Don’t worry if you haven’t been listening to your intuition. You can learn ways to trust your intuition.

Have you heard a little voice and ignored it and gotten in trouble? Do you get confused about whether or not it is your intuition or ego? Would you like to access your intuition to support you in achieving your goals? 

We all have our intuition or gut feelings, instincts. Whatever you are comfortable calling.  Many times we disregard it. It is there to help and support us. If you are not comfortable relying on your intuition we are going to give you ways to start accessing that magical knowledge.


Years ago, I don’t even know if I could articulate what my intuition was.  Then, a few big things happened. I was almost harmed in Hawaii on a beach and I barely missed being in a car accident in Los Angeles. In both cases, I heard a loud voice tell me what to do NOW and I listened.

Even after those two incidents, I continued to go to psychics a lot. I gave my power away. Now, don’t get me wrong I believe there are a lot of good physics and intuitive counselors out there and I believe that we have the wisdom within and will always know what is best for us. Everyone is colored by his or her life experiences and perceptions.  I always tell my clients that they know best and it is my job to support them in finding the wisdom within.  It is my hope that you learn to hone your intuition.  And it saves you a bunch of money instead of going to psychics!

First, I am going to recommend a regular mindfulness or meditation practice. The more you can clear that mental clutter the easier it is to access your intuition.  Check the archives for an episode on meditation.  I also have lots of suggestions on mindfulness practice that are sprinkled throughout my podcasts.

Opening Your Brain and Intuition

In my previous clutter-free living blog post, I talked about brainstorming.  That helps open and stretch our minds and I believe another way to open us up to our intuition as well.  I also have been shaking things up and doing things differently to be open. For example, instead of working in my office I have been downstairs at the kitchen table or on a warm day on the deck.  Just hoping to shake things up and get my mind stretched and thinking in a new way.

Getting Started

Block off time on your calendar to practice accessing your intuition. Look at it as something fun, not as another thing you have to do. I don’t think that helps if you feel it is a to-do and put you in a good frame of mind.

Create a sacred space. This doesn’t have to be a whole room or some fancy setup.  I have a chair I regularly meditate in. We have moved the chair around and it is still where I choose to meditate. It’s as if my body knows okay, time to slow down and meditate.

I also have an area in my house where I have crystals, sound bowls, and things of that nature. Being in nature is also a great way to connect with intuition as well.  Find what works for you. What do you like or bring you comfort, or peace?  Use that as a starting point for exploration.

I recommend sitting up so you don’t fall asleep. If you are lying down, there is a tendency to do that. I have found that closing my eyes allows me to focus and helps quiet down my ego so I can listen to my soul.

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Play around with ways to access your intuition.
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Here are some ways you can connect to your intuition:

Journal. Just start writing.  Don’t censor yourself. Don’t stop and read.  Just keep writing. You can review it later.

Recall a really positive situation. How does your body feel as you think about it?  Some energy swirling in your palms?  A tingle in your tummy?

Now, recall a negative episode.  How did that feel?  Did your shoulders hunch forward? Did you feel your tummy drop? Record how you felt with each scenario.  Ask a question you are currently looking for guidance on. How did your body respond? You can also ask to be shown how something positive or negative feels.

Ask for guidance. Sit quietly and then listen.  You may not get something right in the moment. It may come when you are in the shower.  Be open and pay attention to listen.

Listen to your dreams. I keep a pad and pen by my bed. When I was single I needed to refinance. Never do a balloon loan by the way although they might have outlawed it.  I had been in business a few years, which is a bad time to ask for a loan.  I had this dream with Daniel Craig in it.  I later had it analyzed and it was her most popular blog post but I am guessing cause it was about Daniel Craig. Anyway, in the dream, Daniel helped me.  The next day I was speaking and after went straight to the bank. The guy that helped me reminded me of Daniel Craig.  I have found the more I honor my intuition the more it shows up.


You can also use a pendulum. You can ask to be shown yes or no.  After you are shown then ask a question you are seeking guidance on. You could also write yes and no on a piece of paper, or two other choices. Put the pendulum over each and see if it stays still or starts moving.

You can get a deck of cards or tarot cards and use them. Most come with directions although many people teach classes.  Think about your question and then pull a card.  I have a chiropractor and in her office, she has a deck of cards and I always pull a card when I am there. I have found that to be very useful.

I also stand up and ask questions. Have my eyes closed?  If you move forward it is a yes, backward a no.

Be open because your intuition may be a whisper and very quiet. It can come in a flash. Pay attention. The more you open your mind, the more your intuition will come.

Sometimes you may need to get distance on whatever you are trying to access information about. I.e. obsessively asking or trying to push to make it happen might not get you an answer. Step outside and away and create space to allow your intuition to breathe.

Do something that brings you joy or space and let your mind meander.  Sometimes your intuition will pop up in the weirdest moments.

Clear Clutter for a Joyful Life
Being in joy can help access your intution.

Honor if something just doesn’t feel right. Might be telling you to change direction. Most women will tell you they have met a guy that just felt like they slimed them. Sorry, guys, I am sure there is something that most men feel.  We have probably all felt that and ignored it.

So, once your intuition gut helps you and gives you the answer take action!!!!

Sometimes it can be confusing to know if that is your intuition or your ego.  If you are coming from fear, it is ego based.  So if you are wondering if you should stay in a relationship. If you are staying because you fear being alone, that is coming from fear.

Your ego will also have external results such as money. Trying to decide on a new job and money seems to be the main reason. This is probably ego based.

Your ego is head based and your soul is heart-based.  Where does it feel like it is coming from?  Your heart falls in love with a guy shorter than you if you always dated taller guys. Your ego dismisses him because of his height, your heart loves him as is.

I would also suggest recording your intuition and you can gain confidence by seeing what you were told and when you took action.

How often do you honor your intuition? What techniques can you try?

Take actions from today’s blog on clearing clutter:

  • Begin a meditation or mindfulness practice
  • Pick one intuition exercise you would like to try
  • Practice your intuition exercise daily for the next 21 days.  Keep a journal if you desire.
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