How to Make Decisions with Ease

If you are clear on what’s important, it’s easier to release clutter.  Being able to make decisions is the foundation of organizing as well.  If you don’t make decisions easily, know you can strengthen your decision-making skills.  Learn easy to implement tips to support you in learning how to make decisions more easily to reduce clutter. W

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Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and can prevent you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve.  We discuss clutter in all its forms: spiritual, emotional, mental & physical and provide tips for clutter free living and how to organize your life.   We’re thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them.  When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world.

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Hey everyone. Today we’re going to be talking about making decisions. If you are clear on what’s important, it’s easier to release clutter. Being able to make decisions is the foundation of organizing as well. If you don’t make decisions easily, no, you can strengthen your decision making skills. I speak from experience in college. My nickname was indecisive one. Ask yourself, what are your priorities? Is it family, business, work, losing weight relationships, concentrate on right now not future priorities. Maybe your finances are in trouble and you need to address that or you went to the doctor And you were told you have to reduce your cholesterol. Something that is pressing like that should be definitely one of your top priorities. If you don’t have anything pressing to address, take the next week or so and jot down everything you consider. Wish believed to be a priority. Don’t analyze or censor yourself. If you come up with something crazy, honor it. Sometimes that’s where we find our heart’s desire. I know when I was in college, I was always afraid to make a decision because I was afraid it would be the wrong decisions. Here are a few tips, but I encourage you if you’re really challenged in this area to look into books, or consider taking a class. A coach is also someone that can help you with your decision making skills. But here are some tips to get you started. Go with your gut response or intuition. It’s there for a reason, trust it. Ask yourself if the decision is really meaningful. If not make a choice. or flip a coin? Is it really going to matter if you had banana or strawberries for breakfast? set a deadline to research facts and information to assess your opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that. But as I like to say, I can write until the cows come home, I can certainly research until the cows come home, consult a friend who’s been through the same issue, they’re probably going to have some good advice for you and probably offer you a different perspective that might give you other things to consider. brainstorm and come up with several choices. Determine if the options are compatible with your values, interests and abilities. I don’t believe that we have just one choice. Many times or other choices, we just haven’t taken the time to think about them. And finally, make a list of the pros and cons. prioritize which considerations are most important to you? Here are examples of my current priorities. spending quality time with my husband, and our Cat Joey cooking from scratch as much as possible to eat healthier, and creating declutter your life products to support people. Right now, those are my priorities. And that’s what my focus is. Now life changes, life happens. So your priorities are going to change. But start with what is important right now. I’m going to encourage you to concentrate on no more than three priorities. As you can see, two of my priorities are personal and one is work related. I saw my business to run. I saw my coaching to do that hasn’t stopped. But in my free time, my administration of time, my focus is on creating products. I have a couple projects I’m really excited about. So that’s where the extra energy is going. And then when I shut down and not at work, it’s about spending time with my family and creating healthier meals. I don’t think I could concentrate or do another priority. I could but I probably wouldn’t do it that well and the other three would suffer Once you have your priorities, the fun begins begin to spend time on them. But that’s another episode. I go into a lot more detail in my course workbook how to declutter your life. But this is a type of thing building foundational skills that you can find in that workbook. And course if you’re interested in learning more about ways to declutter your life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, we start with the basics and go from there. Alright, everyone, make some decisions this week. Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

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