Have you often wondered how to simplify the holidays? Are you overwhelmed every holiday season?  Have you considered running away from it all just to avoid all the stress that the holidays bring?  Do you love the holidays but find they have gotten away from the true spirit?

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Today’s blog was inspired because I like to enjoy the holidays! I’ve discovered when I do what really matters the most to me, I can enjoy the holidays more. I see so many people stressed out, my clients, friends, and strangers! We’d all be better off if we are less stressed. 

Suggestions to Do Less During the Holidays

  • Do less. Email a holiday card instead of printing and sending your holiday cards. Or send an already created card from somewhere like Blue Mountain.  Support a local bakery instead of baking 12 different kinds of cookies.  Slim down the number of parties you attend. Where can you do less?  Where are you really miserable and overbooked and overloaded? What one thing can you eliminate that would give you peace of mind?
  • Buy less or buy used or don’t give gifts. Don’t wake up in January with credit card hangover. If you have a big family, can you buy for one person? Can you opt out of the Secret Santa at work this year? Can you make the suggestion to donate to a family in need this year?
How-Can-I-Reduce-My Holiday-Stress?
  • Be green or eco friendly where you can: repurpose, repair, reuse, rethink, and recycle. (Check out my blog for more suggestions.) Going green saves you time and money and is fun. For decorations look to the outside instead of more Made in China stuff. If you’re doing a lot of entertaining, buy in bulk to save resources.
  • Smiles, hugs, encouragement are all free and they can really make a difference to someone during the holidays. What can you give for free this holiday season?
  • Rethink traditions. What is meaningful to you? What do you really desire to do? So many people are trapped in doing what they don’t want to do; for them they are outdated traditions.  Maybe you’d really like to go to a cabin in the woods and spend time in nature. Do what feeds your soul.
  • Less physical stuff: decorations, food, events, gift, etc. The inside is reflected on the outside and our physical belongings effect our mental, emotional and spiritual states as well as our finances, health and relationships.
  • Take time for reflection. What’s the reason for the season for you? Gratitude is great any time of year. Maybe this is a time to reflect on your year, what changes you’d like to make and how you’d like to move forward in the New Year.

If you are really getting into simplifying the holidays,  where else can you simplify? Relationships? Clothes? Finances? Health?  The more you simplify the easier life comes up.


Take Actions from Today’s decluttering blog on how to simplify the holidays:

  • Decide where you could simplify for the holiday season;
  • If you have a lot of resistance to simplifying can you figure out where that comes from?;
  • Create an action plan and small steps you will take to reduce;
  • Choose where you could be eco friendly; and
  • Reflect on where else you could simplify your life pre or post holiday

What can you simplify? What are your priorities? Where else in your life can you simplify?

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