How do you declutter when you’re overwhelmed? Are you wondering how to declutter when it feels like you’re wading through molasses? Do you long for emotional ease by releasing some of your feeling clutter? Have you wondered if decluttering reduces stress? Learn how to clear physical clutter and know that you can learn and answer the question, “How do you declutter when overwhelmed?”

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Julie Coraccio 0:01
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now we’re talking about how do you declutter when you’re overwhelmed? Are you wondering how to declutter when it feels like you’re wading through molasses? Do you long for emotional ease by releasing some of your feeling clutter? Have you ever wondered if the cluttering reduces stress? Learn how to clear clutter as we continue our month focusing on frequently asked questions. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today’s episode is inspired by frequently asked questions. And it’s also inspired because I believe mental emotional clutter is important to release a lot of mental and emotional clutter and I believe that contributed to stress which contributed to two trips to the ER. Anytime I read the news these days, I’m more convinced we have a mental health crisis going on not only in the US where I live, but all over the world. Some of the questions today we’re going to focus on that, to help you declutter your life. And again, as I’ve talked as you work in one area, it automatically affects another. But mental health is so critical today. And I also believe emotional health. No talk about that as much. How important it is to feel your feelings to be in touch with your feelings, be able to express in a healthy way, I think of that six year old who was shot. Because the driver if I understand everything correctly, and they just arrested the couple thought that the mother had cut him off and traffic so you get cut off in traffic, and you’re going to shoot someone. I don’t believe they intended to kill that little boy, but you’ve shot at a car. That tells me that that was a complete overreaction. And boy, do you have mental clutter. So for me these kind of go hand in hand. And so these are questions that people are curious answers to. So as with last week’s episode, and coming up, three questions answered. How do you declutter when overwhelmed, Fantastic question, I talked about being overwhelmed a lot. And many of us who have clutter overwhelmed and so for overwhelming create clutter, if we have clutter, we become overwhelmed. So it’s kind of has that relationship. So how do you get out of this? First thing I’m going to tell you is if all else fails, breathe, when I first started my business doing decluttering, an organization, I had worked on multiple rooms in this house, really lovely first client, and then I got to the pantry. This pantry was the biggest pantry I’ve ever seen. It must have been 678 feet tall, like I had to be on a step stool to reach all the way up. And it’s like I had a complete brain fart, I forgot everything that I ever knew with my job, completely overwhelmed. So I just sat and took deep breaths, just sat and so I probably took a minute, took some deep breaths got grounded. And then I was like, Okay, I know what I need to do. But I just needed that minute or two, to get censored and start breathing and to decrease a feeling of overwhelmed to decrease the feeling of oh my gosh, this is Mount Olympus, Mount Everest, I can’t climb it. Whenever you’re overwhelmed. Just breathe. Ground is another good thing that you get in your body. When you’re overwhelmed and you’re kind of in panic, you leave your body. That’s a spiritual emotional state. And so when you ground you can get back into your body. Thank goodness for editing, I just had a sneezing fit there. So if you breathe the ground you get in your body that is going to completely help get you calmer and being less overwhelmed. So the first thing kind of set yourself up to get calm. Then break down into manageable steps. You know, one of the things I did when writing the book was explain how to

break everything down to make it easier because if you have overwhelmed if you’re overwhelmed, it’s because you probably think there are a zillion things to do. But if you write it down, and then you know what I write itty bitty steps because I feel really accomplished. When I cross something off my list. I don’t will never go completely digital. Because I love the feel of pen and paper. I have my big old paper planner that I went back to because I had so much to worry about this year. So keep track to use better words there, break everything down into manageable steps. You know, when I did the journals, I give an extra step. And you might think, Oh, I don’t want to do that. And that’s okay. But that’s just one more step to help decrease the overwhelm. But just break it down. There are things that you can do tasks that you can do one a day, really, when we break them down, it’s going to take a lot less time than you normally think. Next thing you’re gonna want to do to help with overwhelm is prioritize. If I went into a home, and they needed everything to cluttered and organize, which has happened, that’s a lot. That’s really overwhelming. But if you say, Okay, what are your first three priorities? What are most important for you to do right now? Say, if you have a deadline, and you’re having your kitchen updated, I was at the dentist this morning. And I always watch HGTV there because I don’t get HGTV, HGTV and I always my call, let me just have a moment and fantasize, although some of these houses I’m like, This one had an entrance that was two storeys tall, look like two and a half almost in our old house had that night absolutely not like it. So anyway, I had a lot of fun watching HGTV, but prioritize. So that’s what this couple did. They want an updated living room and up some things update in the kitchen and an updated master bath. So if you prioritize, then you don’t have to think I’ve got 1000 things to do. Okay, what are the three things that I need to do, and keep prioritizing, so you take it to you, those are the three rooms you want to upgrade or the three rooms you want to declutter, then you stay Okay, then I’m going to start with the one room. And then I’m going to make three things tasks that are priorities for me to do today, oh, if I can’t pay my mortgage on time, then I’m going to make sure I have a system set up that’s a priority for me. So keep on prioritizing and that’s going to support you and less overwhelmed. Plan. It’s important to take the time to plan you know, something, maybe you can devote a few minutes or maybe you tackle bigger checks on the weekend. Whatever it is, the more you plan, the easier it becomes. And I think I’ve told the story before we got married. I know my father like who finally she’s getting married. He cracked me up because he had a contingency for rain. He said if there’s a big windstorm, you know, Mrs. squib our neighbor, his has put a reservation on the gym. In case we need to move everyone there. And I’m just kind of cracking up because he’s like, oh, you know, we can fit everyone. You can get married on little screen in porch, and we should be able to fit everyone I was like, we’re not gonna have weather problems gonna be an awesome day. And it was. But I also believe because my dad, who says this to me often, you know, I believe if Chance favors the prepared mind. And so I think your odds are better if you plan I’ve always felt that way. So do whatever you can to plan. And again, when you break these steps down when you plan that helps take away overwhelmed because when you’re like, oh my gosh, decisions are so much what you take the energy, take the bite out of that when you break them down when you plan, it just makes everything a lot easier to tackle. You know, we have been spending months since last July, I knew we were removing. So when I started the tips, trips up to West Virginia, I took a load, I’m like, Oh, and you know, what I did was because I’ve been through this is there some fragile things that we have, like all my wedding dishes, so I pack those up, it’s going to reduce my stress. And it’s gonna get moved and not get broken. And it’s easy, and I can unload everything by myself. And so by doing that, you know if we hadn’t had the beach last week, guys, I don’t think that I could have done it. I just really was my tank was empty, I needed to rest and recharge. Planning all this planning I’ve been doing and having things month and planning by week has made a huge difference because everything going on with my mom, it would otherwise be overwhelming. Take breaks, I just mentioned a moment ago I needed to rest and recharge. I didn’t do any I set up a automatic responder on the email. I just really, veggie we did an escape room that a really tough one. We did pretty well, we probably needed five or 10 more minutes. But we with two teens and the boys did a good job. I had a complete mental break when I do that. And it was amazing.

So it’s important to take breaks, get rest and relaxation. The thing you want to make sure of is you don’t get stuck there. You don’t remain and break. Because that can happen to you or just like oh, I don’t need to do anymore. It’s kind of like if I took a break this week, we probably wouldn’t get moved. But I keep telling myself you know why you got to push hard for less than a week and it’ll be moved and I think the mental just being out of this neighborhood. I’m over it So I think that being with family being with my mother, that’s going to help take away guilt. So on one hand, I’ll take breaks like I’m taking a couple days off, use that auto responder again, and then I’ll get back on the horse. But I know and the same with my husband, he needed a break last week, we’re getting help, loading, doing all those things that can help. Because if I thought of all the stuff, I mean, moving is a big thing. If I thought about it too much, I’d be overwhelmed. So that’s why I’m making sure I’m taking care of myself. Be decisive. You can get stuck in the land of in decisiveness. And that just creates overwhelm overwhelming, you’re like, Oh, I feel like I have so many choices. I don’t know what to do. What if I make the wrong choice, that was a big fear of mine, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I’m gonna make the wrong choice. And I’ve kind of let that go. I have that sign that says nothing that is for you, goes by you. And I truly believe that. And, you know, if I make a mistake, which I don’t like to lose, because it’s lessons learned, then of course, correct. But the easier to make decisions, okay, we don’t want that we’ll donate it. Bam. Not like Ha ha, ha, and then adding to overwhelm. So be decisive. And finally, get support. I know, I’ve mentioned that last episode. And I just think it’s really important to remember if you’re overwhelmed, to get help, and to get support, because a lot of us believe oh, I need to go it alone. I need to do it alone. And that’s not true. Especially if you have the means to get support. Why not? Because if you are the same place you were a year or two ago, you have to ask what it’s costing you if you don’t get support. And I get it, you know, there’s certain things I’ve learned a format like I can do a lot on my web, but I have a web person now. And I could probably sit and try and figure out just do it. It’s worth it to me just change it. I don’t have the energy to do that. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, those are my suggestions on how you can declutter. Do you speak finally, or critically to yourself? Are you always trying to control people, events or outcomes? How supportive is a company you feel? Ready to release dress and embrace tranquility. get control of your clutter, your clutter doesn’t control you. Reclaim time, money, sanity and resources, emotional, got clutter 365 Journal prompts, the porch you and clearing your emotional clutter, free gifts with purchase to support you even more in your journey to declutter your life. Question number two, how do I get rid of emotional clutter? Another fantastic question. But I would say is begin with what you can express or understand. And what I mean by this is start with what you know, if you’re angry about something, start there. If you’re sad, start there. If you are bored, begin there. Sometimes we overcomplicate stuff and our awareness, we have that starting point awareness, and then it’s ego gets involved and try to over, overcomplicate it. So begin with what you can express or understand, you know, if someone cut you off in traffic, and that makes you angry, if you’re sad, because you’re moving, express that understand it. And that’s where you start. And the more personal growth work I do, the more I work on myself, I have found that it’s layers, it really is and that a lot of the times what is actually happening happening, it’s not really about that it’s at a deeper level. And I try to view everything through the lenses, this is going to support me and healing. And I know I feel better when I heal. And that’s where I try to have my focus. So know that there are layers. And know that

in most cases, I think of Eckhart Tolley and his night of darkness, and then he was enlightened or pretty well off. There’d be lay or shouldn’t be, I’ve found a lot of times the nice sadness is anger. And then there might be another level of sadness. And so I just Okay, let’s go the layers, just keep with it. And I don’t expect to do this 24/7 I don’t sit here and consciously say I’m going to clear my emotional clutter. Say what am I feeling? Like as I mentioned a moment what can I start with? What’s really bothering me like the new president of the HOA who came with us to court to support us during our solar panel battle is now president and has completely changed. He acted like he had never even met me and he was dropping I’m like, What’s this? He’s like, Oh, it’s you know, this kind of fake thing. It’s news. I’m like, I don’t want to take it. Now, I could have said, You lack courage. You know, you’re two faced, we know you complained about our garbage, Campbell, I didn’t know there. I just said, I don’t want that to be done with that. So I have to express my anger, you express your anger, or anything, then you can help release it. And it wasn’t worth the time or effort. I’ve mentioned before that I feel like the neighborhood’s concrete blocks. And so I’m like, I don’t waste my energy with that, it’s not my job. To enlighten them, they have to figure out their own path. And so it’s more important for me to just be like, take your dumb newsletter. I didn’t even say dumb, I was like, I don’t want this. Take your rubberband take your newsletter. Just be done. I didn’t want your energy around me, I’m almost out of here. And understand like, okay, the deeper thing is the injustice. So just another opportunity to heal and work on releasing that sense of injustice. Acknowledge where you need to improve. Most people are unable, or many times unwilling to acknowledge where they need to improve. It’s kind of I crack up when I try not to be someone that offers unsolicited advice. I have before mentioned, stuff, and I try not to do it, because sometimes it’s not well received. And so I rarely do it. But if something we hired someone, they flaked, and I was said, it’s in the description, the time that I needed. And you you know, it was very apparent, you know, I can’t teach you to read or have reading comprehension. Well, they didn’t like that. But it was a truth. I put everything up front, I wasn’t trying to accepting anything. And I just was like, I’m not gonna engage. This person didn’t want to hear that they needed to improve by giving their word. I didn’t do that to the first person that’s like, through high school kid. And I said, Look, I’ve got a lot going on my mother’s dying, don’t flake on me. And then I went to confirm them, and he flaked. But you know, again, whatever what you put out, you get back. I didn’t take the time to say anything, because I said, he’s not going to hear it. And I’m not gonna waste my time. But don’t be like that. Don’t judge yourself. Just recognize what’s going on. And acknowledge, okay, you know what, I get angry really easily. You know what, injustice drives me nuts. So, you know what I seem to eat when I’m unemotional. When I’m excuse my same eat, when I’m very emotional. Those are just three quick examples from my life. But I know I have improved in those areas. So I want to acknowledge that the work all the work that I’ve done, and know I have more work to do. Except life as it is, you know, what you have control over and can change you and you only, but this can go a really long way. I think one of my expectations, which to quote the great white writer, Annie Lamont expectations, our resentment under construction, I think is what she said, whatever it is, it’s brilliant. I think one of my failings was accepted. Well, of course, everyone’s gonna want justice, and see how we’ve been treated unfairly. And they won’t want arbitrary and compete capricious and enforcement of the CCN. Ours? Well, yeah, they do. Because as long as they’re the ones not getting in trouble, because their friends are on the board. So I had to accept, I can’t change them. I can only change myself and I can change my response and what I think and feel. So the more that you can kind of get into that groove, the easier it is and you just keep on working on yourself. And the more your junkie, let go. Life’s just easier, you’re happier, you’re less stress, I’m going to talk about

I will do I will do I’m going to do a newsletter on but I should do an episode on to talk about the whole thing and the process of finding a house because I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that. There just except for you can’t express what you’re feeling. No emotion is right or wrong. You wouldn’t have angry knee jerk reactions if you regularly expressed how you felt. Again, there are a couple people were watching billions, which I highly recommend. Damian what’s his name? He just lost his wife and she was in the Harry Potter series. Damien, the redhead. He’s from the UK and Paul Giamatti great fantastic actors their eyes when my favorite scenes when those two are having a battle the ego. My point with that is sometimes your ego is just going to override or overrule everything and you’re still going to be have angry reactions, even if you express what you’re feeling if you have a big egomaniac as one example. So just take the time you know, I’m sad even just say maybe you can’t cry and say I’m sad. I’m disappointed I’m hurt. You know, when I learned communications ages ago, when I worked at USC, they always talked about express how makes you feel not what the other person did, like you did something that was wrong, I’m disappointed in your action completely changes the dynamics. People can tend to hear you more easily. But the older I get, the more work I’ve done, it’s more important, I see the value more important for myself, as opposed to the other person. So express what you’re feeling. And then finally, do something that’s awareness, plus action equals change. If you know you’re angry all the time begin to meditate. My father has started spinning really stressful with my mother, and he’s starting to do has started to do a yoga nidra got my nice doing it got my brother doing it, when we move in a week, I’m going to start it has made a huge difference. He doesn’t get upset. And he said to me, at one point, how do you not get upset? At your mother, and she has some dementia going on, which is I had my her mother, my grandmother died of Alzheimer. So I have a little bit of that as background. And I think because she’s dying, and like, How can I be angry, and it’s the dementia talking some of her personality to get me wrong. I love her dearly, but she’s human like the rest of us. But that’s the frame of mind I came with, which made a huge difference. So my father has found with yoga nidra, that that helps. So if you’re angry all the time, meditate, talk to someone, do some journaling just takes time to contemplate whatever action you take even five minutes a day deep breathing, if you’re like, I just can’t and start with breath. Start with grounding. And then you build upon that. I refuse to believe that you don’t have time you don’t have the ability. Those are excuses. You can do something if you choose. And choosing to do nothing is a choice. So take action in some way, shape or form. So I always have that at the end of the episode. And finally, question number three, does decluttering reduce stress? Yes, yes. And yes, it’s probably more now. But 80% of medical expenditures are due to stress. I ended up twice in the hospital due to stress. I still haven’t gotten the first ER bill for February, which was out of state. So I’m not sure how that’s gonna pan out. I just paid the last little over 500. So we are square I mean, what they build. It’s just nuts to me to build like $21,000 for the year, which again, complicated problem, I don’t have the brain that can figure that out. But if 80% or reduce the stress what a motivator to the clutter. Clutter has been implicated in depression, anxiety, and general dampening of brain function influences your weight and cardiovascular health. And it’s a factor non compliance with meds and exercise. I’ve seen all this guys, it’s a true experts in organization and mental health. Agree that getting organized enhances all levels of health. I know we’re talking about the cluttering, but I’ll throw that in.

UCLA did some research and if you Google that, you’ll be able to find out that and they have concluded that living in a cluttered home can create a subtle constant sense of stress. I think that’s so true. Again, go to a room that’s decluttered and go to a space it isn’t you can literally feel that if you have this prolonged stress, it’s going to throw you into a state of low grade, perpetual flight or fight which I didn’t realize this and that’s what we have to help us survive. And so when that happens, it involves many of your body systems and organs and functions and it minimizes unnecessary functions during time of stress. When you are in optimum health, it helps you maintain your physical and psychological health. And in Cornell in 2016 Cornell did a study Cornell University and stress is triggered with coping and avoidance strategies like eating junk food over sleeping or binge watching Netflix I’m a binge watcher often met that. So can add to triggers and avoiding thing I’ve talked about this earlier. The question what do you do when you’re overwhelmed. It also depletes your energy that you need to deal with stress. And there are physiological changes that can occur and this is from the Cornell study. Increased blood pressure, heart rate, increased blood sugars and increased fats in the blood and the diversion of blood flow to the muscles from other parts of the body. So those are just five examples. And the UCLA study found that the amount of stress women experienced at home is directly proportional to the amount of stuff they and their family have accumulated. And that’s pretty fascinating. If you think of it, it’s difficult to maintain a state of wellness over time, when your body is consistently under stress. mean, you don’t need to have a PhD to understand that. Clutter costs you time, the average person spends an hour daily looking for stuff. So that’s going to increase your stress. When your house becomes overwhelmed, your space become overwhelmed. That’s gonna bottom line, contribute to your stress. So I believe 1,000% decluttering reduces your stress. If you look at mental clutter, calming your mind reduces stress. You look at emotional clutter, expressing your emotions, not keeping them bottled up. That reduces stress, your spiritual clutter, when you’re able to forgive when you can come from a place of gratitude that reduces your stress. When you’re not fighting in your relationships over clutter and the stuff you have that reduces stress. If you aren’t in debt, if you’re not worried about finances all the time, that reduces your stress. So any area that you declutter your life, you are reducing your stress. Take actions from today’s podcast. Create a plan to declutter so you won’t feel overwhelmed. practice mindfulness. Acknowledge your emotions. Feel your feelings. Understand how clearing your clutter can reduce your stress to clutter for better health. On our next episode, we’re talking about how clutter affects your brain. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your guests with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. Even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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