Lessons Learned from COVID-19: How Did You Do?

Lessons Learned from COVID-19: It was a challenging time for many, but what did you learn about yourself during COVID-19? Did you act how you thought you would or were you surprised? How well do you think friends, family, your community and the world responded? Learn to be aware of what you discovered about yourself and more

Take actions Lessons Learned from COVID-19:

  • Determine what you learned about yourself during a challenging time.
  • Suss out what you found out about your community
  • Contemplate what you learned about friends, family
  • Write down what is most important for you after this time
  • Apply what you learned moving forward
  • Focus on what really matters

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Transcript  Lessons Learned from COVID-19

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Today on clear your clutter inside now, we’re talking about lessons learned during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What did you learn about yourself?

Did you act out you thought you would? Or were you surprised? How well do you think friends, family, your community in the world responded? Learn to be aware of what you discovered about yourself and more as we wrap up our month focusing on teamwork. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started. Growing up, I played sports and so on. An analogy that was always used as was that you’re only as good as your weakest link. So I wanted to include this live coaching session I did for this month because it’s about teamwork. I think the virus taught us that how quickly things can spread across the world. If we don’t work together as a team, if we’re fighting each other, then we aren’t going to be successful. And I just thought it was really important to share. We have people incredibly divided. I think that actually, from what I’ve read, the division isn’t as, as great as some people may make it. I think there’s a small contingency that believe, a really extremist view on both sides of the issue. And I saw a really wonderful graphic, and it said, You know, I can be in the middle, I can think that we need still need restrictions, I can think I need to be safe and then I can think that we need to open for business again and just saying that you know that there were definite parts to two different sides of it and that you could embrace all of that. So, again, I’m going to be doing a episode next month on tribalism because I think it is something that is very troubling to me. But today are just stuff for you to chew on. You know, I’m big into this. I’m big into being aware. And you really learn who people are as well as yourself when a crisis happens, right, because everything goes away and the true nature comes out. I saw people willing to sacrifice others but they weren’t offering themselves up. It’s alright for you as a 25 year old to say, Hey, I don’t care if anyone over 70 dies. Well, you know what my parents are over 70 I have lots of people over 70 I love and when you post something on social media, I can show you in 50 years that person’s post is going to be presented to them again. I saw people who did things for free, and those who price gouge and look for a way to make money Easy buck again, crisis tells you who people are. I saw people who are selfless and about community and those who are selfish and all about themselves. How did you fare? Remember, it’s not about judgment, it’s an honest assessment. So you can learn where you can be the best version of you, because that’s what this is all about clearing your clutter, to share your gifts with the world. So these were just some my observations and lessons learned. And hopefully, it’ll give you something to contemplate. What I like to do, because it’s a stressful time for all of us is share good news. You know, for instance, when I saw people singing on the balconies, I thought, all the good stuff that’s happening despite this pandemic, today, I’m just going to share a couple of good things from my own life. And some really good things happen. And I think it’s important to share and I also want to share some things that I learned that I think might benefit some people listening or watching First of all good news is my relative is being discharged from the hospital today. He does not have COVID-19 he had a lung transplant. So there was a worry that he did. So that is just great news all around. I feel for families that have a loved one people that have a loved one going through this because as I read about it, there’s a great article in new york times yesterday and they’re doing anything COVID related this free, they’ve taken off the paywall, and they talked about how a healthy man in his 50s was

the process

of I think he was on the ventilator almost a month and they showed x rays have his chest and you don’t want white on a long X ray and the doctors had said it was probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen but almost completely white and touching going all the things they did to save them. So if you Google that you can probably find that article but was very inspiring. So my relatives out of the hospital today so excited about that. Also, I was contacted by three grad students out from the University of Iowa. Washington. And they interviewed me last week about what I do and had all these great questions. Once they have their final project, if it’s okay with them, I’d love to share them. It was exciting to be interviewed about what I do. And I was even more excited because these young women were very intelligent, ready to use technology and other things as a way to change the world. That’s their project that they’re working on. I’m not quite right about that. But that’s the best juice that I can give you. And it gave me hope. Seeing people who cared, seeing people who are interested in learning more that always makes me excited. And finally, the

last bit of good news is,

I had to go to the ER on Thursday night. And I want to share this because I want it to serve as a reminder, so I was having trouble breathing. I was sitting with Gus and all of a sudden I couldn’t catch my breath. And I couldn’t take deep breaths. Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d COVID-19 because the good news was Joey pooped outside the litter box and I could smell it. And you might have heard losing sense of taste and losing sense of smell are some of the symptoms of having it so they didn’t feel but I like said to Tony so I need to get to the ER so let me I ran a bath first and said let me get some essential oils and see if that helps and maybe I’m just anxious, didn’t think I was having a panic attack I unfortunately have had those. So went to the ER went to the ER that was closest to our older house because that’s where I felt comfortable. I knew I’d get good care. So a shout out to Duke Raleigh on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, and I’ve already updated my Google review thanking Dr to our awesome nurse Iris. So what I want to share is and I struggled because we have COVID-19 patients I you know, I don’t want to take resources from anyone who might be more sick than I am and what they told me at the ER and I want to share with you is If you’re having trouble breathing, you go to the ER, just there’s no question. So the good news was we hung out for a bit. I was grateful Tony was able to come back with me. It was a ghost town with the ER, well, I shouldn’t say that. There’s only one other person in the waiting room and they’re waiting to leave. But they checked me in, didn’t ask for money. I know the bills come in. I’m not worried about that. But they’re trying to cut down, got me back. And the good news was I was having an allergy induced asthma attack. So I now have an inhaler. And they gave me one that’s very cool. It’s got a long thing. And for whatever reason, I am able to use it. I had great care and the nurse. Iris was a rock star because when she came in to do the inhaler with me, she’d put on a cap mother all on TV and protective gear. And I said, Oh, did I ever sent you? And she said, Yeah, I were sent me and she said, You’re pretty good to work with. She walked out and Tony says to me, that was our smells like no it wasn’t. And then she came back then and Iris I didn’t recognize we had a cat. She had very distinctive hair. And when I didn’t see that, and I think because I’m, you know, a little bit out of it. Anyway, good news is, it was an allergy induced asthma attack. They don’t think I have adult onset asthma, but I have inhaler. And I’m drinking my nettles tea, which helps with the long so I’m gonna do a little more research on that and asking my plant medicine class, and if there’s something else that maybe can help but nettles helps with allergies. The other thing I wanted to share is if you have allergies now those who live in the south will understand that in for about three weeks March, April, depending on the season we are coated with yellow pollen. I mean it’s seriously disgusting. And I thought well, once that goes, we’re good to go. Not true at all. My doctor said My son has asthma she’s like it’s even though it’s nasty. The worst pollen comes after that because I now have spring and fall allergies and they’ve only gotten worse. So I share that with you because I didn’t know that and we had gone walking for three days straight. I’m like we have to get out pollens gone. Let’s get going. And so the pollen allergies worse. The other thing I would say to you is that we learned from a friend we don’t there was a blight of trees. And so when all these trees died, they planted again, but they only planted male it mainly planted planted male, and so they didn’t plant enough females. So they’re all these males tree and waiting to pollinate and they produce all this pollen for it to find its female counterpart. And it’s not existing. And so while we were in New York friend sent us this picture, and it was probably one of those things where they speed it up, but it has a gust of wind and it’s in black and white. So you can see the pollen. The pollen created from one three was incredible. So I just share that with you. If you’ve noticed your allergies getting worse that that might be the reason why

so that’s my good news.

Are you always comparing yourself

How are you not honoring yourself? You spend time God Would you like to share your gifts with the world? get control of your clutter, so your clutter doesn’t control you. reclaim time, money, sanity and resources. Spiritual got clutter 365 journal prompts support you in clearing your spiritual clutter, free gift with purchase to support you even more, and your journey to declutter your life. So the main course I wanted to share what I’ve learned from the COVID-19 we have been for the most part on lockdown since March 3 fourth, wherever the first case in North Carolina was. We tend to be home bodies but I think I’ve definitely learned stuff in this time. And I had something happen yesterday I’m still digesting it will be a lesson learned. For me. I lost my cool basically it’s someone at the grocery store and I will post it A group I belong to got some interesting feedback. And that will be an episode at some point. It’s going to be tied in perhaps to my episode in September, it’s going to want to September talking about tribalism. But anyway, here are some of the lessons I just wrote a quick list that I love my husband Now that might make you go, Well, that’s kind of dumb. When I’ve worked with couples, decluttering and organizing. A lot of times it’s been my experience that the clutter and the disorganization represent a deeper issue, but that the deeper issue can be avoided by having to clutter, bring an organizing. And I know that I’m exhausted from a lot of this, and I’ve been a little short tempered with my husband. But what I’ve learned throughout this process is even though we’re homebodies, and we both are a little bit mainly introverted, we have a good solid marriage. And I’m grateful for this. And I think for many, this will, this time will be a challenge. So I’m grateful that I’ve learned that I know that I have Learned I really need to spend quality with each of the cats quality time each cats with days, that’s really important. And one thing I’ve honored since I’ve been at home and nini especially will usually in the afternoon, say, hey, I need some attention. So I’m honoring that and going forward to the best of my ability. I’m going to honor that. I love learning. So I’ve been taking this plant medicine class, and I haven’t done anything in a while and we’ve got gosh, I’ve got six books. I have so much to do. I mean, in a good way, I can’t get over the incredible amount of information that the teacher has shared with me. I mean, I can’t it hasn’t even been a month. And what I’ve learned has been phenomenal. So I’ve forgotten how much I really enjoy. Hey, Rose, thanks for joining us. So I discovered I love learning. I discovered I like tea. So it’s kind of the whole point of plant medicine is we usually make a chord a tea each day to drink I’m drinking nettles to help with my lungs. So I discovered I love tea and hadn’t taken the class. I’ve been isolation Might have not had the time to discover that. I’ve also learned who I’m not going to do business with again. Now my brother actually wrote an interesting post on LinkedIn today, which he said, You know, when he did a program and have someone said, Wow, I didn’t realize small business owners are so great. I always thought they were bad, which shocked me Actually, I’ve heard people rail against Corporation, but I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about a small business owner. And so the I’m frustrated many people I know did not get the help that the government so many small businesses, I fear for them. And just because you can do something doesn’t mean you can now my brother’s perspective on making payroll, and if you’re on LinkedIn, Justin Seibert wrote a really good post on that, and I said, thanks for that perspective. But, for example, if Ruth Chris’s has a ton of money and can meet payroll and they took 10 million I mean, I know that they believe they gave it back but I don’t know why you take it in the first place. If you haven’t resources. Now again, if I learn, they do a follow up, or some press release, I want to read it and educate myself. But I’ve really learned in this time, again, just because you do something you can’t and I worry about all the small businesses out there. And again, if there’s any way you can support small business, please do it. I’ve learned a lot about who people really are, how people handle a crisis situation. You know, some people have started to open up, be open to different few key points. And I always try to do this and my perfect not by longshot, but I’ve also learned who’s closed down even more, which is just fascinating to me. And so I’ve learned when people just it doesn’t matter can’t doesn’t matter. Just facts don’t matter. And so it is fascinating me people who are like, you know what, maybe I need to rethink this. And people are just like,

put the hands up.

I’ve learned that I really need to rest and recharge on a regular basis. You know, I slept in though I think maybe 930 today And so that’s been really important. So I know that I have to make regular use of that. I don’t think I was getting enough sleep and not driving anywhere for the most part limited runs. So I have extra time for sleep. I have been cooking more and making stuff you know, we got rid of all that package stuff in February. So I’m making my own spices and you know, I think I was in this mindset like go takes too much time. Well, so what I do is I used to do prep day on Sunday, although I think today it’ll be Monday, I make a loaf of keto bread. It’s actually pretty good. I just make crackers for I’ve made two batches of crackers. The first one was a hot mess. You’re making crackers. Don’t use a pizza cutter use a knife to cut that. So I’ve learned that I’m actually a decent cook like I made something last night Tony wanted chicken so I just made some cauliflower rice and did some different spices and you know not anything that they’re going to serve at a fancy restaurant, but he liked it. And so I’ve been cooking more that’s obviously really healthy and when we get settled again Learned I definitely want to garden. So that’s been great that I have the time for that. And I have the ability to cook.

I’ve learned that exercise

is really important. And as we haven’t been getting a lot, and, you know, hopefully I’ll get to a place where I can get outside and walk again, once I can breathe easier, that that’s really important to me just not only is a physical, but also the mental. That helps relieve stress. I have learned big time that I have less tolerance for BS. And one of the things I always try to do is understand other people’s perspective, and to be kind, but I have, I guess, would say I have a caveat to that. Now many like people aren’t willing to think for themselves or if they’re not willing to fact check in an example use someone posted in a group I’m in the other day that there have been zero deaths in North Carolina from COVID-19. And that’s simply it’s almost 300 I believe, or over three and that’s simply an factual statement and I’ve learned I have zero tolerance for anyone who tries to spread disinformation and purposely harm people. And this man hadn’t created the chart but it looked like a legitimate chart and the graphics You see, but someone’s putting out that information and that can get can harm people and so I have let go of any kindness or tolerance on that. Social media I wrote a little note to myself social media is the devil that’s from if you ever watch Bobby Bouchard was at the waterboy with Adam Sandler and and they mama said, that’s the devil that you know, so I’m sorry, I just that maybe makes me laugh a little Happy Gilmore, my favorite. But I’ve just really decided that I hope we use social media less I know I’m very aware of it and trying to cut down so that’s what I’ve learned. I’ve learned that my hard work pays off. There are times when I feel like you know you do all this and then

that hard work pays off.

So those were just some of the things that I’ve learned during that time to COVID-19. And so, what I would ask or suggest for you to do is look within what have you learned about yourself. During this time, I’ve shared things that I’ve learned about myself, take some time to write down your thoughts. I’m a big fan of journaling, it allows you to kind of get to what you’re really feeling. Just start to write, don’t censor it. Don’t worry, just let the thoughts flow. Some of the things you might want to examine if you’ve learned during this period, what’s important to you? What you really need, not what you want, what our needs for you.

What you

can’t live without, you know, I

think I couldn’t live without nature if I was in a place like our old place backed up to busy street, thankfully of trees, but I need more of where I’m in now surrounded by nature.

Examine your relationships.

What have you learned about how You have reacted how other people reacted? How is your your closest relationships doing? If you’re in a romantic relationship? How are those doing? So I’d encourage you examine that yourself your relationship. Look at your family.


it doesn’t matter. What I would say in suggest to you is get quiet with yourself. Sit, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes. What have I learned about my family? What have I learned about my community? What have I learned? What I mean mentally, financially, spiritually, emotionally, look at all of those subjects. And really dig in deep and ask yourself, what have I learned? And again, kind of the basic questions that I’ve talked about, about myself what’s important?

What’s not important?

What do I really need? What can I let go of? How have my actions reflected? How have my actions affected my company? How they affected my family. Taking that self awareness and broadening it to your neighborhood, your community, your country, wherever. So I’d encourage you take some time to reflect on

what you’re thinking

and feeling throughout this process and what you’ve learned and take those lessons and build upon them. And remember, no judgement. There’s no right or wrong here. You need to focus. Remember that you are taking a step you’re taking action to move forward in your life so gently and lovingly, examine what you’ve learned, and then how can you take action and apply it to everyday life. So for example, if you learn that you are, it’s very important to you that you meditate every day, then building into your schedule that you allow for at least 10 minutes or whatever amount of time works for you to meditate if you No need to exercise again. Commit to blocking out three or five days a week to exercise If you’ve learned, you know what I really need to connect with my spouse every day, then you make that a priority and you plan on doing that. So I’d love to know your thoughts what lessons you’ve learned, share them,

and tell me what’s going on.

take actions from today’s podcast did determine what you learned about yourself during this challenging time.

suss out what you found out about your community.

contemplate what you learned about friends and family. Right down what you learn is most important to you, after this pandemic,

apply what you learn moving forward.

Focus on what really matters.

Next month, we’re talking about a little bit of this and a little bit of that Go out. Clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world.

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