How to Pick a Professional Organizer or Declutter’er Part 1

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How do I find a professional organizer?

I was asked this question the other day and thought, hey, this would make a great blog. More often than not, I’m asked by people what to look for when hiring a professional organizer.


Look for part 2 next week with more tips for finding a professional organizer.


Here are some things to consider when hiring a professional organizer or someone to work with decluttering your home.


If you are hesitating on hiring someone, I would encourage you to ask yourself some questions. How long have you had the clutter or been disorganized? Have you tried to deal with it in the past but were not successful? What is the clutter and/or disorganization costing you: money, time, peace of mind? I have had many clients tell me they wish they didn’t wait so long before calling someone for support. It’s a new year and a great time to finally move forward if you have been hesitating.


Price. This may be a factor for you. Most websites will list prices. Ask if they have specials. If you are really motivated, one session with a professional may be all you need. I encourage you to look at not only hiring a PO as an investment, but anything that you would do to improve your life—take a class, hire a coach. Many times we can get caught up in price and forget the long-term benefits.


Memberships. There are memberships such as the National Association of Professional Organizers. I used to belong to it, but ,for me, I didn’t get much benefit and it made no sense to continue. But, if that’s important to you, research the different types of organizations and find someone who belongs. If you are open and find someone you are considering, ask them why they don’t belong. It might give you a different perspective of why someone would choose not to belong to a professional trade organization.


Location. If you need someone to physically come to your home, make sure they service your area. Ask if there are additional fees for travel time.


Confidentiality If this is important to you, ask. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone violate a client’s confidence, but if you have concerns share them. I share client stories to illustrate different points, but I always change the details and circumstances so no identity will be revealed. Sharing personal stories is a great tool for people.

Also, think about:

Contract or Agreement. Most Professional Organizers will have a contract they want you to sign. Read over and ask any questions. This should spell out things such as hourly rate, any travel time, what they will provide you-for example, when I finish working with a client I give them a Clutter Control Plan. That’s outlined in the agreement. This document can protect you as well as the professional organizer.


Assessment. When a client and I agree to work together, I send over an assessment. I like to hit the ground running. This is something I would look for so that your organizer will be creating a game plan for you.


Remember, you are part of the team even if you’re not working side by side by the person. Decluttering and organizing take time—what you see on T.V. is not realistic.

End of Life Organizing Session

What to look for in picking a professional organizer.

Which of these suggestions is most important to you? Do you need an in home professional organizer or could you work with one virtually?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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