What Are Your Dreams Telling You… A Dream Interpretation of Cleaning House

Have you ever wondered what clutter can represent and how to analyze your dreams? Can dreams support us in clearing our mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter? What does clutter represent? Does synchronicity in dreams lead us to release clutter in our waking life? If you dream about garbage does that mean you have extreme clutter in your life?

What is a dream interpretation of cleaning a house? What does dreaming about cleaning the house mean? Learn how understanding your dreams and dream analysis supports you in clearing clutter.

Author Margaret Harrell, who studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, joins us. To learn more about Margaret please visit: http://margaretharrell.com

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Transcript How to Analyze Your Dreams

Julie Coraccio 0:00
Today on clearing the clutter inside and out, we are continuing our month focusing on thinking outside the box. How to dream support us and clearing our mental, emotional and spiritual clutter. How can synchronicity and dreams lead us to release clutter in our waking life? If you dream about garbage Does that mean you have extreme clutter in your life? Learn how understanding your dreams helps you in personal development as we discussed clearing clutter through dream analysis.

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getting organized. Julie thinks outside the box and examines clutter in all areas. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and more ready to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Hey, everyone, I’m super excited today. I’m always excited because I love doing this podcast but I’m not an expert, but I’ve always been kind of an amateur when it comes to analyzing dreams and using those in helping me become a better person. Have you ever had monkey mind and you’re trying to solve a problem. One thing I’ll do is before I go to sleep, say hey, I need help in solving this problem and keep a notebook and pencil beside my bed and a lot of times I’ll wake up with a solution. Or another times I have used it to help clear emotional clutter not realizing if I’m finished being upset with someone or if the bigger issue is about me, which it usually is I found dreams to be very, very useful tool. And again, we’re thinking outside the box or stretching here because they’re new.

numerous ways to clear clutter and I want to encourage you to put use many tools for your toolbox.

Now I will tell you about today’s guest. Margaret a Harrell is a three time fellow and McDowell county for artists. In 1981. After the shock of a death and personal initiations that followed, she took a sharp turn into spiritual growth. About the same time she synchronistically started studying her dreams. her dreams became an important contributor both to her spiritual discoveries and her writing in Zurich. She studied at the CG young Institute from 1984 to 1987, where she had a dramatic confrontation with the self. She’s written a four volume memoir, this keep the quiet series. Currently she edits books, teaches Light Body meditation courses in Raleigh, North Carolina, designed towards self awareness and is a cloud photographer. Welcome Margaret. Hi. So glad to be with you, Julie. Well, I’m excited to have you Margaret and I have had conversations before the interview.

Margret Harrell 3:00
And I love what she does. And she knows a lot about dreams. We’ll talk about her books later, but you can gain a lot of insight there as well. So Margaret, how can our dream support us and clearing clutter? Well, it’s hard to keep short answers, but I will the answer is in almost every way. The reason it’s in almost every way is because think of us as having a consciousness and then a lot of things were unconscious off as always relative to the person so your dreams try to mediate. And so if you need to know something that you’re unconscious of you have a bias into perspective. Dreams tries to come out of the unconscious, and help you see differently. So it’s like you have a wise friend, and sometimes the information can come from very mysteriously almost anywhere. It’s like you have a wise friend who sees things differently from you. So I want to give an example when I didn’t know so much about dreams. I was at the CG

Institute in Zurich and I had so many opportunities you know, you can go to this course to this event, and it was hard to choose so at one point I thought it would ask my dream Should I go to this particular event I was interested in but something was bothering me about it. And as I slept, I saw a beautiful bed it was flowers or plants of some sort. They were beautifully planted, they had water they had fertilizer and sun they needed nothing they needed to wait to grow but however, I was going to add more fertilizer. So if I added more fertilizer, I would probably kill the little young growth and so the dream was in that case really easy to understand through my question, because the dream was making an analogy it guess it was saying you can go if you want but you’ve got this beautiful planted or flowers, and they don’t need any more stimulation. So it was saying going to the event is overstimulating Over fertilizing and it was comparing there for the way our growth evolves to the way a plant grows or something else some other life form grows and one of the ingredients it needs is time.

Julie Coraccio 5:13
So I love that because you know, when people have clutter, it’s about delayed decisions don’t want to make a decision and so become clutter. So that’s a perfect analogy. Now, you had mentioned within that about correcting bias that dreams allow us to do that. What do you mean by that?

Margret Harrell 5:28
All of us, I think every single human being will see things in a limited way they will have access to certain information and not other information. So an example of and and the unconscious obviously, with the information they’re not conscious of will be unconscious. And for young, whom I’m using the unconscious is this very vast thing. It has our personal unconscious, and it has the collective unconscious. So an example of this is young Carl Jung had a client who came to him and said, I’ve just gotten engaged. My fiancee is beautiful, she’s practically perfect. And yet I have all these dreams, I want you to stop them. And in the dreams on he was saying this very distorted person, this this very person that you would not like to know, a lot of things were wrong with her. And so he said, this is obviously untrue, please tell me how to stop it. And so you were suspicious, listening to all of this. And he asked the man to check around a little bit. He either checked around himself asking permission or he got the client to I think it was the client. And it turned out this information was correct. And so the man had, he was in denial. He had this arm information that was vaguely potentially conscious to him, and he refused to look at it was subliminal. In other words, it was an example of repression because his bias was was perfect. So as soon as he found out that his dreams were correct, that he did have this unconscious information, he cut off the engagement and of course this dream stop. So and that’s an example of a bias on another kind of example, where similarly where a dream wants to tell you that something’s wrong, and you’ve been ignoring it is an example of a businessman. And so he thought that he presented to the world this impression that he was really honest. And yet he was about to do this deal. And he dreamed that his hands were covered up to his arms, in dirt and mud. And so his, the the unconscious was showing him a different perspective in which he was being quite untrue, quite quite lying to himself and then therefore to the world, because he presented himself one way and he hidden under the surface where other was this dishonesty in this business dealings so that that’s an example of how, as I said, we have a conscious self, and it’s limited in what we can perceive for everyone. And the unconscious has all this information we could have access to on sometimes your dreams are coming from spirit and sometimes you will see a little creature or a beautiful fairy or someone gorgeous on in spirit, who’s taking the role of the higher self or taking the role of in human terms the self or of God or whatever, giving us advice. So from whatever point of view, the unconscious perspective comes, it balances and enriches our conscious perspective.

Julie Coraccio 8:53
Excellent. Can you talk about synchronicity, synchronicity, in dreams and how that can relate to our everyday Life of clearing clutter.

Margret Harrell 9:04
synchronicity comes in so many ways. It’s like collapsing time is inextricable coming together of two things. Where if you like, if you push a ball and it moves, you can explain it because you gave out some force to the ball. But if two things come together, and that might not really have meaning, but if two things come together, and they are coincidence, and on top of that, they have meaning and out and they come together, not temporarily, but outside time, then you have a synchronicity, and thinking of clutter, it can I say it’s collapsing time, it’s showing you how meaning can bring things together, as opposed to clock time. And so an example of this, and so it saves you a lot of time. So an example. An example of this would be one of the dreams you often cited about synchronicity. So he had a client and the client this says, tell something about the union philosophy to the client was very strongly thinking type, and she would not let her intuition or anything that wasn’t scientifically provable, and factual, come into her realm of reality. And young thought, well, this is her animus, her inner male energy, which when it’s not evolved and is used wrongly will be opinionated. And so she just had opinions and we’re stuck in them, which will create a whole lot of clutter in your life and undesired events. But so she dreamed that there was a golden doodle that someone gave to her. And so when she told that to you, this is the synchronicity. He was standing at the window and this little Beagle flapped its wings against the window and he opened it and it was close to A golden scarab as you could get in Switzerland, it was goldish. And it was a beagle not a scarab, because they don’t, you couldn’t find a golden Beagle in Switzerland. He handed it to her and she was completely astonished and overwhelmed. And this gave her a shock, her ego, a shock, so that she couldn’t hold on to all this totally exclusively rational explanation of reality. And then she opened to the analysis and she learned more about herself and about a wider picture of reality, just in that synchronicity, which was so meaningful, using the dream to come to predict really to come right into life synchronistically for a purpose, it served a purpose. So that’s an example

Julie Coraccio 11:54
that’s wonderful. Now I my limited knowledge of dreams comes to symbol so can you see Share with us perhaps some popular symbols and so for dreaming a lot about garbage is that a really kind of on the nose like hey, you’ve got a lot of clutter in your life you need to clear probably yes,

Margret Harrell 12:11
but I want to read a warning. Young said that each dream must be regarded as a unique event. Therefore your dream is that particular unique event like every person is unique. And he also said a dream is a natural product, which is precisely a thing without an ulterior motive. So it’s trying to tell you something in a strange language which is the right brain language of symbols and pictures, it not have logic and time on but with that said, yes, you can you cannot make a list that would be for the end. And you did not think of the unconscious that way. So you cannot make a list. This equals that every dream is unique. But with that said, you probably are familiar somewhat with your own sense of symbolism. And you also assemble, can you look at what happened the day before and what your issues are. And the dream is trying to hone in on that. But samples, dreams would be like if you dream of a car, very often that car is representing your you, as in the sense of drive. So suppose you’re driving, or suppose someone’s driving you. And so you would take the car. Normally, like I said, it’s unique for you, it might mean something else. And it could be the type of car that appeals to you. And if it’s a bus, it’s probably a collective means of transport or collective issue. Now, I will tell you a way to interpret a dream by me using transportation on the other hand as a symbol, so I was at the young Institute and everybody was able to get on ins to get wonderful sample of analysis, the union style with will union analysts, and you couldn’t, you know, give up such a privilege. So I did it for a short time and I loved it. And she discovered a side of me that was not my prominent side. And I love that. However, I thought maybe I should stop. And and I had this dream. And it was answering my my question and my conscious doubts. And in the dream, I saw an airplane and I saw something like a bus or car. It was two choices of how you get somewhere. And it was shown me that in my particular case, if I wanted to go to this destination, the slower way, I would continue with the analysis. But if I wanted to go the faster way that is through my own intuition, I would be able to get there just like that. And so for someone else, the airport I might have met something different, but I’m very intuitive. The airplane was intuitive. But yes, if you see a room stuffed with antiques on, you might be thinking that you have some old ideas. It might be, it might be beautiful, and the antiques are beautiful. But on the other hand, it might be trying to tell you that you’re thinking and old fashioned ways. And if you see anything really, as you said, related to garbage, it’s probably going to relate to something like your clutter. And on that you need to have a clean spring cleaning or something like that.

Julie Coraccio 15:40
That’s wonderful. And I really appreciate you reminding us that everything’s individual. And so different things will mean different things to people. And one thing that I always stress and like when I’m working with someone is that you have the answers within it’s only my job to support you to help tease out those answers. So I think that’s really important. Tell people that

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Julie Coraccio 16:35
So I’d love for you to share an example or two of dreams that you’ve found, whether it’s your personal dream or people you’ve worked with, where their dreams have helped them clear clutter.

Margret Harrell 16:46
You see, Julie, I think that I want to go back to my premise on I think that in anything you do, when you’re trying to bring balance between what the unconscious knows and what you know, at the moment that you need to know it on is, is clearing clutter, either if it’s in foresight, or if it’s in hindsight. So let me give you an example of avoiding clutter by young again. So he used to dream of houses, and there were unknown houses, but in the dream, he knew they were his house. And there would be, for instance, an unknown wing now, because he was so in touch with his unconscious, always checking it out and getting information from it. He really didn’t develop clutter, not in the usual sense, but he had to stay on his toes in order not to. So for instance, his dream about the unknown wing prepared him to expect something and he had this air of expectancy, something is coming. I have this unknown wing in my house or my psyche, my life work. It’s about to come toward me. And so it helped him focus rather than spreading himself out and And also he didn’t go out and look for it. He didn’t get real busy. And so I got to find it and put pressure on himself. He just carried inside the awareness. Something is coming. I’m expecting it out recognize it. And that was his relationship with the unconscious. And so then a few days later, a package arrived with a book he had already ordered, but had not associated with the dream. He went to look up a photograph. And as he opened it, he thought of the dream and he said, Oh, yes, these are pictures of alchemical images. And he said, alchemy is going to be very important to me, but not just a string, several dreams reinforced it and wondering said, a gate came down and said, Now you’re stuck in the 17th century, meaning alchemy. So what I want to say is if you’re using using dreams today, if you’re using dreams, on they are going to point out biases you already have, but A case like that when you’re so close to your dreams, they will help you anticipate. So instead of spreading your focus, or instead of trying to make something happen to manifest it, so it hones in on where to put your energy in that like in that case with you. So I would like to kind of reframe it that way. For the moment.

Julie Coraccio 19:23
That’s absolutely great. And Margaret could talk for hours. And so she’s been kind to limit herself because I said, we can’t do the podcast for hours, we’re gonna have her back, but we’re just kind of trying to give everyone an overview today. Now I view clutter as stuck energy and you shared this with me. It’s incredibly important to have a relationship with the unconscious, which gives us many shortcuts, insights, inspiration, and the release of energy that comes with those because it’s storing things we don’t know and are stuck about, but dynamically and energetically please discuss

Margret Harrell 20:00
This eye is a theory of creativity, but it’s also my own life story. And what I learned gradually doing like I teach awakening your light body and other light body work, I use this, I put it into practice and it evolved. So again, your conscious self and your unconscious or in partnership, if you look at it this way, which I do and have experienced it this way, and it’s union. And so when something is not needed, well, let’s say, suppose you undertake a project. So the creative process you do as much as you can just set it up. You take it as far as you can, and then you don’t just sit there staring at it. Because if you do, your mental body starts going around in a loop, and you can’t get out of it and you can’t get to a solution. At the point where you’ve taken it as far as you can with leg work, setting the groundwork. If there are people who contact doing that, then you let it go and where it goes. Is it goes into your unconscious which going back to my fertilizer dream. The dream was telling me not just that I had too much on my plate, but that the unconscious was busy incubating what I gave it to process and it couldn’t incubate more, it would be confusing and overwhelming. And so the unconscious is like, it’s like sharing energy, just like you have a room in your house that would be too full, if you put everything in it. So some of it sinks down into the unconscious. So it’s this set shared way of assigning tasks. And many, many people have, like Creative People and everybody can be creative. But many people like take on scientists, artists, ordinary people take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. So the artist who created that insists that it came through the breakthrough came through a dream So he was working on it fussing with it, he took it as far as he could. But that meant that unconsciously it was being worked on and worked on in work john. And unconsciously it was stretching out because the collective unconscious was available. It could make contacts it could connect with ideas, it connect with energies that the human being would know about otherwise, in your physical self. And so one one day in a dream, the answer popped up with the the two sides of the Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde, but that happens all the time.

Julie Coraccio 22:37
You also said to me, if we have a really good relationship to the unconscious, we can turn a lot of jobs over to it which frees up or to clutter the conscious mind for someone new to dream analysis, what beginning steps can they take?

Margret Harrell 22:49
Every step begins we simply you decide to do something you just it comes from inside you the decision, the desire and so you’re already energizing it with Desire. So if something comes organically from you and you love it and you want to do it, it’s an intention. And that intention automatically will go into your unconscious and conscious and begin to reprogram you. And it will go into your cells or actually just your sales will activate and say, Hey, we were waiting for you to get that idea. You know, this is the way it works involve your whole self, your cells, your body, your intentional mind and your emotions. So basically choose to do choose, make that choice, make that decision, and then on. I would stop there. That’s the first step.

Julie Coraccio 23:41
Excellent. Now I wanted to know I had mentioned earlier at the beginning of the show, I told you I keep a pen and pad by my nightstand in case something comes in the middle of the night because I’ve noticed I’m doing a lot of lucid dreaming and waking up often so I do that. And then the other thing is I say, Okay, I’m stuck here. I need some advice. So I try to ask my dreams to help solve problems. What are your thoughts about that

Margret Harrell 24:05
wonderful dreams will solve problems on if you again that’s making a close relationship with your unconscious. And so if you have a problem intend really to get the answer. Write it down helps write it on low pad and have the intention and think about it before you fall asleep. And what I used to take it far more than that. I used to wake up and here’s an important thing on Don’t move. It took me a long time to learn that. But I’ve I’ve seen in other ways why that why it would be true with other disciplines Don’t move. If you move you’re already shifting the energy and on an energy level, you’ve changed the configuration of the owner. So we can Don’t move. So you have to have everything ready to write the dream down. Now what I used to do, which I would not tell anyone necessarily to go this far, so a little extreme, I would keep my eyes closed and not move, I would reach for the pad. And in the dark, I would write the dreams, which of course meant I had to work very hard not to write lines over themselves. But get a little obtain with a little light. Try not to move as much as possible, be very quiet. Focus on the dream because you’re staying in the dream state and the configuration of energy. And that’s a good start for an answer.

Julie Coraccio 25:36
Excellent. Can you lead us in a kind of a basic exercise for dream interpretation?

Margret Harrell 25:44
Yes, so I’ll just give you a short one or we’ll see if it’s too short dreams. So okay. Um, I was in a situation where I was having multiple drinks that made me feel that Maybe something was happening to someone I cared for. But I was far away in Morocco living there. And this would be in New York now, nobody told me anything consciously. And at that time, I did not know my unconscious could give me information like clairvoyant. And so I dreamed. The dream is my father is going home. And I say, Don’t worry, I’m not afraid. Now, in the context of multiple drawings and my intuition, and the fact that I was picking up information and didn’t know it. I knew my father had really left, you know, died, left the body of a few years back. So it was not about my father. What about a father figure? So first of all, you make associations. You see this a literal, in this case it going my father going home, I just counted that it was something about him, because he had already died. So going home My thought mitt, going to your spiritual home basically was putting this person’s passing into a very, very spiritual spiritual context. father figure. And so I thought and especially with the other dreams, reinforcing it that on it was my Milton klasky in New York City. And I just missed it. Because he was to me invulnerable, he could I just assumed if anybody could conquer death, you know, I was just really I had him in a real hero hero rise. But so anyway, it was an accurate drain. So you you take the little green, even a snippet, you could get your associations you see what happened the day before you take each little important word or symbol and try to see you don’t use wide ranging word association at all. You always use some Association but you keep your mind on the dream. Because young said, if you use wide association, you’re just trying to get down to your complex is it all wired associations will lead there, you don’t want to do that you want to know what this specific dream is trying to tell you. And then you look at other things like besides the multiple dreams, I had one event that related to this dream, I realized, because this went on for several months till he did die. And, and one of the events that happened was that out of nowhere, a doctor offered to give me a free ticket to the US if I would bring a certain medicine he wanted from Belgium, because by that time I was in Belgium. And you could bring it in legally from Belgium, but you couldn’t order it in the US from Belgium. So I again associate Well, you know, if I do go, I will go by, I’ll stop over in New York, like always, you know, go ring his doorbell, he’ll be there, and then I’ll be showing the There was nothing to it. But that wasn’t the case. So I didn’t go anyway, to tell you how to interpret your dream, you look at it in terms of your situation, your life context, what my what might be the look, the setting of the dream the narrative have to do with your life context. And then you try to find, pick out the main words and see how you associate to them. And if if there’s nothing there, see then if it might be the collective unconscious, a big archetype of dream. And at that point, you can go to a really, really good not just assemble simple book, but a really good one of symbols. Now, I have to then explain that young made a big distinction. Signs are what he called, what he thought Freud calls symbols. A sign is like on the highway. If you want to go to California from That sign is something direct turn right? A symbol is huge. It’s like a rose it can mean so many things and to different people in different circumstances. So especially archetypes there are going to be dark, dark fields. You keep that in mind when you’re looking at the symbols.

Julie Coraccio 30:20
Oh, excellent. I did not know that distinctions. Yeah, that’s why I love doing the show. I learned so much.

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Julie Coraccio 31:00
Now I also believe that our dreams show us when we’ve had spiritual growth I had a dream where I avoided a friend I knew this meant because I was angry with her. I followed the what others do is about them and I how I react is about me principal. So a few months later when we are okay in the dream, I knew that I had resolved my anger and had taken responsibility for what I created. What are your thoughts about that?

Margret Harrell 31:24
I find that totally fantastic. I mean, like, that’s very advanced spiritual work. And you took advantage of the dream you listen to it, and you so how can it help me? And what are the later dreams that are in line with this showing me of my progress, so I think that’s wonderful. So as as I kind of hinted at, a dream can be like from any level of yourself or the universe, the information can be coming through. Now, I can give an example of a transformational dream. very spiritual to It was showing me a pathway. It was young and called a big dream, show me a pathway. And in that sense, but in the symbolic, very broad sense, it was, you know, prophetic. And so it showed me a time coming up if I, if I got into this position, which would mean probably going to the young Institute, but I never thought about it at the time, what might happen. So in the dream, I’m on top of a plateau and the actual literal location where this plateau didn’t exist, but you could see in the in the foreground was a Barcelona Cathedral a very famous cathedrals, Sacra familiar, Sacred Family. So I was in Barcelona when I had this dream. I was on this plateau and the man I mentioned, had died by this point and he’s in Milton klasky. I’m on a plateau with him is high up. And I’ve mentioned I’m very intuitive. So that was the as I interpreted the plateau was my intuition. And it was showing me trying to pull him out of a hole and I couldn’t do it. And I looked way down and I saw concrete below. Now again, look at the word concrete in quotes, I’m up in my intuition. Way down below is the concrete the opposites, if you think of them, you know, symbolically and related to me. So, if I realize this is hopeless, I’m going to fall onto the concrete I cannot do this. So it was indicated I should come down to a lower level. Now a lot of people don’t like to do this but a lot of people it’s the most positive thing you can do. Come down from the heights of your intuition and get your opposite on personality function. On act active and participating and you you’ll find you that it knows things as part of you, you can expand into. So down below, there was this awful looking thing like it like a little like a something like this. Chicken butt so dirty and hear you getting into clutter, it had been neglected by me. And it was what Jung calls your inferior function or your shadow. And here I am forced to work with this giving up what I’m good at my intuition. So down and this has been very helpful for me to do down below. And I was told by this magic looking woman so here we’re getting into an image of the self or the higher self or the divine self, or a spirit guide on this magical little woman, she she told me to take this thing that I thought was a monster and had neglected but was me and another aspect, take the shadow of me and put it under a fountain. So I’ve got to clean it up. Now, it turned out Zurich is called the City of Fountains and it has fountains of throughout. So in one way you could say this is a call to Zoo or you didn’t have to be But it turned out to be. And so I held it under the fountain and watched. And of course, time is passing outside of the dream in the dream, it looks pretty fast. During clips, it cleans, it cleans, it cleans, it’s so full of just black stuff falling out, and it gets all cleaned up and it becomes a living fish. And so the dream was promising Oh, she had said the woman it would become a delicacy. So it was telling me that my shadow was filled with light, but my neglect of it had caused it to black and be tarnished and get functionless and unusable and basically be embarrassing to me. But I had no choice. I intuition could not communicate on an everyday level. This side of me could and he or she is talking. Because this is the side of me that could talk in everyday language, but I had to clean it up. So that is a transformational and spiritual dream which was calling me to action

Julie Coraccio 36:00
I love that absolutely, absolutely wonderful. And you know, we have to look at the shadow we all have our shadow and to me that’s where all the possibilities lie.

Margret Harrell 36:09
Yeah. Unknown features of yourself that you neglect and you may you have. I mean, you talk about discovering potential by going up and opening and all this stuff, but there’s also potential down in your shadow and if you look down there, that is what’s missing in you. Many people talk about recovering their lost soul parts and I’ll go look in your shadow that’s very important.

Julie Coraccio 36:35
Now what three things would you like people to take away from today’s episode on using dreams to clear clutter?

Margret Harrell 36:43
Hard to reduce your fury. Okay, so one is my telling you about the unconscious not being the 40 unkind which has dirty secrets and wish fulfillment only that’s the personal unconscious in a limited way. The Union way that the unconscious is something beautiful and vast. And he could have called it God. He said he could have called it the Socratic diamond. But he chose the unconscious as a neutral term. So think of it as a partner where you can go, it can mediate for you, too. If you take it that way, then you can look for biases for it to point out to you. You can look for it to percolate projects for you. And to store things that you don’t need just at this moment that you’re going to come back to you can say hey, unconscious, store this for me, don’t let me forget it. That’s the that is in fact a right brain way. Whereas the left brain way, is going to write it down and make a list but you can use both and on for your dreams. Everybody has an every night period to remember put a little pad beside your bed, set an intention and try the first thing you do when you wake up or all during the night. But it’s good enough when you first wake up to immediately write them down. So I would say that

Julie Coraccio 38:06
outstanding I know Margaret was a trooper because I’ve read a couple of her books so she can can really go in depth really really in depth on a lot of this but Margaret tell people about your books or where they can find out more information, whatever you’d like to share.

Margret Harrell 38:20
Yeah, but I would like to go back to that see, keeping things as short as you can, I think is a wonderful advantage. And as my dream explained to me, to come to the the level where you can communicate in ordinary words and stories and all this where you get to reach people, not you know, I no longer really, I cannot just depend on my intuition intuition helps. So yes, my keep this quiet more in exclamation point. More initiations is published today. And it’s a book which is the spirit of our about my spiritual growth. It’s a memoir, and leading up to It is keep this quiet One, two and three, which starts on a very ground level in New York City with three men and how they helped me but also they’re they’re very their stories are Hunter S Thompson Milton klasky and young men sorry, who helped the OT Give me the strength to be unafraid of what people think and to share my wisdom or my truth. And I also teach a go to http colon slash slash, my name Margaret Harold calm, ma RG, ar e t Harrell, h AR ar e Ll calm and you will find on light beta courses I teach about all of this and more, and cloud photography and then the books. The books are on Amazon. If you write keep this quiet, exclamation point, you’ll get taken, do the exclamation point. You’ll be taken to my author page. Thank you. Love to hear any feedback just arm feedback or any other way you want to communicate with me I would adore it and or buy my books or or come inquire about the courses. And I think Julie is doing a truly brilliant job.

Julie Coraccio 40:18
Well thank you was a delight we met I can’t even remember how we met and then I was like what am I doing? I need to have Margaret I read her book I just finished keep the quiet for I think I’d read keep quiet three before and I thought I’m crazy dream analysis. It’s something I personally believe in and we need to talk about it in the context of clutter. So I appreciate you and all your pearls of wisdom.

Margret Harrell 40:41
I appreciate you Julie. This is fantastic. What you’re doing.

Julie Coraccio 40:45
Thank you. All right, everyone. You’ve got some information to get started on doing some dream analysis to clear clutter. So go out, clear the clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

Producer 40:58
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