Increasing Awareness to Declutter Your Life & Find Joy

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What Are You Doing for Increasing Awareness?

What has been invaluable for me, when working with coaches and healers, has been that with their support I’ve been able to increase my awareness and mindfulness. Holidays are a great time to increase your awareness. The more aware you are, the easier it is to navigate life. The easier life is, the less stress you have. Life is also more enjoyable and fulfilling because you can release what is unimportant.

Increase Your Awareness to Change Your Life

How well do you know yourself? How aware are you of yourself? Your family? Friends?

When I work with clients, it’s often digging deeper so that they can create more awareness. The more aware you are the easier it is to release clutter. Most of us run on autopilot. Many don’t make the time for examining their lives and becoming more aware. Today we are focusing on ways increasing our awareness can help us release clutter. I am going to encourage you to not limit increasing your awareness to clutter, though. Most of us have many areas where we would benefit from increasing our awareness. I consider myself a work in progress and I hope you view oyur self the same way. Do the best you can each day.


Physical: Increase Awareness

The more awareness you have the easier you can release clutter. If you aren’t using something you can let it go.

I did an episode called What’s your Kryptonite where I talk about discovering where you get stuck easily. For me it’s beauty samples and leopard print, so I have to be extra diligent when I am around either of those.

Can go even deeper? I had a client who had a stack of newspaper articles and magazine clippings about 3 feet tall. I asked her what it was and she said they were articles she was waiting to send to people. I asked her how long she had it. It had been around two or three years. As we talked she made the connection that she felt that if she didn’t keep in contact like this (sending the articles) that her friends and family wouldn’t love her. As soon as she voiced this, she knew it wasn’t true and we were able to recycle the whole pile.

Of course, there are more layers, but you get the idea of how you can gain more awareness. The more aware you become, it’s easier to release what doesn’t serve you.


Increase Awareness: Mental

The present moment is the point of power to create and change your life.

If you become aware of whether you are present or living in the past or the future, that’s a first step. You become more aware of where you are living. Taking that further, you can become aware you spend most of your time in the past. When you realize that, take it to another level. Why are you spending most of your time in the past? What are the patterns you have developed? Maybe you need to speak up for yourself or have better boundaries. Now that you are aware of that, what action can you take?

In Part 2 on increasing awareness, we’ll look at emotional and spiritual awareness.


How will you become more aware of your physical clutter? How about your mental clutter? 

Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!


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