.

Mara Bishop 32:14
Well, there’s there tons of useful tools. And I’m trying to think of, you know, the baseline is come back to is coming back into your own space and your own light. And working out from there. With the practical decisions, the and boundaries that you’re going to set from there. So going back to film with your own light. So I think that the putting yourself in the inner cocoon, putting yourself in a boat, like those classic self protection measures are good, but how we balance that with strengthening from the inside. So again, I think my approach is a little bit it goes to the same as the building up your energetic immune system, rather than putting on it’s a combination. And I do work with this idea of a kind of an energetic wardrobe dressing dressing for the weather. So I think I would start with envisioning yourself filled with your own light, or even calling on light. But, and again, use your imagination. But from from the inside out. I think more more than anything else, if we can strengthen from the inside and be so full of our own energy. There’s no spaces left for something else to come in that isn’t ours.

Julie Coraccio 33:46
Yeah, I love that. So that would be helped us set an energetic boundary, but also boosts our energetic immune system. Right, right, we have a twofer.

Mara Bishop 33:56
Absolutely, that would that would be the start from from whatever we’re doing. And then yes, then we’ll then we layer on a different having different kinds of tools to strengthen from the outside. But I think that is the starting point is to really feel that sense of our, our inner light being full. That whole idea of nature, not not tolerating a vacuum, right? We don’t want to have a vacuum in there. We want to be free from the inside out. We want to have a strong immune system and then practically, not confusing. Compassion, and being a spiritual person with being unable to set firm practical boundaries. This happens over and over again, to kind people who are in abusive or abusive and other kinds of really difficult situations. You can be a kind, compassionate loving person and say, I am not going to interact with you anymore. And there are consequences for the actions that that you’ve taken to another person. It doesn’t mean you’re not spiritual. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have compassion and love for another human being, and also say,

no more, that that’s okay. I think people have a very hard time with that. And, and it’s important.

Julie Coraccio 35:33
I was interviewed last night from a nice gentleman in Australia. And he brought that up. And he’s like, Well, can you say no? And I said, Absolutely. And I said, it doesn’t make you less than and if it’s someone you can love, you can say, I need a break from you right now. You know, I took social media drives me nuts, I’d like to go back, if I didn’t have a business, I’d be on social media. So about this was at the end of October, someone who I’ve known since grade school just went all the time, like you haven’t posted on my wall for years. And I’m talking to now you’re bringing all your anger. And so next step posted, and I said, I’m going to take a break from Facebook. And I said, because when someone just brings all their hatred and anger, and focuses it on me, and one, I said, they obviously are in a piece of place of pain, that they need to feel the need to feel to do this. And then to I can muster no compassion for this person in the moment. And I said, I don’t want to be in that space. Right? What that’s telling me is, it is time to get off of social media, and I’m going to be taking a break now. As we raise our vibration, people either join us or they go away, and he and his wife unfriended me, I’m like, bye, thank you. No, I don’t even want that. I just don’t. And again, saying like, I can say, I understand that you need to heal, and I’m going to have a strong boundary. Now. That’s it, too. I have to tell you, I loved it. I was off like, six weeks and boy, did it make a difference. And the next day, I got an email from someone and it was just kind of reaffirming that. But I thought What is it that I need to do? And enough started to unfollow or unfriend me? I don’t want that. And I’m not You’re right. I’m a spiritual person. And I can have a boundary. So I’m really excited that you mentioned that because I think that’s so important. And I think especially those of us that have huge hearts, and then feel guilty.

Mara Bishop 37:27
Yes. Right. And it doesn’t mean that you’re better than anyone. Right? Exactly. It doesn’t have to be from this place of, okay, I’m, I am more elevated than you. And that’s not what you’re saying. But we can be we can all be in our own places. Um, but I do think sometimes, you know, as you’re, I think you mentioned your gentleman from Australia, can I say, No, we, we are our own caretakers, first and foremost. So I don’t think that means that we have to place ourselves above anyone else in any way. But we are ultimately responsible for ourselves and our well being. So I think we are not. We are out of balance if we also place ourselves below other people, and allow other people to abuse us. And so yeah, so part of that, that goes to what we were talking about in the beginning of how do we align our, our our actions, our words, our thoughts, our energy all together to create health and balance in our individual ecosystems, and then in our relationships, too, right, that goes to having balance in a relationship.

Julie Coraccio 38:39
Now, you had mentioned energetic archetypes. Can you tell us a little bit about that? What you mean, or maybe give an example of what that would look like?

Mara Bishop 38:47
Yeah. So I think probably again, because my biggest inspiration is the natural world and, you know, animals and plants. Those are the things that I that I love and get my my joy from and also because of the shamanic influence. Most of the the energetic personality archetypes that I use are inspired by animals. I don’t think that we are one thing, right? And this is different from a power animal. That’s okay. It’s a different thing. But it’s kind of the ways that we can think of our, our personality traits. And like all archetypes are traits, there’s there’s kinda light and shadow, right? They’ve got positive and negative. So one example would be the chameleon. Right? And so people have the chameleon archetype are very adaptable to the different situations that they’re in. They can change very quickly, right? So people come to me and describe how they they find that their their personality, sometimes even the way they speak, the things they like to do change whether they’re with one partner or another, whether they’re at work or at home, whether they’re with their friends or their family. And it’s a great particularly with work, it can be a great survival skill, right? It’s the success trait, you understand, in that meeting, what everybody wants and needs, right? You, you move into this friend group, and you know what everybody’s doing, you like pick up the lingo, right? It works. However, the other way that does a Bible skill. And a lot of people who have this archetype have childhoods that are unpredictable, and sometimes not that safe. So if you grew up in a family with an alcoholic or an abusive parent, you need to read that. You need to be quick, right? You need to know is this where I need to blend into the background and be invisible? Because that person might be violent when they’re coming home? Or is this the moment where I need to do something else? But you need to change, right? very attuned to what’s happening around you and adjust for your own safety. The problem is, if you’re so used to cycling through different changing your colors, right? It’s very easy to lose your core being so that when you have the opportunity to look, what do I want for dinner? What do I really care about doing? Who am I? Sometimes you, you’ve lost it? And it takes tremendous energy then to come back? You don’t know. Another one is a puppy. No, ha, ha. Right? Well, we all have puppies, they’re great. You know, they’re adorable, they’re fun, they’re loving, they’re loyal. The flip side, or the, you know, the challenge, if you have some of that puppy archetype, is you tend to maybe come back to people who are not that good for you. Right? Yeah, a B center, just, you know, they’re just gonna keep coming back. They’re gonna forgive, they’re gonna, they’re gonna roll over and show their tender little bellies. Yeah, even though sometimes it’s not that good for them. They might not be great at self regulation. Yeah, you know. So that’s, that’s kind of how we work with them. And in the energy ecosystem course, we, we go through a bunch of those different archetypes. And you can see where you might have, you know, you might have a dominant one, or you might have four or five or two or three that really jumped out at you. And you see how those may be at work in your relationships. And you know, if you’ve got somebody in your life, who’s a bull and somebody in your life, who’s this and you see how those dynamics come together, it may be able to help you figured out how to create a healthier, dynamic in that relationship.

Julie Coraccio 42:47
Great. That’s a wonderful, wonderful way to describe it. I’m definitely neither of those. I know I have something but definitely not the cute puppy. I just have to tell you this popped in my head, and even think about it. So we had to put a Siena down who was a tabby. Oh, I just feel like your little Tabby there. Oh, like Athena is kind of a way of Athena saying hi, model. I’m still around you. So that’s, uh, I really appreciate that. Oh,

Mara Bishop 43:15
this is Luna. By the way. She’s adorable. She’s a sweet girl. When she’s a very healing kitty. She comes sometimes when I’ve done Reiki classes, and she will hop up on the person getting treatment and like do her little. Yeah, she’s just sweeter.

Julie Coraccio 43:28
And that’s amazing. I completely believe that, that animals definitely help us heal. Do you have any thoughts? We’ve talked about bringing the light within and if there’s anything to clear when someone comes into our space to clear the energy

Mara Bishop 43:44
mix, I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying. So when we have come to your face, and then we feel like they’re holding we’re holding their energy?

Julie Coraccio 43:54
No meaning like if I hear so example I would use so politicians are a great example. You know, the slime factors. They’re big time even if you on most of them that you can if you don’t believe in that you can be like, Oh man, I just met a politician. I want to go take a shower. So if you were in a situation like that, what could someone do? I don’t know if there’s anything that you’d recommend? Oh, absolutely.

Mara Bishop 44:15
And that in the energy ecosystem class I talk about are the series of trainings, I’ve talked about three phases. So the clearing is the third phase. And to do that regularly, is important. Again, I keep coming back to this parallel with the physical our physical bodies are energetic bodies. And we take showers or baths on a pretty most of us hopefully on a pretty regular basis. So what you brought up with that I want to take a shower is actually a great analogy as far as energetic cleansing as well. And one of the things that I try and do for people to make spiritual practice and energetic cleansing easier is to pair the the energetic practice with a physical thing. that you’re already doing. So, you know, we’re all so busy, and we’re trying to do so many things. So it makes it easier, right, you’re not having to add multiple things. So when you’re in the shower, you’re already you’re already there, you’re already you’ve got the water coming down on you. So add in your intention, and your visualization, that while your body is getting physically cleansed, and the grunt of the day is washing, or the whatever you do, it is getting washed off you that anything that’s energetic that isn’t yours, or that doesn’t serve you whatever way however you want to phrase that in a positive, right? Is, is washed away. And then with one important caveat, we don’t want to use the natural environment as our dumping ground. Right? So we don’t want to say I’m throwing all my, my crap into the earth, or I’m just letting all my dirt bow down into the water system. We want to transmute it somehow. So if we could add that, that added intention of what doesn’t belong to me is washing off of me. But as it moves down into the drain, or as it comes off of me, it’s transmuted into, again, fill in the blank, light, or sparkling energy or, or it’s just neutralized, or it’s bubbles or just something. However, whatever phrase feels right to you, that we add the intention that as it comes off of you, it’s neutralized in some way. Yeah.

Julie Coraccio 46:43
Thank you for adding that that’s really important. And I have to give a shout out to my first ever teachers, because they taught me that ages ago. So I think that’s a really important point. As we begin to wrap up any other take actions or anything that you want to suggest to people, you’ve given us a couple of things to do, or anything to remember, or if there’s something I haven’t touched on, they’re like, Hey, wait, I gotta share this.

Mara Bishop 47:08
The thing that, I would say, honestly, is be nature. If there’s one recommendation that I could give to people as an action item, for our health, and well being as individuals and as a society, is, put yourself in the natural world, engage, whether that is sitting and looking out the window at the birds, if that’s, if that’s, you know, works for you. And that’s as close as you can be, if it’s going outside and feeling the air on your face. And taking a hike, you know, from the if it is envisioning it in your mind, picturing your, your ideal beautiful scene in nature and feeling all the elements from the wilderness experience to the completely imaginary experience of nature. Do that.

Julie Coraccio 48:00
Fantastic. Now, I’ll give you an opportunity. We will put links in the show notes and on YouTube. How can people find out about you? I know I think at the end of this in March, you have a book coming out so whatever you want to with everyone. See a little sir. Okay, now pull it up. There we go. Perfect. There we go. That’s 365 journeys. Yeah,

Mara Bishop 48:22
shamanism for every day. This is the advanced copy coming out. So this is a it’s a daily guide for shamanic journeying, but it can be used for meditation or prayer or contemplation. So it’s called journeying instruction and kind of a background of shamanism in the beginning. And then, as the title implies, 365 prompts for journeys that you can take on your own every day with some instruction. And then also some ideas for taking the practice deeper, and ceremonies that go along with the moon phases and some more information. So that does come out at the end of March. And hole is my website. And you can find out more there about classes. I think this show will come out after my next energy ecosystem class, but I do run those periodically.

Julie Coraccio 49:14
Once I’m settled and normal again, I need to I when I saw that, I was like, I need to take this. But I was like too much going

Mara Bishop 49:23
on right now. Yeah, it’ll be coming out. And then as I said, the audio version is going to should be out next year. We’re gonna record it in June. So fantastic. You’re ready. Oh,

Julie Coraccio 49:34
thank you for your time today. I appreciate it.

Mara Bishop 49:36
Thank you so much, Julie. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.

Julie Coraccio 49:42
On our next episode, we’re talking about the bad and the ugly. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you Clear Your Clutter You can share your gifts with the world sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now please rate review and share us

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