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Organization Tips Ask a Professional Organizer

Are you a DIY’er but got stuck? Looking for detailed solutions, but don’t want to hire a professional organizer for a block of time? Need a professional organizer to bounce some ideas? Do you need some support in getting organized or clearing clutter but live in an area where there aren’t any professional organizers close by and you don’t want to pay a travel fee?


Sometimes you need a little support or someone to bounce ideas to. Many professional organizers only work in 3 or 4-hour blocks of time and come to your home or office to help with decluttering and/or organizing. I know that sometimes I simply need a little support and don’t need to hire someone for a full job. That’s why I created my mini, focused coaching Office Hours to give people the opportunity to ask a professional organizer about decluttering, organization tips, and questions about how to organize your home, life, and more.

The Office Hours consultation can be done in one or two-hour blocks. I have found that it is rare that all questions, even for one project, can be answered in an hour, so I suggest two hours as many times, other challenges come up that need to be addressed.

Prior to our consulting session, I send out a short assessment for you to fill out. I encourage people to be very clear in what they would like to address and to already have created a list of questions they would like to ask. My experience has been that people who utilize my Office Hours Ask a Professional Organizer are already fairly organized and not overwhelmed by clutter and are able to focus and know what problems they are seeking solutions for.

Don’t be embarrassed!  Virtual organizing office house are available  via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts on Air.

virtual organizing office hours ask a professional organizer

Julie is amazing. I was one of those people drowning in paperwork. It had gotten so bad that I had stacks (and bags and boxes) of paper I hadn’t gone through in years … I was afraid to. Julie made the process so easy. She helped me sort all of my paperwork and eased me through the process of recycling what I didn’t need. And then she created a sorting and filing system that I am still maintaining to this day. I feel like a two ton weight has lifted off of me. Like I said, she’s amazing.

K.Taylor, Los Angeles

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