How to Pick a Professional Declutter’er or Professional Organizer Part 2

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How Do I Choose a Professional Declutter’er ?

Don’t forget to check out part one on finding a professional organizer for more tips.

What do I need to consider for a professional declutter’er or professional organizer?

Here are additional things you may choose to consider when hiring a professional organizer:

What else should I think about when hiring a professional declutter’er?

Business Licenses. I encourage you to look to make sure they are a legitimate business. If someone has a gmail account, make sure you investigate. Most people will have a website, but I am hesitant if someone just has gmail. I never ask for money until after service is rendered. So, do your due diligence if someone wants money up front. Some might do this for package deals or to hold in case you cancel. If they do, this should be upfront in your contract or on their website and they should have told you in conversation.


Style/Specializations I am not Martha Stewart and pretty clear about that. For someone who wants to emulate her, I would not be a good fit. And that is okay. I am going to suggest someone with a similar philosophy and outlook is important. I am passionate about being green, if that’s important to you, find someone who specializes in green organizing. There are people who are trained in working with people who have chronic disorganization. Find what specialties and styles you need.


Referrals If you want to know how someone else’s experience has been, ask for referrals. Even if someone is new in business, they should be able to give you a referral. Many will also list recommendations on the website. If you’re reading reviews, take them with a grain of salt. If there are mostly good reviews, trust that.

Finally, ask, ask, ask questions! Express any concerns you have, if you have had a bad experience. The more information the PO has the better they can address your concerns and make sure you are a good fit for one another.

What do you need to declutter the most?

What I Consider to be Most Important for a Professional Declutter’er

While the above are some things to consider, here is what I consider the most important: listening to your intuition, trusting your gut. It is there for a reason. Most people are going to give you a really good idea of who they are on their website. Many times you can check out a site and know if someone is a potential fit or not. Most POs and decluttering specialists I know offer some type of free consultation. I would definitely encourage talking with someone before hiring. And it’s okay to talk to a few potential people and in fact, I encourage it. I think the most important thing when hiring someone is that you have a good fit personality wise. You are bringing someone into your life and home and you want to feel comfortable with them. Even if you aren’t there for the sessions, they are intimately involved with your life and you want someone you trust and who you enjoy having in your home.


Also, be open to alternative ways to get support. Maybe having a PO isn’t the way to go. Maybe you need to hire a life coach to support you in figuring out what’s going on inside. Or maybe you could read a book or take a course because you’re very motivated.


What are the most important criteria for you to hire a professional organizer? How will you utilize your intuition when hiring for someone? What questions do you need to ask the organizer?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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