Have you struggled with how to be more present? Are you ready to come from your point of power to change your life?  Would you like to be more aware of where your thoughts are? Do you struggle to keep present and need some suggestions to support you?

This blog on living in the present moment was inspired for a few reasons. One, it is something I am continually working on myself.  It is also something I see many of my clients do.  Physical clutter can accumulate when we have a fear of growing up without much (living in the past) or if we’re afraid we won’t have much in the future (scarcity thinking). Of course, this can accumulate in other forms of clutter.  We can have mental clutter when we ruminate on the past or fixate on the future.  This can also cause us to have emotional clutter because we aren’t present with what we’re feeling.


In every moment we have the choice to start fresh. Most of us spend the majority of our time living in the past or the future.  We are unaware because we’re on autopilot as we have been functioning this way for so long.  When we focus on the past or the future how can we expect to change our lives? Where the attention goes the energy flows.  My mentor says this to me all the time.  We create what we focus on. What are you creating?

Here’s the good news! When we acknowledge and accept this, we are no longer be held hostage or controlled by our past or future. How many times do you dwell on the past  (I wish I would have….) or worry about the future (What if my business fails)? You lose your power when you are anywhere but the present. When you live in the present moment, it truly is a gift.

When you are present, you have more clarity because you can focus on the moment.  When you are fully present, you tend not to be afraid. How many things has fear prevented you from doing something? 

Are you living in the past, present, or future? Are there areas where you get stuck? For example, you are single and really want to be in a relationship but focus on all the past bad relationships you have. 

Living in the Now is a Gift

Where do you spend most of your mental energy? You might be amazed at how much time you are living in the past or future. Many times we are on autopilot and our thoughts are habitual. 

Try this exercise while engaged in physical activity.  I do this while mowing. I love to mow! Some other possibilities include washing dishes, painting your nails, or folding clothes.

The first time I did this exercise I thought I was going to go nuts. I considered myself a positive person mainly living in the present.  I discovered I was fairly negative because I was focused on the past.

How present are you able to be? How does being present help you gain clarity? Do you find most of your thoughts in the past or in the future?

Not being present can also cause relationship clutter. How many times have you brought up something that has happened in the past with your partner? Has it caused an argument? Or have you put yourself completely in the future wondering where a relationship is headed instead of enjoying the moment with your loved one?

Where are your thoughts? Are you present with what you are doing or drifting into the past or wandering into the future? Do you seem to ruminate on the same thoughts?  Do the same patterns or subjects keep coming up?   Is there something you thought you let go of but discover you didn’t? 

Is there anything that you can take action on that will allow you to release thoughts and be more present?  For example, have you been thinking of someone maybe you weren’t kind to and feel bad about it?  Can you apologize and have no expectation of outcome so you can release it?

The Present Moment is a Gift! Learn to become more present.

Try doing this exercise for 10 minutes a day for a week. 

When you find yourself not present, bring yourself back.

I took the time to think through my life and send notes to people when I felt that I wronged them. Writing has always been a way to help me heal and so it made sense to do this. Many had completely forgotten about whatever happened but really appreciated that I had the courage to apologize.  Wiping the slate clean felt good and it allowed me to be more present—I could release concerns about the past and this helped me worry less.

I also took the time to thank people. I’ve found that, for me, having gratitude really brings me present as well.

Breathing is also another great way to get you present. The more deep breathing you can do from the belly, the better.

You can also use your senses to be present. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? Do you smell anything? If you are at the beach you can usually taste the saltwater.

Do something physical to bring you back such as snapping a rubber band on your wrist, hitting your arm, or pinching your tummy.

Set a timer every half an hour to observe where your thoughts are.

Just be.  Can you appreciate the silence? SO much of our lives are filled with noise. Are you okay without your electronic device or having to share every moment on social media?

Does Social Media Keep You Out of the Present Moment?

How can you become more present? What can you do right now to become more present? What can you do as a regular practice to stay in the moment?

Take Actions from the blog on how to be more present:

  • Observe, without judgment where you are with your thoughts.  Try and do this multiple times throughout the day or do a focused 10 minutes.
  • Try out a few of the different exercises that support you in becoming present. Which one would work best for you?
  • Did you notice any reoccurring thoughts, beliefs, patterns or subjects? Could you take action on anything?
  • Practice one of the exercises on a regular basis to bring you present.
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