How to Achieve Goals

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Are You Ready to Achieve Goals?

I have worked with a lot of people and one of the reasons I see people get stuck is they become overwhelmed when they are trying to clear their clutter and get organized. They look at what needs to be accomplished, clearing out the clutter of their home, and become paralyzed because there is so much to do. The key is to break it down into manageable steps.

I am writing some books and was overwhelmed. I thought for a moment and said what am I doing? All I need to do is break it down into easy to execute steps and I will have it done. What is really interesting is that when I did this I accomplished a lot more. I set a tiny, manageable goal for example, write 10 questions for your book. Because I took the pressure off to complete the whole things, more often than not, I could surpass each step. So I would write 15 questions and finished my book more quickly.

Today, I talk about using SMART goals to achieve goals.

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