What are you putting up with that isn’t good for you? Where have people crossed a boundary with you? How are you letting the little things get in the way of the more important stuff? Learn how to forget that stuff.

Where do you need to say forget that stuff? Where do you need to release what others are telling or suggesting you do?

How many times have we let others or our perceptions’ dictate what we will or will not do? It’s time to release it.

Why would be hesitant to say forget that stuff?


Letting Go of Other’s Stuff

You may be seeking other’s approval. I’m a reformed people pleaser/ doormat. Not only is living this way exhausting it’s also suffocating.

Consider writing down how you feel.  Did anyone say anything to you to make you feel that way?  Does being around a certain person make you feel not so great?  What can you discover when you write down your feelings?

You are on autopilot

You know I am a huge on this.  Become aware and get off autopilot.  This can be a challenge, but it can be done. Quit going through the motions or you will repeat what you haven’t learned.

Become very aware of your thoughts. See my earlier blog this month on positive self-talk.

How can you approach people differently? Instead of automatically saying yes every time sue asks for something say you will get back to her.

Do you need to let go of any relationships?  Instead of hanging around with people that aren’t healthy become less available.

Don’t see these as bad things. What can you learn from your experiences?  What can you do differently? How can you have better boundaries and know when it is time to forget that stuff?


Be concerned with your opinion

You can’t change anyone else. You can only change how you respond.

Remember, you can live your life from a place of love, still have boundaries and still be kind and respectful.  Worry about you. Others reactions are based on their issues, challenges, beliefs, etc.  Concentrate on how you respond and behave.

Quit seeing yourself as a victim

It’s common for people who feel they are being influenced by others to blame these people. It’s not their fault, it’s yours. Work on the relationship you have with yourself.  PATRICK STORY

Dig deeper.  Why do you want to please people and do what others want? What has happened to shape your behavior?  When you take steps the other person will change or go away.

Remember, we create our reality. Try and not waste your energy stewing on the bad actions of others (I am struggling with this right now with all the junk that went on my women’s group. I was hurt at a really deep level and I know it will take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you!

Bless them or do what I do and think of something pleasant when they pop into your mind.  If you continue to see yourself as a victim you will just create more situations that prove to you that is true.


You cannot please everyone

Trust me. I can’t do this in my personal life, with my business or with this podcast. For some this is too short others too long. I don’t worry about it. What I do will speak to you or it won’t.  It’s all good.  I do my thing and don’t worry about it. Yes, I am always open to constructive criticism, but otherwise let it go.

When you catch yourself starting to try and please someone say forget that stuff. You can do the swear words, or in your Oprah voice or how wonder woman would do it or a ninja warrior. Have fun with it! Own it!

Take actions from today’s decluttering blog on how to declutter your life

  • Discover where you are on autopilot when it comes to doing what others desire instead of what you desire.
  • What stuff do you need to forget?
  • Who do you need to let go and quit trying to please?
  • Think about what you have learned from your experiences and write it down.
  • Stop seeing yourself as a victim
  • Say forget that stuff when you need to and follow through!

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