Today’s episode was inspired by a Facebook Live free coaching event I had when anyone could ask anything. Someone asked for tips on how to live with less and I answered people’s questions.

Take Actions from today’s podcast on how to live with less:

  • Consider what you need to do to have a successful garage sale
  • Write down what you can bring into your life once you clear your clutter
  • Trust you’ll get what you need when you need it
  • Be present
  • Prioritize and know your passions and keep what’s important around, let the other stuff go
  • Write down money you can save when living with less
  • Pare down or release your collections by fulfilling yourself in other ways besides possessions
  • Don’t judge yourself or others and honor your process as well as others
  • Let stuff go

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Transcript How to Live with Less

Julie Coraccio 0:02
Today on clear your clutter inside now, we’re talking about lightening your load Parkdale. What questions do people have about letting go their physical stuff? Do you know what you should consider if thinking about having a garage sale? Are you aware of what other clutter you may be clearing? As you reduce your physical possessions to learn more about lightening your load as we continue our month focused on wrapping up 2020? Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now I will teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today is part two of a continuation. So I’m going to encourage you to check out the first part of this on living with less. As I mentioned in the previous episode 2020. And everything that’s gone on has caused a lot of people to reevaluate, do I really need all that I have. And so I wanted to share this what people have asked for tips for downsizing. And, you know, you might not be doing this in 2021. But maybe two or three years from now, all of this information is always archived, so you can come back to that. So I just thought this would be a really good time as a wrapping up. And really evaluating what was this year about what’s important to me, I think that it The good thing, one of the good things that came out of this crazy year is it really forced us to say, Hey, what’s really important in my life. And when you clear physical clutter, you can focus on what’s important. When you clear all your clutter, you can focus on what’s important. So enjoy Part Two today. It’s an interesting thing, having a conversation as you are doing something live. And people are asking questions, and then you respond and say, Hey, is this what you’re looking for? And so it’s a little bit of a pause. But again, I think really supportive information. I’d love to know and hear your experiences if you have been downsizing. So let me know about that.


So MJ, those are my thoughts on garage sales, you know, be prepared, but think about a new selling apps. And so I have let go on Oh, let’s see, Meredith has a con has a comment on trying to see more. Our neighborhood has a yearly garage sale. It gets packed with people. It’s planned and organized while in advance. And it’s actually pretty fun. Absolutely. You know what, the more the merrier. You can laugh, have a good time and enjoy a cool beverage because it’s that’s why I say wine, you’re going to get more interest in it. But just makes it fun. Because sometimes, you know, you just get these you get interesting characters. And I’ll put it that way with garage sales. So that I that is a great thing. If you’re downsizing, have a garage sale, let go as much as possible. Because remember, you have to pay to move that. And you don’t want to take everything and move it and then decide what I want to keep. Now you want to streamline that as much as possible. So MJ asks about selling apps. So I have let go on my my iPad here. I’ve used that He mixed results. But I don’t blame the app. I don’t think that I think it’s humans. I think that the apps are pretty well set up I think, you know, like I had someone and the app look like goats has your location. And he’s like, Well, I didn’t know you were there and like, dude, it has my location. I mean, I can’t help you if you can’t read so you know, and I’ve noticed the things and I would say this with Craigslist to craigslist I have mixed feelings about like I would always want my husband home if I post something on Craigslist and for the most part I had nothing but really good experiences that people flaking I have found happens a lot and I just think that’s the nature of the beast. I don’t think that it is the apps fault because app can’t control human nature. So I am a huge fan of using apps do what you can and post in a couple different places. And you know if I’m not getting a lot of movement on an app that I’m going to post on craigslist, and you know different areas will have different things and you mentioned here Okay, so buy sell Facebook groups again. I’ve had mixed with that I have I haven’t bought anything

I have. And then

the other thing I will tell you this this, I have gotten this happen so I put a chair on a Facebook group. And I didn’t ask Josh see this is great. JOHN says I don’t have patience for garage sales. I see perfect, he knows, you know, but I have zero patience for this. So then John’s not going to do garage sale. That’s a great, thank you, john for bringing that up. That’s another point to think about. With the garage sale, if you’re impatient, you don’t want to sit out in the sun for hours, don’t do it. You know, there are options for you, you have people that there’s a guy here in Raleigh. And what he would do is he’d hollaway junk for free and what he did, which was really smart, and he evaluated, so it was all stuff, he was going to trash, you wouldn’t get hauled off, but then he’d figure out what can I sell in this pile. Another thing that I love that he did is he opened it up to nonprofits. So he would sell some stuff to make money. I mean, he’s, he’s hired people, he’s got to cover his costs, he’s got to make monies in business, and then have different things for the the nonprofits to go through any would recycle what he could. So he was my kind of guy, I was really impressed with that. So if that’s your option, do something like that you can do. Or you can have a paid service from people how junk away if, you know, if you’re like, I don’t want to do garage sales and do it or have a charity, I know that the veterans has a charity that we’ve used them, which I love them if I can donate to them. But they in Raleigh, we’re only in not every zip code. So they are another fan of that. Don’t do that. So let me so just me, I just want to follow up with the buy sell Facebook group. So I put a chair up and someone had wanted, but I didn’t see the message for like a year. And so my problem with that was that because Facebook Can I mean, I’m really not feeling Facebook today, after all the drama to get this started. So the challenge was that I didn’t get the message, I could have sold the chair. And so with technology B and again, that can happen with everything. I just think sometimes Facebook is not set up that well. So again, it goes back to I want to make money, do I want a quick sale? Don’t want peace of mind, what is most important for me? And then those should be able to guide your decision. So I’m sorry, I know I posted. Hopefully that that will help you when you listen to the replay. So I don’t think you’re on. Okay, so question from rose. Have you had clients with large craft supplies? completed crafts that they want to downsize? Yes. And we’ll talk about that they still want to do some of them. But what kind of filter questions would you use to help them decide what to use? Keep doing trash? Great question. So yes, I’ve had, this is actually the first client, this is a great memory. The first client I ever had was one of these women that were just crafty, talented could do all those things. And that was my first ever job. She had a bonus room above the garage and was going through all this craft items. Yes, that is something that, you know, this goes back to. And I’ll say this with the cluttering until the cows come home, what’s important to you, you know, you don’t have time to do everything. I mean, even if you were a person of leisure or you’re retired, and you there’s only so many hours or time in the day. So what’s really important to you. And you know, one of the things that I say a lot is trust that you’ll get what you need, when you need it. And if you start to consider that and live your life about it, then trust that it’ll happen. So what I’m saying mean by that is if you let something go five years down the road, you say Oh, you know what, I’m bummed I let my knitting go and I want to take that again trust me it’ll come back to you and be as present as possible because that’s where the joy is. If you’re living in the past can’t change the past. If you’re in the future, you’re most likely anxious or worried so become present as much as possible. And so what I would say is what are what are your priorities now? What are you passionate about? are you passionate about soapmaking? are you passionate about calligraphy? What is it that is bringing you the most joy to do right now? Now I don’t know if we’re talking about downsizing because then again you’d have to get out we are so I’d say what is it that you enjoy doing most now be realistic? Are you going from an above the garage big old bonus room into maybe a small office space and then that is also going to dictate dictate what you change what is it I’m passionate about I asked you know if this doesn’t have value to me, is this something I want to sell like for instance you have a whole calligraphy set that you got and haven’t unclear fee that’s something I tried to sell like you know, to make some money or whatever. So I would say and then completed crafts again what speaks to your heart It’s like you know, when you have kids and they have all those wonderful little projects that they do in pre K and kindergarten let her adorable but you know his toilet roll and repurpose toilet roll of little

craft paper on it really significant. It may be remember there’s no right or wrong and it’s how you view life. So it’s what is it that speaks to your heart what is important to you, you know, again, or Is the popsicle thing or the model airplane that was put together, I need to listen to this daily. Absolutely. Meredith know that I have been doing these free coaching hours since the beginning of April. So just look through my videos, and you’ll be able to see, you’ll be able to see the other topics I’ve talked about. Okay, so rose says staying in the same house moving area of storage activity area. Oh, okay. So you’re moving activity area. So let’s say again, like, what is it that you want to do? What are your priorities? What is most important to you? Because, again, that’s going to dictate, you know, what do I keep? And you know, for instance, if you have kids, and there’s an activity that you do together an activity that you want to do with your grandkids, maybe that’s something that you, you want to keep along, but you know, what interests you. I mean, if you haven’t touched a little clay things that you’d mold anything, if you don’t touch that, and yours. let that go. You know, and then remember to talk about, if you have a lot of clutter in your life, you can’t call on your life, and maybe it’s something you don’t know, you don’t know. Well, for instance, sometimes things like podcasting, I would have never thought I’d do a podcast, I would have never thought that I would do an Internet TV show Internet TV show led me to wanting to do the podcast, but I had so much clutter in my life. I wouldn’t have because I’m never I don’t like being on camera. I you know, I like it now, eight years ago or whatever, when I started this No, wait, I am behind the camera type of person. But if I hadn’t cleared clutter, and be open to all the possibilities, I would have never done that. So that so there might be something you know, you might discover like my mother started painting, I think when she was in her 50s she’s really good painter. But if she hadn’t been open to that and discovered her talent, so there might be some talents that you have yet to discover. But if everything’s cluttered, what are you gonna do you can’t bring that into your life? That makes sense that’ll help I’m trying to think of do you need it? Do you love it? Do you use it? You know, you might have different tools like my husband has a really talented and can do tons of different home improvement projects but we he was able to release that though you know my website I don’t think I’m going to tile gavel though as we ended up moving hopefully we find a place that doesn’t need a ton of work but he let that go cuz he’s not the likelihood of that so maybe there’s something you know woodworking if that was a talent of yours. How likely is it that you’re going to do it again? You know and again I think for downsizing it’s really important to and this is a moment like planning and gets the future mobilehelp how don’t want to make my life easier I know for us I want to pay less in taxes that was a motivation I want no Joey’s at and human years and it’s so much easier on him not having to go up and down the steps I have to tell you if I would have who needs steps after doing my after downsizing I’m like one floor is plenty for me to just you know things to think about as you age. So for instance, a few you know, cut tile like my husband are able to do that or have a very like woodworking or metalworking or something like that. As you age, you might not be able to do it as easily. So those are just different things to think about rose let me know if those are helpful questions and I want to know how everyone else is doing please This is for you. I want to answer your questions. I’m so excited that we have people on because I want you to declutter when you do clutter you can share your gifts with the world. That’s what keeps me going and gets me excited. So last question about craps. I’m just gonna take a quick sip. I have my Steelers cup from my West Virginia friends. What’s your holiday clutter kryptonite? Are you aware of your holiday triggers? Where are you doing something just because you overindulge overspend, and over commit ready to enjoy the season and focus on what matters most. get control of your clutter. Your clutter doesn’t control you. reclaim time, money, Danity and resources. Holiday got clutter 365 journal prompts to support you and clearing your holiday clutter free gift with purchase the support you even more and your journey to declutter your life. Many beautiful projects were done a stress reliever. Awesome. That’s great. I’m proud of you for doing something that relieves your stress. I can’t get that stress from that time away from that project.

Okay, so can’t get that stress from that time away from the project. Okay, so I mean, I think you mean you can’t have stress release if you’re not doing the project. So if that’s correct, let me know and I’ll have a thought about that conflict and if I should keep or do Sage candle cleansing work and how to do that. Okay. Well, if the if the beautiful projects were done as a stress reliever, that’s okay. Then what I would say is find, you know, if you’re going to downsize and have less find other ways to relieve your stress, and I think that there are meditation walking, you know, for me mowing the lawn.

I need it. I

do need a web one, john, thank you. I need a WVU cup, I will ask for that next birthday. My birthday is two closest here, I do need a hand got the Steelers. So I’m pretty good about that. Let’s go mountaineers. So what I would say is find a have another plan in place for stress relief, even if it’s going out to walk. You know, one of the things that I’ve learned in this time is playing with the cats and snuggling with the cats. And so when the cats Luckily, they haven’t jumped up. But they say, you know what, if the if I’m working and they jump up on my lap, I know that that’s my cue to take a break, because that helps us do the stress. Release the stress. So if you can keep or Sage candle clinic, I’m a huge fan of it. And one thing that I’ve started to do now is I am starting a ritual. And I’m going to do to hold a podcast about this a morning ritual, which involves sage, and cleansing. So I personally like that, but it’s something that I use, because I’m such a fan of clearing energetic clutter. So I would say, test that out. And you know, I’m gonna try some lavender with the sage and do different things. So if that works for you, if you know, but if you’re like, you know what, I don’t feel like I need to do that then don’t and be okay, that changes. Let’s see. So trauma, memory stress of terrible events happening, okay, then that’s something that you are going to want to heal. You don’t need to get into the story that that’s, you know, I will put that down on the to do list for the podcast because you’ve got to let that go as much as possible. And not just on a mental level, but energetic and so I can see why you want to do that. Because you know, that helps. Which are when we clear energetic clutter, it helps us mentally it helps us in all areas. So I think that’s gonna be really important. Rose in addition to, to saging, if that feels well as work on healing, I think that’s incredibly important. Because when you heal, you know, here’s a good example all use and they and I see your question, I’ll get to that. In Fung Shui they talk about Fung Shui, the first thing clear clutter, but they talk about what you collect reflects what you feel you’re missing in your life. And so I still have angels, I love angels. But I had an experience a traumatic event, I was the victim of violent crime in Los Angeles. And so almost exactly. After that happened, and I still have it, I got an angel put over my door. And I wasn’t even aware until years later, starting this business and reading about being like, oh, angels make me feel loved and protected. Well, I can protect myself and I can love myself. So I had to give myself what I thought I needed. And so when that, but that also came with a lot of healing work. So I will get into more depth about that later. But I’m gonna encourage you to do as much healing work and I’ll do a podcast on that too.

I will do that.

I do need a W cut Mary. Yes. Yeah, but please, I will gladly take a Wu cup. So Dana’s question is, so Okay, so rose, let me just follow up with that project seemed contaminated. And then if they seem contaminated, then release something. If you associate anything with a bad memory, let it go. Like I had a wedding gift. And I’m no longer friends with the person. And every time I see it, it upset me. So I just let it go. I was like, I don’t want anything in my space that is upsetting me, or stressing me out has a bad memory. So if that lets you go like I had a painting and I really liked it. That was from a friend that I’m no longer friends with. And we ended on not good terms at all. And before I left California, like here, gave it to someone she loved it. She said mark, I’m like here, this is yours. And as much as I love the painting it every time I saw it, it brought up that memory so encourage you anything that’s traumatic or doesn’t feel good. Let it go. So Dana, when helping parents to clutter downsize, move after 44 years in a home, what does one do to help a family member who thinks everything is worth something but no one has the time or energy to sell them let go or something similar? That is a great question. And I don’t know if you’ve listened from the beginning, Dana, but I know that throughout this and it’ll be gonna be in an hour or so I apologize. But I have touched on that a little bit. If everything has value than nothing does. And so what I would say now I would help to know a little more. Are you so it sounds like Earth okay. You’re helping move, so they want to sell. So, you know, that’s one of the things that I would say you’re going to put down some boundaries or some guidelines or some rules and say, okay, you know, we have this amount of time, we have to get you out of the home that is a priority. And, and so Oh, yeah, You reek, I got it. All this advice and insight really, really helps. Thank you so much. very welcome. very welcome, Rose. And so Dana, what I would say is to set up parameters and say, Okay, we have, you know, I don’t know what your you’re doing a month, and then set a timeline of everything that needs to be done. And then that’s one of the things that, you know, you have to say, Mom and Dad, you know, we have this amount of time to move you, we have to get the house ready for sale. And we can’t sell everything and involve them. Like what charity. Okay, so home, no real timeline home has been purchased. Okay, so no real timeline. I mean, are you telling me like this had to get done yesterday. So what I would say then is your mom and dad via the home purchase, we have to get you out. And then even if there’s no timeline and create one, because I’m just telling you right now, I watch someone go through months of getting their house decluttered after their parent died, and they were exhausted every day. So I would still encourage you to create a timeline and say, you know, I touched on this earlier with seniors that if they’re downsizing, a new home has been purged, okay? No rush to leave old home. Okay, fantastic. So the, you’re in a really good situation. And definitely listen to the entire podcast, because I talked about this. So now that the new home is purchased, you are going to be able to do some planning. And you are going to know, okay, if we went from a four bedroom to two bedroom, and so what I’d encourage you to do is one of the main things is get to decide what furniture you’re going to keep, okay? And then get that furniture into the house so that you’ll know, okay, this is the floor layout, I’m going to know the furniture because that’s a big thing. And once you decide that, then you know, whether it’s a garage sale, or whatever, and you need to evolve. And I don’t know, you know, especially if your parents are very still here, mentally, you’re going to need to involve them in the process. And again, just be like, I know this what is really special to you what is really valuable to you, we have less space, so we have to decide, perfect, you’ve measured to know what furniture fits. So I would get all that in and like for instance, in the kitchen if they have five serving spoons, okay, mom, we’re downsizing now, which two serving spoons of meat you know, mean the most to which do you use most often? The big challenge and I touched on this earlier, is seniors a lot of times are going to want to share memories. And so if you can, if you’re not in a rush, allow them but again, I’m really going to encourage you to create a timeline. Because if this drags on for months and months, it will it will mentally it’ll be very draining and can be emotionally draining Kasia dad has some collections to see. And then what are the collections?

You know, pick out what mean the most to him. And again, you’re like that we don’t have all the space. And then you know if something and one thing that I found, if there’s a charity that your parents really like that, you can say, dad, we can donate this to the to the Veterans of America, and it’s going to do good stuff, and it’s going to help people or if you have someone else in the family that really likes it dad, cousin Joe would love this, why don’t we give it to them? And then you know, let go the rest if there are some plans for some things. And again, he’s gonna have to pick up that it’s just a matter of space. We don’t have room for the claim what means the most to you? I would say this, I don’t know how old your parents are. But if parents who grew up in the depression, or who went through the war, or if your folks grew up really poor and have kindness and compassion for that, because that if they haven’t healed that, that goes back to I mean, that can trigger some things, but you know, this makes me it makes me feel safe. So of course you’d have compassion for feeling safe. 81 and 79. Okay, so and so I would say then like, okay, Dad, what’s most special to you and I talked earlier in the in the today about, like, dresses like, Okay, Mom, what, you know, 720 dresses, what’s a good church dress? What’s a good everyday dress? What’s a good holiday dress? And you know, maybe, and ask them and give them choices, allow them to make choices and get them involved. But then I don’t I’m not a fan of ever releasing anything without someone’s permission. But you know, this might have to be a time like if again, I’ve noticed with a lot of elderly people, they tend to have a pack pantry with a lot of things that have expired, if it can’t be donated and always say check with the food bank because a lot of the times expiration dates aren’t correct. They want us to buy more. Hey, nessa Hey, Tara. So you agree I’m not sure you agree with but so I’ve that’s for example in seniors I found that they hold on to a lot of food. So that might be something you just clear out the pantry without them knowing I did that mother’s good at letting things go. Okay, so then let’s talk about dads who go on there. But if it’s something like the pantry, you know, Dad we have less space and clear some out without using them like I worked recently with a little before all this happened with an elderly client and I had her daughter down and so we just kind of cleared out some Tupperware, we figured out what she thought. And we didn’t let her see all that now she had some dimension going on. There were some other challenges. So I felt comfortable knowing that her daughter was there. So I felt completely okay. And, and one of the things this is this was very helpful when working with her is that we would say we’re doing this because of health. Like she had some really old Tupperware and we were concerned about the BPA and all that. So we got glass, and we got a set of glass containers for her and said, okay, we are worried about you know about your health, we’re doing this for your health and safety. And after about saying it four or five times, she realized, and again, I’m a stranger in the home, so I can completely appreciate that. She was like, okay, they, they it’s about my health and say, okay, it’s about my health and safety. So let that go. So I agree not to force parents and things. Absolutely. But again, if there’s some decluttering, like of the pantry that you can do, and things are not going to notice, then I’d encourage you just for your sanity and peace of mind to do that. But again, like emphasizing health and safety and Dad, I want to make this easier on you Come on dad, you’re 81 Let’s just enjoy life, come on, you want to dust all this stuff and turn it to how what you’re going to do, I will benefit them. I think that that’s really important. And again, like I don’t know if your folks have any dementia or not just always be kind and compassionate. And you know, we all have our own thought processes about one of the things don’t judge no judgment. You know, we hold on to things for different reasons. But, you know, I encourage you to get involved and if you don’t feel any pressure or Rosner, like, Hey, I can hang tight for a year, then absolutely do it. But what I would do is involve them methodically go through each room like if you have the furniture already picked out and gone. That’s I think a huge thing is that you know, not awesome gives you more space. Yes, three careers of collectible beer steins. Okay, so again,

can you fit the three curios in the new house? You know, mom might want to have some say, you know, what, if that’s his jam, and you can fit the three carriers then go for if you don’t have the space, and that’s when you need to say to that done fit? What do you want to do? You know, it’s about making decisions and again, being respectful. Now, the other thing that you can do is, and I’ve done this before to, is pack up items in a box. So labeled beer signs, and dated, and say, Okay, dad, how about this? How about if I pack these ones up? That are your favorites? And let’s see, and revisit six months from now. And if he hasn’t missed them, then maybe he’ll let them go? Again? Is there anyone in the family that might want them a cousin? Does he have a Patsy? And then that’s with your mom, you know, she wants to so that’s and I would have a conversation with them, and sit down and say, Okay, dad, mom wants some curious mom. Okay, we’ve got it. Even Steven on this and share. So what can we do now that they have any storage space? So again, I don’t recommend this but as an option to pack them up labeled beer sides. Okay, say dad, you’ve got to you’ve got to let go one and a half. Are their family members that want this as a charity as their friend that collects beer Stein? Are there any options that would help him when we study those, you know, that he’d be more willing to let those go? And that is what I would say just start to have a dialogue start to have a conversation. Wow, Dad, do you notice you haven’t had a dust these all the time? How does that feel? Or while Dad You have a little bit of asthma here? Do you think maybe that all the beer months that you’re not dusting regularly are adding to that again, no judgment? Just it’s how can it benefit him? You want to have the conversation? How can you turn it around? How can you turn it around to help him and and you know, and make them a part of the decision making but again, you have to balance that with being realistic. So those are my thoughts on that. Hey, Jamie. Dana, you’re welcome. Can you post it I hope it goes well and hope those were some valuable suggestions for you and take actions from today’s podcast and consider what you need to do to have a successful garage sale. Write down what you bring into your life once you clear your clutter. Trust you’ll get what you need when you need it.

Be present.

Prioritize and know your passions and keep what’s important around and let the other stuff go and write down all the money you’re saving when living with less. pare down or release your collections by fulfilling yourself in other ways besides possessions. Don’t judge yourself for others, and honor the promises of everyone. Let stuff go. On our next episode, we’re talking about Black Friday. Go out. Clear your clutter to create the life you choose. deserve and desire.

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