Have you wondered how do you honor your truth? Do you do things out of obligation or fear? If something doesn’t feel right, do you do it anyway? Do you struggle to understand and know what your truth is?

At the beginning of last month’s session with my coach, she was talking about how she didn’t feel up to going out with friends and canceled at the last minute.  She said all of her friends understood that she was honoring her truth so it wasn’t a big deal.

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I received an email from a listener who had a suggestion for me about my podcast and these two events inspired today’s blog.

First, I am going to honor my truth. This is significant because in the past I wouldn’t have done it. Part of honoring my truth is talking about the amount of time I put into the podcast.

—-It takes time, and energy to create, write, edit, and produce a podcast.

—-I run a business and I have a life.

This dovetails into my second honoring of my truth.

I talked about how much effort the podcast took because I encourage you to think before your comment or post.  Now you have a better idea.  Podcast, a teacher with lesson plans, writer, painter, etc.  People put their heart and soul into something and then people can take it down in seconds.

I had someone on YouTube tell me that they hated my voice and that others had insulted me.  I’ve done enough spiritual practice and development to know not to take things personally, but that doesn’t mean that cruel comments don’t hurt.  It’s a huge deal to put yourself out there. I hesitated for a long time to book on Amazon. Realize afraid of criticism.  Already criticized through the podcast and so I thought what the heck? 


The email from the linguist was kind. I would call it constructive feedback. I wouldn’t have called it a criticism. The tone and the energy were I like your podcast; here is how I think it can be better. She thinks I sound better when I wing it. I wrote her back and explained my process.

I have to honor what is right and works for me and I’m always open to being the best I can be. Use this example of how you can honor your truth.

This may seem really daunting. Don’t worry if it is. The more you practice listening and being quiet, the more you will be able to hear your truth. If you struggle, here is where I begin.

Examine the Facts.

  • Big sign in my office that says “just the facts, ma’am.”
  • No story, no emotions, concentrate on the facts.
  • My podcast continues to grow and if I hadn’t noted this, and wasn’t honoring my truth, I would immediately do what the linguist suggested because trying to please her or thinking she was right and not trusting myself.

Consider the source!

  • My grandfather said this all the time
  • Who is it from? What’s the tone? Energy? How does it feel?
  • Does someone want to help you or does someone seem to sabotage, like your competitor?
  • If I wasn’t honoring my truth, I wouldn’t be discerning in who told me what.  The clerk at the store’s opinion would have as much value as my husband. Yes, this happens.

Go a little deeper. 

What others do is about them, how I react is about me.

  • Is there something beneficial there, or reacting from a wound?
  • How does the situation, email, etc. feel? Are they coming from a wounded place?
  • Can I look past my hurt for a golden nugget? How does that feel?
  • Am I looking immediately to do what they say, ask? May be true, but knee jerk reaction isn’t.
  • As a side note, know that you can’t be everything to everyone. In life and in business.

Can I hear my truth? If you’re struggling try:

  • Close eyes, meditate
  • Ask questions how does my body feel?  Stand up, stretch.
  • Make daily practice
  • Be present

For me, the takeaway from the email was: that there is some constructive feedback to consider.


Questions to ask:

Where am not honoring my truth?

What benefit do I get by remaining stuck? 

Where am I not speaking up about my truth but not really honoring it?

What am I afraid will happen if I honor my truth?

Remember, when you don’t honor your truth, you can dishonor others. I had a friend who dated someone who said she didn’t want kids because he didn’t.  That wasn’t her truth so she cheated on him and got pregnant by another man. All she had to do was honor her truth and leave the relationship. Instead, my friend was hurt.

Take actions from today’s to declutter my life blog on How do Your Honor Your Truth?:

  • Acknowledge where you are not honoring your truth
  • Create a plan to work on being able to honor your truth.
  • Practice listening for your truth daily whether it by doing a mindfulness practice or sitting with your eye closed or deep breathing.
  • Ask yourself what benefit you receive when you don’t honor your truth.
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