Have you found yourself asking about how to trust your inner wisdom? Is it your voice criticizing you or someone else’s?  Do you regularly hear your voice or that of a parent, teacher, or friend? How do you release that little voice that isn’t yours? Learn how to clear some mental clutter.

I work on asking myself that and also ask my clients.  I know that I have been influenced by others. And at times too much. Honestly, I have been fighting and spending time getting someone’s voice out of my head. Some really aware of, some not as much, especially when I was younger or

To the best of my knowledge, this comes from access consciousness. I haven’t taken any of their classes and it might be called something else in another teaching that is just worded differently

The people who taught me to ask myself this, though we’re taught by access consciousness. I haven’t studied. And it looks like they might have tweaked the phrase. I am passing along what I was taught and used.

How well do you trust your inner wisdom?

This week, examine your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Ask yourself whose voice is that?  If it doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t your voice.  If we are really coming from our soul, it should feel good, don’t you think?

I had an art teacher in Junior High who always gave me bad grades. For a long time too afraid to do art because I thought I was awful. I discovered it when I was a nanny taking class, pretty good.  Picking it back up again.  My mom discovered in her 50s she is/was a pretty good watercolor painter. All their Christmas cards are her original art.

Do you have something similar in your life where the voice is not yours?  Is there something you are struggling with or dealing with right now? Something you are critical about?  That may be a good place to start to practice.

I was taught when you discover it isn’t your voice, return to the sender with love.  So, when I sense something that my previous teacher said to me that isn’t my truth I visualize sending it back to her and say with love. I always also like to have gratitude that it is coming up to be released as well. I say something like “I am grateful this has come up so I can heal and move forward.”

It doesn’t really matter whose voice it is. In the past, I would have wanted to examine the heck out of this. I am going to encourage you not to go down that road to discover whose voice it is. Because does it really matter? What is important is that you heal and release the thoughts feelings and emotions that don’t belong to you.  Now, if it really is important then take the time to figure it out. There are always layers, though, so it might be someone else’s voice not who you first think.

You’ll feel lighter &. more joyful when you listen to your inner wisdom.

Pay attention if you are picking up the feelings of others.  For example, you could be in a great mood and then your negative co-worker bops in, and all of a sudden you’re a crank monster.   That has zero to do with you!  That isn’t you that is someone else’s energy that you are picking up on or is getting in your field.

Remember, you have a choice to decide if it is your voice or someone else’s.

When that not-so-great feeling thought or emotion comes up, what can you replace it with? I have been doing affirmations daily.  Be in the Present moment as much as possible.  You can return to the sender. Also, use gratitude to heal.

Check out episode 159 Destroying Your Doubt from January 2017 if you could use a little more support.

Whose voice do you hear? It is yours or someone else’s? How can you find your authentic voice?

Take actions from today’s blog on how to trust your inner wisdom:

  • Spend the next week monitoring your feelings, emotions and thoughts.
  • When a negative or unpleasant thought comes up, ask whose voice is that?
  • Return to sender with love and have gratitude.
  • Pay attention when taking on emotions and feeling and thoughts of others in the present.
  • Replace the thoughts emotions feelings that aren’t yours with affirmation or whatever rings true to you.

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