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All this month I am going to focus the blogs on getting closure. Make sure to check out the first part of this blog on gaining mental closure on November 18th.

Stay Present

Instead of beating yourself up about what you have held on to or how you feel (I always got caught up on how much time I wasted.)  When I was processing my challenge with the neighbors, I made a list of all the kind things I had done recently for people.  I treated myself to a relaxing massage during the process because I was in pain and needed to feel good.  A massage always makes me feel better.

Once you feel you are in a good space, take action. It doesn’t have to be something monumentally huge.  Small steps add up and make a difference. If you slip up (for example find yourself being angry at the neighbors again) don’t scold yourself. Acknowledge that you caught it, take a deep breath, see if there is anything there for you like something needing to be healed, and move on.  Try and take a step each day. 


Remember, getting closure can help you move forward and call into your life what you choose to create. Be clear in your intent. If you are releasing mental clutter through closure, what do you want to fill in return?  Is it to find passion for a new project?  Solve a problem once and for all instead of it causing you stress?  Learn better boundaries to stand up to someone?

Creating Ritual to Gain Peace of Mind

I am also a fan of doing a ritual in some way shape or form.  For me, it means it is the final send off and closure is complete. Not everyone needs to do this. Always do what is best for you. This is a great time to check in with your heart. I believe a ritual also represents a celebration—I am letting something go, I learned something, I am able to move forward…. Again, it doesn’t have to be a huge production, but what makes you feel good? In what way could you honor or celebrate yourself? Burning bowls are really popular, but have fun with it.  Maybe it is a walk around your favorite lake, or a day at the spa or taking lessons in something you always wanted to learn.  Maybe the ritual also involves releasing any energetic clutter attached to your mental clutter.  Everything is energy, so I always try to do something that supports releasing that as well.  A sound bowl can clear energy.

I also like to cut energetic cords. I envision whatever the cord is attached to and cutting that  I see it in my mind’s eye and cut it.  Energy is real, when I cut that energy cord it is gone.


Take aways from the two blog posts focusing on releasing mental clutter and getting closure:

  • If you are unsure of what mental clutter you have, monitor your day. Do you worry about something? Have a lot of repetitive thoughts? Focus your energy on someone else?
  • Being open to get closure is a first great step. Sometimes half the battle is being willing to open up and see what else is possible. We can get stuck in our habits, thoughts and routines and not be open to ideas. 
  • Getting closure can help you move forward and call into your life what you choose to create. What do you want to create? Be clear.

What rituals can you do to gain closure? What mental clutter is it time to release? What energetic cords do you need to cut?

Releasing Mental clutter

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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