When I first started my Internet TV show, people at the station became jealous of me. I had tried to get all of us to work together because I believed we could have grown all our shows.   There was too much competition and jealousy, I decided to leave. Now, I could have made the choice to try and stay, but I went with my intuition. I believed things were not going to change and get better and I was ready for the next step.

Got Support?


Leaving allowed me to create a podcast and video series using Google Hangouts on Air. What else did this lead to besides this podcast? I expanded my network, met really amazing people I never would have met and discovered new subjects I was interested in. My soul is fed, I have expanded my audience and I am happier. I didn’t try and change people; I went out and found likeminded people who support me.


Many times in the past, I would try to change someone or change or shrink myself to make someone else comfortable. No more! Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away. I believe when you take that first step, your higher power (God, universe, etc.) steps up to meet you and will provide you with better people who have more of a WE than ME attitude.

I have found that sometimes you cycle through friends. When I first opened my business, my women’s networking group was great and very supportive. But that changed. I was very afraid about losing income, but they weren’t giving me any, so I thought, “What do I have to lose?” I soon started getting more clients online and attracted coaching clients who opened up a whole different income avenue for me


This same principle can be applied to clutter in your life. Do people support you releasing physical clutter or sabotage you by bringing you things even when you have asked them not to? Or by insisting you hold all of the family stuff that no one else wants, but won’t let you throw away?

Your Squad

When you say you want to meditate do people say great or say do it later, let’s go have fun now.


When you want to end a friendship because someone is unkind do your friends support you or try and talk you out of it?


If you are trying to bring awareness into the spiritual clutter in your life do friends it’s a waste or time—you’re fine the way you are?


Are there people in your life with negative energy overwhelm you when you see them? Do your friends honor your request to not invite them when you are getting together or does that person show up at every occasion?

Finding Support

Find people that really, truly support you. Create a mastermind group. Find an online community. Go hang at a place you really enjoy (like a coffee shop) and see who is there. Set the intention to meet your tribe/like-minded individuals. As you let go of people that aren’t so great, it creates space for others that will support you.

If you are struggling with clutter consider getting support in the form of a professional organizer, coach, a book, a course, a friend, a support group. There are lots of options out there to work with all budgets and lifestyles. Sometimes support does need to come from a professional.


What support do you need? What’s your current squad who can help you? How can you lend a hand to others?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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