There are lots of things we can talk about cleaning for the holidays, so I decided to concentrate on decorations. It has been my experience that this is where people create a lot of clutter. Take the time now to go through all your decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice, Kwanzaa—whatever you celebrate in the next few months.

The second part of our blog will focus on emotional and spiritual preparation.


Holiday Preparations: Physical

  • Locate EVERY decoration have. Comb each room, outside, basement, etc. and put in one room
  • Gathering everything is a great visual of how much you really have. Sometimes when it’s in one pile you really see how much you have instead of scattered everywhere.
  • Sort into categories: Halloween, thanksgiving, ornaments, lights, stockings… whatever makes most sense to you.
  • Go through once, and then again. If this is really hard for you, I suggest taking a break and then going back to see if you can get rid of more.
  • Decide what to sell or donate.
  • Pack what you are keeping into containers & Label
  • Make a master inventory list so you don’t go through every year. Post near/ or on decorations.


Some things to think about: Can you look to the natural world? Pine cones, threaded dried apples, gingerbread houses? Consider a swap with girlfriends if you are choosing a new look and don’t want to spend money. Now is a great time to have a garage sale. Lots of people will have started to think about the holidays.

Holiday Preparations: Mental

A lot of people are lonely or depressed during the holidays. Or they are stressed out and not having fun. Clear your mental clutter by coming up with a game plan. Ask yourself:


What did you like about past holidays? Talk with family & friends.


Friends. Write down how you would like your holidays to feel. Then make that a reality by doing what brings you joy.


Just because always done it doesn’t mean you have to! If you have a tradition you don’t like, don’t do it. Have fun creating your own!


Who nourishes you? Spend time with people you like! Hate the office party? Skip it!

Say NO when you need to. Flex those boundaries. Do what you choose to do. Don’t play the victim!


Pick a meditation, form of mindfulness that you can turn to when you become stressed or upset.


Have fun! If you start to get really serious, lighten the mood.


What physical Holiday Preparations  can you do for the holidays? How about preparing yourself mentally for the upcoming season?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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