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Joy Robbers

Is there someone in your life that robs you of your joy? When you express a passion or interest do they immediately put it down? We have all heard “artists can’t make enough to live”? Do they poo poo your talents “you are too short to be a model?” If people aren’t sharing in your enthusiasm, then you may need to rethink your relationships. I have learned who my inner circle is and with whom I share my joy and the people I’m definitely not sharing any good news. Sometimes you have to censor yourself if it is a relationship you need to keep, like with a family member.


Now ask yourself if you are a joy robber? If you were making cookies with a young child and they made a mess would you focus on that or bring it back to the joy of making cookies together? Do you support people and tell them to go for it and they can do it or do you come up with reasons why it isn’t a good idea. Be a joy supporter, not a joy robber.


Sometimes It Really Is the Little Things

I used to think that life was centered around these big moments of joy (think Oprah: you get a car, you get a car, you get a car…) As I have gotten older, I have found that small things really do bring me joy. We adopted another cat and it has taken a while for them to integrate. The first time they sniffed noses without hissing or growling I thought I was going to faint I was so happy! And the first time we all napped together? You would think I won the lottery. I told anyone who listened to how happy I was that the cats had started to move in the right direction.


If you are struggling to find joy, try and focus on something small. Maybe you find looking at art makes you happy which may lead you to take a painting class and discover an untapped talent. Or a child’s smile might warm your heart and lead you to find a job working with kids.

I also have found that joy does not have to be this intense emotion. While my joy with the cats was very emotional, joy is also a feeling of contentment for me. Reading the Sunday paper with my husband brings me joy, but not the kind that gets me dancing.


Please share what joy you fond of. I would love to hear!


Who are the joy robbers in your life? How do they rob your joy? Are you a joy robber? Why are you stealing happiness from someone?



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