If you’ve been wondering, “How Can I Stop Online Shopping?” read today’s decluttering blog for how to stop going overboard with online shopping.

Do you tend to go overboard when you are shopping online? Are you easily sucked in by the infomercials on HSN or QVC?  Have you often wondered if you are getting a deal when you shop online?

Today’s how to declutter your life blog was Inspired because I was bored one night and watched Tony Robbins HSN special or one of the networks. It was one hour long and I ended up buying it. Absolutely was an impulse purchase and I don’t tend to do that.


It got me thinking about how people get into debt and go crazy with online shopping.

I’ve had clients who confided that they’ve gone into debt from online shopping.

Why do we shop online?

  1. Easy.  As humans, we take the path of least resistance is probably the biggest one. I get cat litter online because I can always get it, not always locally.  And I have to spend time driving or calling.
  2. Saving money.  Sometimes this can be true, I will talk about this a bit more in detail.  Got a good deal on cat litter, so I stocked up.
  3. Crowds. May like to avoid it. I am not a big crowd person.
  4. Privacy. May choose to be discreet. Maybe a surprise party or some other reason.
  5. If you are easily swayed by people who will have us buy more than we wanted or something we don’t quite want. In the past, this would have been really hard for me.

Why do you shop online?  Is there something you could do to begin shopping locally IF you think that it would help you shop less? For instance, shopping when there is less foot traffic.  Or going with a buddy to run interference from salespeople.


You don’t have to be an addict or compulsive to benefit from shopping less. What we don’t use turns to clutter and that is a whole other ball of wax to deal with. 

When we overspend, we could be spending on more important, long-term goals like a self-improvement class.

When does it cross the line?

Most of us probably shop online.  Here are signs you might have gone too far.

  1. You have no clue how much you spend or kind of have a shopping blackout.  You are shocked when you get the credit card bill and maybe don’t remember or realize how much you have spent.
  2. You get a rush when buying. Same as someone doing extreme sports.
  3. You don’t really need what you buy and it becomes clutter.
  4. You keep your purchases hidden from hubs, family members, friends
  5. You don’t have money to pay your bills
  6. Spending time online instead of with friends, etc.
  7. Spend insanely in one area, such as clothes or pets. 

How to reduce your shopping.

  1. Become aware. Get off autopilot. You know I talk about this all the time. Read the statements. Find out if you shop when you are bored, lonely, etc.
  2. Breathe
  3. Accountability partner
  4. Do I really need?
  5. What am I trying to fill?
  6. Get out in nature, walk
  7. Budget
  8. Block yourself from sites.  

A Little Extra Help

Chrome nanny is for Google Chrome and can be used to block websites. You can set up white lists, black lists, and the extent to which the black-listed websites are blocked.

LeechBox is for Mozilla Firefox. It is highly customizable and lets you configure specific times to block websites. You can create six sets of websites to block, with each set having multiple sites and time restrictions. 

FocalFilter is a Windows-based application that helps you focus by temporarily blocking distracting websites. After the block timer runs out, your websites are available for you to view again. FocalFilter blocks the websites in almost every web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.


SelfControl is a mac based app that blocks access to incoming and/or outgoing mail servers and websites for a predetermined period of time.

Talk to a professional or join a support group.

If you are a compulsive shopper, then going to the store might not change things.

Removing clutter is all about focusing on what is important. What could you choose to do if you weren’t spending all your money on stuff?  What other interests could you spend your time and money on?

Remember, no judging. It is about awareness and taking action.

Do you shop online too much? How can you have better habits for shopping online? Can you understand if you overspend when shopping online?

Take Action from Today’s blog on clutter-free living.

  • Figure out why you choose to shop online and see if you could make some changes to shop locally
  • Be honest. Has your shopping crossed the line? Is there an area where you seem to lose control?
  • What steps can you take to reduce your shopping?
  • Create a list or have fun discovering what you could replace shopping with.
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