Inside Home Spring Cleaning Tips to Welcome Spring

Spring is a wonderful time to release clutter and get organized. We will be focusing on clearing clutter in all areas because when you clear the outside you support clearing the inside and vice versa.

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Releasing Physical Clutter

With the change of seasons, now is a great time to spring clean your wardrobe.

First, block out time for your physical Spring Cleaning. Block out more time than you think you will need, because most people underestimate the amount of time it takes to complete Spring Cleaning. If you overestimate how long it will take, then you’ll have more time to do something fun!

If you can devote the time, I would encourage you to do a top to bottom cleaning of your home. If the weather is nice, open the windows and get some fresh air coming it to help release all of that winter air that might be stale.

If you don’t already, gather all of your cleaning supplies and keep them contained. As you will be going all over the house, a carrying caddy or a container with wheels is easiest! Have an all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, bleach, duster, oil soap for wood, specialty cleaners (such as granite sealant) gloves and sponges. If you are trying to be more eco friendly, lemon, vinegar and baking soda are basics found in many recipes. I have also been using essential oils. I have one called thieves which I use in cleaning.

Inside Home Spring Cleaning Tips: Make a List

I like to have a list of cleaners that I use regularly. I’ve found one’s that work really well (cleaning cat vomit and poop anyone?) and trust me, there have been times I’ve forgotten what I’ve used. If there are certain brands you like, write them down and keep them handy, like on an app on your phone.

I also encourage you to try out natural cleaners if you’re open. A lot of people worry about indoor pollution now as it’s been found to be just as harmful, if not more, than outside pollution. Many times you already have ingredients lying around (like lemon and vinegar) that you can easily mix and use.

Making it A Family Affair

Let’s be honest, cleaning can be a drag. I encourage you to hire someone if you’re not going to do it or get the whole family involved. If you’re single, consider asking friends for help and that you’ll give them some elbow grease when they need help with cleaning. Not only will it be more fun with multiple people, but you can also have fun and get your clearing done in less time!


What cleaners do you use for Spring Cleaning? What cleaners do you need to purchase? Would you like to try natural cleaners?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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