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Making Routines: Evening

Review your schedule and plan for the next day. If you know you have an important meeting at work, you won’t show up in jeans.


Remember to check the weather when planning your outfit and make sure you have an umbrella or rain jacket if necessary.


Layout your outfit for the next day. Pro org two diff color shoes story. Some people also like to plan their outfits for the week.


Pack your lunch and snacks. I have an area in our pantry just for snacks.

Have everything in place that you need to get out the door quickly:

keys, purse, wallet, etc. Have one consistent home for all this stuff so you will always know where to find. If you move it around a lot, you may forget.


When I am in bed, I practice some form of mindfulness every evening: meditation, gratitude, and a review of my day off where I could have improved.   It’s been my experience, and with many people, I have talked to, when you have a regular mindfulness practice this supports you in releasing clutter in all areas of your life.


Set an alarm to ensure you won’t oversleep. If I have something really important I set a back-up alarm. This is one of those habits people will say yeah, yeah, I know, but often don’t do.

Weekend Routines

I have found that having some routines for the weekend really benefits me. Because I work from home I also try to do some of these errands during the week when the stores are less crowded.


Take the time to plan errands and route efficiently. There is a Kroger’s next to my gym, so I plan a Kroger run to coincide one of the days I am at the gym. This also helps motivate me if I need something at Kroger’s I might as well take time at the gym.


Regular Chores such as raking leaves, checking the air in your tires, or house cleaning can also be part of your weekend routine. If you do at the same time and day, that’s great. Studies have found when you do this, you tend to finish them more quickly.


If you haven’t cleared clutter, put things back in their home and organized during the week, plan to do it on the weekend. You didn’t think I was going to forget that, did you? Make this a habit and you won’t get overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization.

Review and plan your upcoming week. Also, do this with your spouses and/or children’s schedule. If both of you have late meetings, you might need to ask a friend to take your child home from soccer practice. If you take the time to check, you are most likely not going to miss anything.


I am a fan of doing meal prep for the week. This might include chopping up veggies, preparing spices, or making snacks. Anything that will save me time during the week. If I do this, I am more likely to eat healthier and not rely on take-out.


Finally, make sure you get some YOU time. With our busy lives, it is important to disconnect and take time for ourselves and do something that relaxes us, is fun or brings us joy.


Takeaways from both blogs on setting and making routines:

  • Establish a morning routine including visualizing your day, checking the weather, eating a good breakfast and avoid checking emails;
  • Also create evening routines including reviewing the next day, planning your outfit, preparing your lunch & snacks and setting the alarm;
  • Make sure you get some YOU time. With our busy lives, it is important to disconnect and take time for ourselves and do something that relaxes us, is fun or brings us joy.

What evening routines can you establish? What routines make the most sense for you on the weekends? Are there any other routines you need to implement?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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