Gratitude Tips to Implement In Your Life

Don’t forget to check out the first part of my blog on gratitude from May 20th.

Gratitude Tips: Loving What Is

Now, finding the golden nuggets are great. Can you take it a step further and love everything exactly as it is now?


When we look for the golden nugget, we are struggling to find our gratitude, but when we love everything as is we are already in gratitude.


This one isn’t easy. It’s challenging to love what is if your house burns down or your child is sick.


A better word if you are struggling might be to accept what is and work towards loving it. I was really sick recently and spent 10 days in bed. I could more easily accept it before loving it. I was able to love it by saying okay, obviously, I needed a rest and this was the only way it was going to happen. When was the last time I got to spend 10 days in bed? By accepting I was more easily able to move into loving.


A Great Example of Profound Gratitude


Oklahoma Thunder assistant basketball coach Monty Williams gave an amazing speech after his wife was killed by someone driving the wrong way on the street.


Religious and so for him, he loved that his wife was in heaven. He said it wasn’t easy and he was heartbroken but he was able to love what had happened to her.


Also at the end of the speech, he talked about how he bore no ill will towards the family and that they needed prayer because they had lost someone too. I believe his faith, as well as his ability to have gratitude allowed his heart to remain open to truly embrace them. How many of us could forgive someone in such a terrible situation?


This is definitely something that takes time for most of us, so do what you can when you can.

Gratitude Tips: Loving Being Alive

Can you have gratitude for simply being alive? In every moment of your day, someone will transition to the next journey. Can you be grateful that you are living?


This is something that is very easy to forget. Most of us are caught up in our lives, busy, focusing on accomplishing things, taking care of others, trying to be healthy, etc. etc. Can you push the pause button and try and appreciate the life you are living?


I will be honest, I don’t feel I am there yet with having gratitude for being alive. I did a public daily gratitude on my personal Facebook account for 2016 and with every passing day, I believe my gratitude deepens.


If I had almost lost my life, maybe this would be easier for me. But, I accept where I am and because I am committed to it, I keep having more gratitude, feeling more love and opening my heart more.


If you are like me and this is more of a challenge, can you have gratitude for all the basics we probably take for granted? Everyone listening most likely has enough food to eat, clean drinking water, good health care, and a home. What other basics can you find gratitude for?


Remember, anything is better than nothing. The more you practice gratitude the easier it becomes, changing your perspective and not only allowing you to release more clutter but attract what you desire.

Takeaways from the two blogs on deepening your gratitude:

  • Look for the golden nuggets of gratitude when in a challenging situation—what can you be grateful for?
  • Practice loving what situation you are in. If that is too challenging try and accept whatever life has given you
  • See if you can be grateful for simply being alive or have gratitude for the basics of life: a home, enough food to eat, and clean drinking water.


Can you love your life as it is right now? What are you most challenged to have gratitude for in life? Are you thankful for basically being alive?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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