With the state of the world today, I think we could all learn how to be more kind.

When others need a helping hand, do you offer or try to hide?  Are you genuinely kind or only do it to get something in return? How can being kind improve your life?  Learn how to clear some relationship clutter.

Today’s blog was inspired because I think we as a nation, and I will just speak for the US, I see it on social media on a daily basis. We can’t be kind or civil anymore.

From Leo Babauta, 7 Little Habits That Can Change Your Life and How to Form Them:

When you’re kind you gain: “ Improved psychological health and happiness comes from thinking more positively, and kindness is a positive mental state. While kindness is about giving and being open to others, giving kindness returns a sense of well-being and connection to us that improves our own mental state and health. Although simple, the very ability to be kind is in itself a powerful and consistent reward, a self-esteem booster.

Kindness is about really genuinely truly caring for others and wanting what is best for them. Real kindness is about getting nothing in return, having no conditions.  Real kindness is not about being a people pleaser either. That is coming from a place of fear. A former people pleaser right here. It’s a fear of not being liked that I’ve learned to release.

I used to be very shy and being kind helped me get over that. I just had to take action and do it. 

Kindness begins at home. 

Release clutter
How kind are you to yourself?

How kind are you to yourself? I used to be my own worst enemy and now I work on being my own best friend.  You can be kind to others, but not yourself.

Begin to pay attention to how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you allow others to treat you.  When others are kind to you can you drink it in or do you wave it off?

Check-in with yourself what does it mean to you to be more kind to yourself? Taking time for you is not being selfish. I did a podcast on that a few months ago.

Check in with whom you are hanging around. If they aren’t kind, is it rubbing off on you?

Declutter Unkindness Tip for Being Kind

If you aren’t sure and it is okay if you aren’t. learn from others.  What is it that they do or say? What does it seem to bring out in people? When people are kind to you how does that make you feel?

Like anything, kindness is a muscle that you can exercise. Try this week to do one kind thing each day.  Be kind to everyone, just not those in need. Don’t judge who deserves your kindness.  When we judge another we judge ourselves. I’ve been doing this: surrounding people I don’t like or are angry with a pink bubble of unconditional love. It allows me to stay in a state of kindness rather than reacting.

Develop your kind qualities of compassion towards others.  Ask yourself is it kind before doing it. Some people ask what would Jesus do? If that doesn’t work, substitute someone you admire or your favorite teacher. What would Buddha do?  What would God do? What would the universe do? What would Gandhi do?

Be present and a good listener.  We all desire to be heard. Be friendly and optimistic. Cheer someone on instead of telling them why it can’t be done.

How Can You Be More Kind?

Smile more.  Your smile can change someone’s day. 

Take a genuine interest in people. Maybe they are going through something you did and you can offer them encouragement.

Random acts of kindness. Have fun with this and get creative. Holding the door open, giving someone the parking spot. Begin small. It doesn’t have to be the Oprah, “You get a car! You get a car!” I will try and get another example I really like that one. 

Do something nice even if you think they don’t deserve it. How often do we do that? I’d say next to never! What a great way to stretch yourself.

Compliment someone. I feel so awesome when someone says something kind to me.

Hold the door for someone and have manners. I lived in the South for years and Raleigh was short on manners. This really is an act of kindness.

Talk to a homeless person and support them in restoring their sense of dignity. I had a long talk with an artist in the Walmart parking lot. I purchased one of his paintings and we just talked and I listened. I know it made a difference.

Donate time or money. Whatever you have. Remember to truly come from wanting to, not feeling out of obligation because the Universe is listening.

Clean up someone else messes or let someone cut you in line. Do it just to cut someone else a break. I know I could use a break and I’m betting many others could as well.

Say Please and Thank You! I just delivered a bunch of cupcakes and not everyone said thank you. I was really surprised by that. It takes no time and no effort to say these little words.

How can you take kindness to the next level:  Volunteer? Get involved in a bigger project? How can you share kindness right now?

How Can You Be More Kind Today?

Take actions from today’s blog on how to be more kind:

  • Observe how you treat yourself. Are you kind? Is there an area where you seem to focus your unkindness.
  • Create a plan to be more kind to yourself.
  • Notice where or not you are kind to others?
  • Examine your motivations for being kind. Are they genuine or do you have a hidden motivation or fear?
  • Create a plan to be kind to others.
  • Be kind!
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