Joy Robbers: Who Is Living in Your Heart and Head That Shouldn’t Be?

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Joy Robbers: Who is Stealing Your Happiness?

Start the year off well. Who do you need to release in your life that is stealing your peace of mind? Who are you allowing into your space that you shouldn’t?



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Welcome to January started the month. Now I had recorded the first couple episodes I had said I wasn’t going to do a bonus episode. And then I thought, You know what? I really want to have a short reminder. When it’s done, I’m just gonna call it probably thought of the month. But there’s something really important I wanted to share. And I thought it’s January. I don’t think that I’ll do this every month. When we were flying back from our trip, went on a trip to celebrate turn in the Big Five Oh, there’s this really cranky old man and he was incredibly rude to the passengers. But he let his anger out on the flight attendant and are so bothered and end up writing Delta customer service, ended up talking to the woman but she was on the other side at 50. I’ve decided if I see something that’s really unjust, or cruel, I’m gonna stand up. Now people are still falling in the plane. And so I couldn’t yell across. So the next time I saw flight at They’re passing out the headphones and all that. I said, I have to apologize on behalf of that man. And I described the flight attendant. And what happened. I said, I’m really bothered by that. And he said, Oh, he did the same thing to me when I was helping a passenger. And then he said to me, I’m not going to allow him to steal my joy. How powerful is that? I have to tell you if I was a flight attendant.

First of all, I couldn’t make it through training. Second amount to chunky. And finally, I would probably be fired after the first day of work, because I think it’s a combination of being 50. And just, I’m tired of the BS. And in my view, she could have made a gesture. She could have matched his energy and what I mean by that is, yelled right back. He was yelling at her and she could have matched energy and yelled right back because usually that gets people to pause for a second and maybe make them aware of what they’re doing. Anyway. How powerful is that? I’m not going to allow him to steal my joy. Who are you allowing to steal your joy? I know for me if you’ve been a longtime listener, those neighbors that drove me nuts, stealing my joy, but I allowed it, and I allowed it. So I have to own it. They were living rent free, taking up space, valuable space in my mind and creating mental clutter. So who are you allowing to steal your joy? And throughout 20 to 20? I want you to ask her this. So often, you find yourself worried or stressing over something someone said or how someone treated you? are you allowing them to steal your joy? And then I want you to bring it back. Take some deep breaths, do some meditation ground, whatever it is to bring you back and say why am I allowing them to do this? Why am I allowing them to steal my joy? And then do something to redirect your energy? Again, whether it’s meditating deep breathing, taking a bubble bath, talking to someone about it Be very aware of who you are allowing to steal your joy and live rent free in your head and then let them go. Make this year the year you don’t allow anyone to steal your joy. Go out, clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire


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Joy robbers: Who is stealing your happiness?


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