All this month I am going to focus the blogs on getting closure. Make sure to check out the second part of this blog on gaining emotional closure on November 29th.

I am talking about closure this month as 2021 is about to end and we welcome 2022.  I have found closure to be beneficial personally as well with clients. Closure might not be necessary for you, but be open as it might be something that you find helpful.

Do you go from zero to 100 in no time at all when you get angry?  As you scroll through your social media do feelings of jealousy often come up? Is there a fear that seems to pop up again and again? Let’s carry on our month as we focus on getting closure.

Finding Emotional Closure

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Let’s look at what emotional clutter you could get closure on.  Maybe you need to release guilt or shame over something. If I could erase one emotion it would be shame because so many times others shame us unnecessarily. I think of the Game Of Thrones scene where the woman keeps saying, “Shame Shame Shame,” to Cersei Lannister.

Is there an emotional burden you have been carrying that you could release?  Perhaps you have jealousy over someone or something.  Would you be willing to release that?  If nothing easily comes to mind, take a few days to monitor your thoughts and actions. Maybe something keeps coming up that you weren’t aware of.  I believe our emotions are our guideposts signaling the path to change.

I had a friend who kept going back and looking at his ex-girlfriend on Facebook.  As long as you are doing that, you won’t be able to move forward. Closure allows you to move forward. In a situation that involves another person, you need to be aware that they might not be able to give you closure. Maybe they aren’t willing to give you your say or answer any questions. You have zero control over that.  What you can control is your opportunity to get closure and move on. So zero expectations if your closure involves someone else!

How to Get Emotional Closure

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Who are you allowing to steal your joy?

Awareness is half the battle but then comes taking action and sometimes that’s the hardest part. Remember to be compassionate and non judgmental with yourself. Be your own best friend not your own worst enemy.

It has been my experience that when dealing with emotions there are often layers and it is beneficial to dig deeper to get to the root. If you don’t need to dig deep and can get closure, go for it.  I believe the more we are aware about yourself and your motivations, the better prepared you are to clear our clutter and move forward.

I was really angry with someone.  I am no longer friends with them but was still carrying the anger. After some reflection and bodywork, I realized I was really sad about something and they were the outposts for my anger. When I realized that, I could begin my healing. Now, they were not a great friend to begin with, but I was able to recognize I didn’t need them to get closure.

How can you release your expectations? What do you need emotional closure with in your life? Where do you need to dig deeper?

Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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