Have you found yourself asking, “How Can I Find Peace?” With all that’s going on in the world today, and in many of our lives, it’s easy to understand why people are stressed out and anxious.

Many times we just roll right on through instead of taking the time to get to the root of the problem, release it, and move forward.

What’s currently taking away your peace of mind?

Quick, short episode today.

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Since I’m 50, I figure my thoughts have gone up from a penny to a nickel. Here’s my inspiration for today, what I’d like you to contemplate in this short episode. Hey, everyone, this is going to be a quick little bonus episode. As I was recording, the first episode, I thought, ah, you know what, this would be a nice little thing to remind people to take a moment and see where they need to clear this clutter in their life. Where in life do you need to make peace? This was inspired because as I shared, someone who I used to be a friend that came with us to court to support us and the husband joined the board and now has become like the other board members and doesn’t talk to neighbors and his wife doesn’t want to do anything, they want to have people get involved, but they want to kind of wash their hands clean of it, and really made me angry, quite frankly, when I got the text from her. And what that said to me is you haven’t made peace with that. I haven’t made peace that we lost $1,200, although I think I’m a little bit better about that one. And I realize that I haven’t made peace, that neighborhoods not gonna change. I thought that if I stood up, I did the right thing. I was supportive, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t have control over anyone else. And so I really have to take a moment, spend some reflection and make peace that people this neighborhood aren’t going to change doesn’t matter enough to other people until something happens to them and will be long gone. And so it has taken up too much time and energy, I fought the good fight. But it’s been too long for me to still not make peace with that. So that’s going to be the big thing I’m going to focus on. What do you need to make peace with? Maybe that a painting that you’re working on? is good enough? You know, I have a sign says, Do I want to be right or have feasts? And I think that’s probably what’s still gnawing at me because I feel like I’m right, I’m right. I’m right. And this should be in blah, blah, blah. And we all know life doesn’t always work out like that. And I say that I want peace that I sometimes always don’t choose that. Maybe for you, that means forgiving someone. Or letting someone go from your life and realize, you know what, we’ve walked the road as far as we can can as friends or whatever. And it’s it’s time to go. Take some time to contemplate over this next week. What one thing can you make peace with? And also recognize how’s that going to change your quality of life? One for me, I’ll have less anger. I’ll sometimes get that hamster monkey mind. Well, if data data or how can I solve it’s not my problem solve. So I’m going to release some mental clutter there. I’ll release some spiritual clutter because I need to focus on me and my gifts and what I can do. And all the change that’s happening in my life, spinning my wheels on that gunk is isn’t worth it. Maybe there are a few things where you need to make peace. But what one item can you focus on right now? And what are the steps that you need to make peace, you know, the more I study and learn and grow and it’s all interrelated, why I’m so passionate about talking about clutter in different areas, I realized that I went to the chiropractor this morning, it’s a new chiropractor. And it’s actually interesting because I always asked a bunch of questions in a new tab, or they rolled this little thing on my fingers and playing if there’s a difference, they might be able to cut something in certain parts of your vertebrae earlier. And then you have all the paperwork to fill out and they’re saying you know, when your spines align, it can help with things like depression anxiety, and you know, I don’t think of chiropractic work is still not like you know, I need my spine and neck and all that and put me back together. And so it just reminded me how everything is related. And if I’m feeling better about myself physically, it’s easier right to let go stuff to find and make that piece if I’m cranky and pain and not feeling good then I can sit there and be all Grumpy Pants. So there are many ways you can tackle that item that you need to find peace on. What one action can you take after listening this podcast to find peace in your life?

What are you going to do? Think about all the benefits you’ll receive when you Find it. And notice how much space it’s been taking up in your mind, your body, your spirit. Where in life do you need to make peace? On our next episode, we’re talking about patterns. Go out, Clear Your Clutter, to create the life you choose, deserve and desire.

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