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Are you starting a new podcast and feeling a little lost? Have you thought about starting a business but not sure what you need to do? Are you a professional organizer looking to incorporate more of you in to your business with success?

Julie Coraccio focuses her business coaching on:

  • podcasting and leisure podcast coaching (teaching you how to create & build your podcast);
  • professional organizers  (showing you how to begin & grow your business) and
  • solopreneur coach & spiritual entrepreneur coaching (finding your niche and getting it all done.)
  • consciousness spiritual coach (making sure your beliefs and values are reflected in your business.)

What’s most important to Julie is that you receive customized coaching.  One-size-fits-all all approaches, standard forms, and cliche advice won’t support you in finding success.  Julie takes a holistic approach and examines your entire life to suggest changes. You may be given homework assignments such as writing down what your ideal client looks like, working on your 30-second summary of what you do, or saying no to something you don’t want to do that week.

Business coaching to support you in success!

Julie’s business and solopreneur coaching include:

    • 75-minute session
    • Homework assignments
    • Limited e-mail support in between sessions
    • One appointment or as many as you desire.

Julie, when I pondered how to put my feelings into words about this video, it came to me that this is a Classic. I don’t think anything important or beneficial was left out. It’s of wholeness, and one feels your human experience in dealing with your own doubts and that therefore, “you speak our language” and do it with compassion and love and the firmness of a leader saying, “Come on, troops, you can do this!” I am going to be watching this classic over and over and sharing it with loved ones and kindred spirits. Thank you and bless you. I feel great affection for you because you have the courage to be self-revealing in order to help others. I think you’re using your gifts–the things you came here to give your world–very well. ♡♡♡

Sue Leigh, YouTube comment on “Destroying Your Doubt”

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